The Saga of Asgard: October 2018


Competition during the month of October within the Asgard Division of the Fantasy Comic League remained tight between our Agents of Asgard throughout the month.

Finishing in the front of the pack was Agent Lori (@LoriHyrup). She earned 54 points for the month under the decisive leadership of Iron Man. Mr. Stark was bolstered by She-Hulk, X-23, and Logan—that old man is still around.


In 2nd place with 53 points—just one point behind the lead—was Agent Seren (@HamSandwchWoman). Her team of Black Panther, Daredevil, Domino, and Spider-Man—Miles Morales—contributed almost equally across the board.


Agent Cham (@Cham_Arrow) stepped into the sunlight briefly, landing himself in 3rd place with 43 points. He relied heavily on the heroes of Spider-Geddon—Spider-Man (Otto Octavious) and the Scarlet Spiders, Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker—and the wonderful Captain Marvel.


Agent Pom (@pomwonderland) found herself in 4th place with 42 points—just one point behind Agent Cham. Her “Old Reliable,” Deadpool, remained in the leadership position of her team and was supported by Spider-Gwen, Storm, and Spider-Woman.


Then, wonder of wonders, the champion of September, Agent Geeks (@GeeksGoneWildTw) decided to take up the 5th place position. His leading contributor was Captain America, and rounding out his team was Gambit, Rogue, and Doctor Strange.


I tried to speak with Agent Seren regarding my discovery of her heritage, but rarely did we have more than a few moments alone before one of the other agents, celebrating their victories over mead and song, burst in to share their revelry. I will endeavor to keep trying.

The Saga of Asgard continues…

Overall Scores: Lori, 5; Seren, 4; Geeks, 3; Pom, 2; Cham 1

If you are ever interested in learning more about the Fantasy Comic League, reach out to @FantasyComicLG and express your interest. We are always looking for new participants.

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