Midtown Mission Report: June 2018


June’s fight saw only three heroes awarded the title of ‘hero of the week’, with Parker taking the title twice. The other heroes were Ms Marvel and upcoming movie star, Ant Man. While Parker featured strongly on the roster for Agent Flesh, Agent Chris had recruited Kamala and Scott for himself.

The assembled teams scored 290 points through June for Midtown’s fight, with 86 appearances and 110 powers uses. With 50 team ups, 11 lead teams and 19 character defining moments. Midtown’s heroes saved 19 civilians and defeated 5 antagonists in their battles throughout the city, in what turned out to be a far slower month than May.

It was no surprise to anyone when Agent Chris took the lead this month, with two heroes of the week, teamed with Iron Man and Nightcrawler for an unbeatable team. Chris saw success thanks to scoring top in two categories and sharing the top spot in another three with our second place player, Agent Flesh. Flesh scored highest on appearances, no surprise with Parker drafted. Coupled with Logan, Thor and Miles, left Flesh in very close second spot. Agent Spyder made her way up the ranks from last to third place in June with surprise bride Rogue and would-be-bride Kitty on side, paired with Storm and Captain Marvel. With a two-way tie for fourth, Deadpool won the tie for Agent Broadway. With a strong play from Domino and Blackpool to accompany her star player, a disappointing play from Hulk let her down. Last months winner Agent Len slips to last place, after losing her whole team, Len managed to pull together a strong team of Wasp, Colossus, Gambit and Doctor Strange. With first choice to draft for July, she’ll be hoping for a big comeback!

Many thanks to all Agents for your continued hard work and commitment. Congratulations to all! And best of luck for July!


Jun Points: Chris: 3, Flesh: 3, Spyder: 1, Broadway: 1, & Len: 0

Points Tally: Chris: 5, Flesh: 4, Len: 3, Spyder: 2, & Broadway: 1


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