October Draft Rough Draft

GOD TIER The Thing x11 Spider-Man (PP) x10 Carnage x9 SUPERHERO TIER Captain America x6 Cloak x6 Dagger x6 Wolverine x5 Conan x5 Immortal Hulk x5 Invisible Woman x5 Spider-Man (MM) x5 Luke Cage x5 Jessica Jones x5 Iron Fist x5 HERO TIER Black Panther x4 Iron Man x4 Black Widow x4 Human Torch (JS)... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: August 28, 2019 (Week 35)

Happy Birthday, Marvel! The legendary publishing company takes a break from the Carnage being wreaked across their landscape to celebrate their 80 years of existence. They top their birthday cake with a 80-page comic book highlighting important Marvel moments with a page dedicated to each year and top creators from their history. It loosely follows... Continue Reading →

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