Monthly Marvel Preview: March 2019

The women of Marvel are going higher, further, faster in the month of March. Captain Marvel stands ready to take her place as Marvel's top heroine when her movie drops and kicks off Women's History Month. The Fantasy Comic League celebrates the occasion by focusing on Girl Power! Scarlet Witch and Spectrum join Carol Danvers... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: February 2019

The Fantasy Comic League blinds you with science in the month of February. Weapon X's most recent science experiment gone wrong, Weapon H, takes center stage and stars in potentially the weirdest event in recent memory. The Hulk and Wolverine, his predecessors and unwilling genetic donors, face Weapon X in Hulkverines. But while they are busy... Continue Reading →

Weekly Marvel Review: January 16, 2019 (Week 03)

Nearly five years after the Fantasy Comic League began, the rules continue to evolve. This time, the League Illuminati debate the difference between Brainwashing and Mind Control and what it means for characters who fall under the sway of another character. Specifically the Horsemen of Salvation in Uncanny X-Men and Ransak the Reject in Spider-Man/Deadpool. The final decision:... Continue Reading →

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