Monthly Marvel Preview: May 2019

Things are heating up in the War of the Realms and the Avengers are ready to prove why they are Midgard's Mightiest Heroes. Led by Asgard's All-Mother, Earth's defenders split into a variety of groups to prevent Malekith's spread across the globe and the other realms. The Strikeforce tie-in comics highlight the separate teams taking the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: April 3, 2019 (Week 14)

April began with a familiar war breaking out across the Marvel Universe: The War of Events. After owning the spotlight for the previous two months, Avengers: No Road Home made way for "War of the Realms," Marvel's line-wide event years in the making. Malekith's invasion of Midgard met the joint might of Avengers and Asgardians, but... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: April 2019

Over the past year, war decimated the cosmos and now it has finally reached Midgard. Marvel returns to the big publisher-wide event with the climax to Jason Aaron's epic Thor run. In addition to the main event, several ongoing titles are drawn into the chaos including Asgardians of the Galaxy and Thor, appropriately; Unbeatable Squirrel... Continue Reading →

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