Danger Room Training Report: May 2018

In a world that hates and fears them, the #DangerRoom division of the #FantasyComicLeague enters into it’s 2nd season. Returning division champion Bachman @anthonybachman returns with fellow mutants Trevitt @TrevittTrev, Daily @DailyXmenFacts, and Swampy @swampy19 as they welcome new recuit Kyle @blerdwords . All powerful mutants in their own right,… Read More ›

Monthly Marvel Preview: May 2018

A new, yet familiar, team of heroes assembles in Marvel’s rebooted flagship Avengers book. Marvel’s “Fresh Start” initiative aligns perfectly with the new season of the Fantasy Comic League and the Avengers are topping the tier previews, unsurprisingly well-timed with the recent… Read More ›