November Rough Draft

God Tier Spider-Man (Peter Parker): 8 App Captain America: 6 apps Wolverine: 6 apps Superhero Tier Jean Grey: 4 apps The Thing: 4 app Venom: 4 apps Cable (Kid): 3 app Yondu: 3 app Elektra: 3 apps Carnage: 3 apps Spider-Man (Miguel O'Hara): 3 app Spider-Man (Miles Morales): 3 app Blade: 3 app Thor: 3... Continue Reading →

October Draft Rough Draft

GOD TIER The Thing x11 Spider-Man (PP) x10 Carnage x9 SUPERHERO TIER Captain America x6 Cloak x6 Dagger x6 Wolverine x5 Conan x5 Immortal Hulk x5 Invisible Woman x5 Spider-Man (MM) x5 Luke Cage x5 Jessica Jones x5 Iron Fist x5 HERO TIER Black Panther x4 Iron Man x4 Black Widow x4 Human Torch (JS)... Continue Reading →

The 2018 Stan-Lee Cups

Welcome Agents to a celebration of 2018. In 2018, we left behind the Mixed Marvel Arts moniker to become The Fantasy Comic League. We had a record 58 Agents join us in the League, while the industry we love grew alongside us. To celebrate the growth, we made our social media community more involved than... Continue Reading →

A Multiversal Check-In: September 2018

Hey y'all, it's a new era for the Multiverse. A Fresh Start. The competition will be closer than ever this season, which I can say with the foresight of about two months as I write this in November. New addition Agent Hyrup, husband of Asgardia Division Leader Hyrup, has brought out a competitive streak this... Continue Reading →

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