The Saga of Asgard: May 2018


Welcome to the 2018 Summer Season of Fantasy Comic League in the Asgard Division. The entire roster of our Agents of AsgardAgent Pom (@pomwonderland), Agent Geeks (@GeeksGoneWildTw), Agent Cham (@Cham_Arrow), Agent Seren (@HamSandwchWoman), and Agent Lori (@LoriHyrup)—is back for this season.

Diving right in, the summer season in the Asgard Division took off like a speeding Quicksilver, and for the entire month, two agents fought tooth and nail for that coveted top position. In the end, that spot was taken by Agent Geeks with a 105-point performance and a team led by an indomitable Spider-Man (Parker). The rest of his team consisted of Deadpool, Sabertooth, and Hulk (Cho).

Breathing down the leader’s neck was our returning Spring Season Champion, Agent Seren with 102 points and her powerfully balanced team consisting of Black Panther, Daredevil, Spider-Man (Morales), and Rogue.

Down at a safe distance but solid third position was Agent Lori with 82 points. Her team was led by a spectacular performance by Captain Marvel and joined by Old Man Logan, Storm, and the groom-to-be and gentleman-in-distress, Colossus.

Our April month winner, Agent Pom settled in nicely with 68 points with her team of Captain America, Kitty Pryde, Doctor Strange, and She-Hulk. That brings us to our most stalwart and stoic Agent Cham, who always has our back when trouble comes calling. His team of Iron Man (Stark), Thor Odinson, Domino, and Ghost Rider (Reyes) brought him 52 points.

I stare down at my chronicle. Agent Seren… even without the mystical Spider-Man, she kept pace with the renowned Asgardian Warrior, Agent Geeks. Only someone with a touch of the divine could hope to do that. As my ink dries, I reflect the meeting I had a moon ago in the Sacred Grove. The Light Elf seer provided me with another piece of the puzzle and gave me new direction in my search for the true origins of our thought-to-be Midgardian ally. I know in my heart I’m right, but I need definitive proof.

The search continues, as does the Saga of Asgard…

Overall Scores – Geeks, 3; Seren, 2; Lori, 1; Pom, 1; Cham, 0


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