The Saga of Asgard: June 2018


We conclude the second (June) month of the 2018 Summer Season of the Fantasy Comic League in the Asgard Division, and with the ban on Peter Parker’s Spider-Man, the race between the Agents of Asgard has never been tighter.

Finishing in first place for the first time since the very first month of last season, is Agent Lori (@LoriHyrup) with a total of 70 points for the month. Each member of her team—Storm, Logan, Ant-Man, and Deadpool—pulled their weight nearly equally across the board.

In second place, we find Agent Seren (@HamSandwchWoman) with 55 points whose team of veteran leaders—Black Panther, Captain Marvel, and  the newlywed Rogue—was led by the youngest member of their team, the embiggened Ms. Marvel who, alone, scored 24 of the team’s points.

Breathing down the neck of Agent Seren was Agent Cham (@Cham_Arrow) with 52 points. Leading his team was the one and only, Tony Stark—Iron Man. Rounding out the team was Thor Odinson, Domino, and the antihero, Sabretooth.

Just six points behind Agent Cham was a 46-point performance by Agent Geeks (@GeeksGoneWildTw). His team was led, interestingly enough, by the wily Loki, one we Agents of Asgard know only too well. Joining Loki was Daredevil, Doctor Strange, and the lovely Jean Grey.

Rounding out the division with 41 points was Agent Pom (@pomwonderland). Her team was led by the Wasp—bright Nadia van Dyne. Joining her was the former bride-to-be Kitty Pryde, Captain America, and the Hulk (Bruce Banner).

My search for Agent Seren’s heritage led me to a couple of possibilities, but the recent activities among those of Asgard reveal one name I can cross off the list. Agent Seren is not descendant from Balder. I’m so close, though; I can feel it.

The search continues, as does the Saga of Asgard…

Overall Scores –  Geeks, 4; Lori, 4; Seren, 4; Cham, 1; Pom 1

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