Wakanda Caucus: June 2018

Black_Panther_Vertical[1].jpgThe #SpiderBan implemented in #Wakanda seemed to inspire additional divisions within the #FantasyComicLeague to follow suit this month. The continuation of the embargo in #Wakanda caused a shake-up in the rankings and other super(s)heroes were given the opportunity to shine. Although #SpiderMan was not allowed within #Wakanda, it did not prevent the “Adored Ones” from accompanying him on a harrowing adventure outside the beloved Golden City.

The Elite “S” Squad brought in 255 points for the #FantasyComicLeague by saving 5 civilians, defeating 5 adversaries and navigating 16 life changing events.

After hanging out in the middle of the pack most of the month, #Wakanda Division Lead Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire) surged to a first place finish of 67 points. #TeamSingleLadies accomplished this because of an outstanding performance by #MsMarvel who earned her very first “Hero of the Week” during the third week of competition. Although #KittyPryde was the one slated to get married, it was #Rogue who actually said her “I do’s”. Talk about #TeamLadiesInWaiting!

The battle for second place was brutal when two members of the Elite “S” Squad tied after bringing in 56 points apiece for #Wakanda. The tie was ultimately broken by #Deadpool who scored 20 of Agent Sha’s (@La_Ney_sha) points. The rest of her points were split between #Storm and #Logan since #MistyKnight continued to be underutilized as she mainly sat on the sidelines, only to bring in 5 points for her team. Yet, Agent Shaw continues to have faith in this remarkable #DaughteroftheDragon.

Despite #IronMan’s 17 points not being enough to secure that second place finish, thus forcing her to settle for third, Agent Shaw (@Notingshaw), made it clear she was a formidable opponent seeking to secure a victory in #Wakanda. The rest of her points were pretty evenly distributed between #Domino, #ThorOdinson, and #DoctorStrange. This is an Agent to watch out for.

Riding the waves of his record setting month, Agent Snikt (@NickZG) started strong during the first week of competition. This was thanks to #AntMan’s stellar performance that earned him his first “Hero of the Week” title. Unfortunately, #JeanGrey and #CarolDanvers could neither match that pace nor adequately assist #MilesMorales in securing points for the team. Agent Snikt reluctantly took fourth place after bringing in 48 points for #Wakanda.

Agent Sempai (@Arydanika) apparently decided to try a different tactic after her mind-blowing debut in the #FantasyComicLeague last month. Opting for an eclectic team made up of our #BlackPanther, #Colossus, #Punisher and #Spider-Gwen, she brought in 28 points for #Wakanda and placed fifth. But by the Spirit of Bast, don’t count this Agent out just yet.

We resume our monitoring of the Elite “S” Squad’s contributions to the #FantasyComicLeague.

This session of the Wakanda Caucus is now in recess.


Overall scores – Sistah, 4pts; Snikt, 4pts; Sha, 3pts; Sempai, 2pts; Shaw, 1pt

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