Red Room Mission Report: October 2018

The assembled roster of heroes totalled 239 points this month for the Red Room, with 84 appearances and 84 powers uses. With 26 team ups, 11 lead teams and 10 character defining moments. Red Room’s heroes saved 10 civilians and defeated 14 antagonists in their missions this month. Agent Chris took the top spot this... Continue Reading →

The Midtown Minute: October 2018

Welcome back to the Midtown Minute for Oct 2018. I’m @anthonybachman the division lead for the new #Midtown, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown will continue to be the welcoming home for Marvel’s flagship character as other divisions have decided to apply a spider ban in an effort to make things more even in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Division Standings: November 2018

Latveria 389 KingofTysons 109 EvSynWilliams 83 JamesBSheppard 79 ivoryhaze95 67 ladiesofcomics 51   Negative Zone 383 SuperiorComic16 100 arbitrarygenius 95 KirstenStephens 70 Bainst06 65 MrNiceGuy18_58 53   Midtown 367 swampy19 100 iaytd 89 anthonybachman 74 blerdwords 56 aiyo78 48   Red Room 359 Lennie_Roxx 90 Broadwaybandit5 81 Flesheater 79 spyderladies13 63 TheChrisFerrell 46   Multiverse... Continue Reading →

The Latveria Legislature: October 2018

The continual struggle for control of Latveria gets muddled after the five-week month of October. Despite the extended month and extra comics, October ends ups as a low-scoring affair. Latveria's Fantasy Comic League agents recruit a number of Avengers and bet heavily on the start of Spider-Geddon, but 2018's big spider-event starts slow for the majority of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Division Standings: October 2018

Multiverse 253 alufash87 58 DarrinHyrup 57 ShaunMartineau 56 mvbrat91 45 mikebittner2099 37   Latveria 249 ivoryhaze95 60 JamesBSheppard 59 EvSynWilliams 53 KingofTysons 46 ladiesofcomics 31   Asteroid M 248 DailyXMenFacts 72 TrevittTrev 55 MrLSmith21 45 crownthewriter 42 UncannyNrdvrs 34   Midtown 248 whitenoizemedia 68 anthonybachman 57 iaytd 54 swampy19 43 blerdwords 26   Red Room... Continue Reading →

The Midtown Minute: September 2018

Welcome to the new Midtown! As the Fantasy Comic League enters into a new season the divisions, leads, and members got a cosmic cube refreshing and we are starting things off all new and all different again. I'm @anthonybachman the division lead for the new #Midtown, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown... Continue Reading →

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