Wakanda Caucus: May 2018


The new season of the #FantasyComicLeague brought a few changes to #Wakanda. First, King T’Challa mysteriously disappeared, woke up with amnesia, and found himself on an intergalactic adventure. Second, there was the embargo placed on #SpiderMan to make way for other #Marvel (s)heroes to get some time on the field. Third, there was the retirement of Agent Super, which led to an opening within the Elite “S” Squad. After careful consideration and interviewing selected individuals, the newest member inducted into this illustrious squad was Agent Sempai.

Despite the changes in the lineup, the squad managed to still bring in 383 points, which consisted of saving 7 civilians, defeating 11 adversaries and navigating 20 life changing events.

A five-week month along with #FreeComicBookDay thrown in the mix meant there would be numerous opportunities for points. This is evidenced by the unbeatable performance of Agent Snikt’s (@NickZG) team that dominated each week in #Wakanda and brought in a record breaking 119 points for the Division. It’s clear to see why first place was handed, without question, to this powerhouse team of #CarolDanvers #IronMan #CaptainAmerica and #MilesMorales.

Although the only neophyte, Agent Sempai (@Arydanika) made it clear she was here to make her mark in #Wakanda by bringing in 82 points for the Division. Despite less than stellar appearances from #SheHulk, the rest of Agent Sempai’s team had strong weekly performances. Two members, #Rogue and #Daredevil, even scored separate “Heroes of the Week” titles.

Coming off back-to-back season wins, #Wakanda Division Lead Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire) decided to roll with her all-woman #TeamMamaSaidKnockYouOut and cruise to a third place finish bringing in 72 points for the Division. Three-fourths of her team’s points came from #KittyPryde and #MsMarvel.

With a team comprised of the Goddess #Storm, #Logan and #Deadpool, Agent Sha (@La_Ney_sha) brought in 57 points and secured a fourth place finish. Although #Valkyrie didn’t bring in a lot of points, it was still fun to watch what another Asgardian could do!

Agent Shaw (@Notingshaw) took fifth place and brought in 53 points with her team led by #ThorOdinson and #DoctorStrange. Though they contributed a combined 24 points to Agent Shaw’s total, it is quite possible either #Domino or #Wolverine will be looking for a new team during the next draft.

The Wakanda Caucus is once again in session…



Overall scores – Snikt, 3pts; Sempai, 2pts; Sistah; 1pt; Sha, 1pt; Shaw, 0pts

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