The Midtown Minute: October 2018

Spidey in Midtown

Welcome back to the Midtown Minute for Oct 2018. I’m @anthonybachman the division lead for the new #Midtown, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown will continue to be the welcoming home for Marvel’s flagship character as other divisions have decided to apply a spider ban in an effort to make things more even in their divisions. midtown believes if you’re going to fantasy draft you lose some of the fun if the Tom Brady pick isn’t an option so there will be no spider ban in Midtown. Welcome to our new friendly neighborhood, I hope you enjoy your stay. Joining me in this new division is a few #DangerRoom veterans and some new league recruits, say hello to @swampy19@iaytd@blerdwords and @whitenoizemedia.

In October the drafted heroes of #Midtown teamed-up 26 times in 83 appearances to save 11 civilians and defeat 10 adversaries with 91 power uses.

October saw the rise of the youngblood as newcomer @whitenoizemedia climbed to the top of the division with his Avenger heavy team of Captain America, Black Panther, Iron Man joined by Daredevil to bring in 68 pts and 1st place. Congrats! In 2nd place with 57 pts is @anthonybachman as my dual Spider-Man combo paired with Captain Marvel kept me near the top of the division for the month but fell short of the high mark. Just 3 points back with 54 pts was @iaytd in 3rd, his team was powered by a spider duo, a god, and a very angry girl with claws. They fought for enough points to keep @iaytd in a tie for the season points. @swampy19 came in 4th place with 43 pts, sticking with his usual suspects he was let down by a lackluster performance by his mutant contingent, mainly Logan and Storm. And in 5th with 26 pts @blerdwords was let down by his girl power contingent and a less than stellar month for the symbiote that just got his own movie.

As Spidergeddon keeps throwing wrenches into draft plans and the Xtermination story leading into the launch of the new Uncanny changes all the things X join us as we move forward into the tumultuous season. Here are the season standings at the end of Oct:

IAYTD – 4 pts

Bachman – 4 pts

WhiteNoize – 4 pts

Blerd – 1 pt

Swampy – 1 pt


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