Red Room Mission Report: October 2018

The assembled roster of heroes totalled 239 points this month for the Red Room, with 84 appearances and 84 powers uses. With 26 team ups, 11 lead teams and 10 character defining moments. Red Room’s heroes saved 10 civilians and defeated 14 antagonists in their missions this month. Agent Chris took the top spot this... Continue Reading →

Midtown Mission Report: July 2018

July saw a hard fought battle which saw the Midtown Agent's once again come out on top. The assembled rosters of heroes totaled 341 points throughout July for Midtown, with 111 appearances and 114 powers uses. With 62 team ups, 14 lead teams and 18 character defining moments. Midtown’s heroes saved 11 civilians and also... Continue Reading →

Midtown Mission Report: June 2018

June's fight saw only three heroes awarded the title of 'hero of the week', with Parker taking the title twice. The other heroes were Ms Marvel and upcoming movie star, Ant Man. While Parker featured strongly on the roster for Agent Flesh, Agent Chris had recruited Kamala and Scott for himself. The assembled teams scored... Continue Reading →

Midtown Mission Report: May 2018

Season two kicked off with a clean slate for the Agents of Midtown; following on from an action packed first season, Agent Chris took the win! Once again, massive congratulations to Chris on a strong strategy and tactical, successful mission. Midtown's Agents were given their new assignments, the draft order randomised; and Broadway, Len, Flesh,... Continue Reading →

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