October Draft Rough Draft

GOD TIER The Thing x11 Spider-Man (PP) x10 Carnage x9 SUPERHERO TIER Captain America x6 Cloak x6 Dagger x6 Wolverine x5 Conan x5 Immortal Hulk x5 Invisible Woman x5 Spider-Man (MM) x5 Luke Cage x5 Jessica Jones x5 Iron Fist x5 HERO TIER Black Panther x4 Iron Man x4 Black Widow x4 Human Torch (JS)... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: August 28, 2019 (Week 35)

Happy Birthday, Marvel! The legendary publishing company takes a break from the Carnage being wreaked across their landscape to celebrate their 80 years of existence. They top their birthday cake with a 80-page comic book highlighting important Marvel moments with a page dedicated to each year and top creators from their history. It loosely follows... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: September 2019

The immediate future of the Marvel Universe looks bleak, grim and downright savage! Several of Marvel's most ruthless characters receive the spotlight and band together in the month of September. Punisher, Venom, Wolverine and Conan are front and center for most of that action, including when the Savage Avengers finally form their team in their... Continue Reading →

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