The Midtown Minute: October 2018

Welcome back to the Midtown Minute for Oct 2018. I’m @anthonybachman the division lead for the new #Midtown, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown will continue to be the welcoming home for Marvel’s flagship character as other divisions have decided to apply a spider ban in an effort to make things more even in... Continue Reading →

Weekly Division Standings: November 2018

Latveria 389 KingofTysons 109 EvSynWilliams 83 JamesBSheppard 79 ivoryhaze95 67 ladiesofcomics 51   Negative Zone 383 SuperiorComic16 100 arbitrarygenius 95 KirstenStephens 70 Bainst06 65 MrNiceGuy18_58 53   Midtown 367 swampy19 100 iaytd 89 anthonybachman 74 blerdwords 56 aiyo78 48   Red Room 359 Lennie_Roxx 90 Broadwaybandit5 81 Flesheater 79 spyderladies13 63 TheChrisFerrell 46   Multiverse... Continue Reading →

The Latveria Legislature: October 2018

The continual struggle for control of Latveria gets muddled after the five-week month of October. Despite the extended month and extra comics, October ends ups as a low-scoring affair. Latveria's Fantasy Comic League agents recruit a number of Avengers and bet heavily on the start of Spider-Geddon, but 2018's big spider-event starts slow for the majority of the... Continue Reading →

Weekly Division Standings: October 2018

Multiverse 253 alufash87 58 DarrinHyrup 57 ShaunMartineau 56 mvbrat91 45 mikebittner2099 37   Latveria 249 ivoryhaze95 60 JamesBSheppard 59 EvSynWilliams 53 KingofTysons 46 ladiesofcomics 31   Asteroid M 248 DailyXMenFacts 72 TrevittTrev 55 MrLSmith21 45 crownthewriter 42 UncannyNrdvrs 34   Midtown 248 whitenoizemedia 68 anthonybachman 57 iaytd 54 swampy19 43 blerdwords 26   Red Room... Continue Reading →

The Midtown Minute: September 2018

Welcome to the new Midtown! As the Fantasy Comic League enters into a new season the divisions, leads, and members got a cosmic cube refreshing and we are starting things off all new and all different again. I'm @anthonybachman the division lead for the new #Midtown, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown... Continue Reading →

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