The Latveria Legislature: June 2018

All is quiet on the Latveria front in the month of July. After several months of the country being in the spotlight, Latveria experienced a brief reprieve. The four-week month saw a significant decrease in activity for the Agents of the Fantasy Comic League, but they did not settle their battle for the top-ranking member until the end of the month. The number of threats to the country decreased by more than half. A total of five antagonists presented themselves to be quickly dispatched by the agents, but they rescued the same number of civilians (seven) as the previous month. Although three of those civilians were saved by Peter Parker alone. Despite his presence in Latveria, the “amazing” hero is becoming persona non grata in more of the other divisions across the League. Latveria’s recruited heroes also cut in half their number of character developments. The four biggest talked about moments came from Kitty Pryde and Colossus, who nixed their nuptials, and Rogue and Gambit, who took the former’s place at the altar. While wedding bells rang in celebration throughout the small capital village, the residents knew it was only a matter of time before they ring out in warning once more.

Overall Scores – King, 6 pts; Rey, 3 pts; Superior, 3 pts; Soton, 2 pts; James, 0 pts

Breakdown – Agent @KingofTysons pulled off the monthly victory once more, but he had two challengers waiting for him to slip up. Luckily, Ant-Man had a strong first week of the month when he hit for the Fantasy Cycle, and Kitty Pryde came through for King in the final week of the month. He scored a total of 64 points and took first place by one point. Agent @reyreymondo took the runner-up spot with a score of 63. He benefitted most from Peter Parker’s 30-point month, but Captain America’s seven points kept him from topping the division. Even though he fell just short of first place, he received the benefit of hanging on to Spider-Man for at least one more month.

Agent @sotonspidey‘s threatened for the top spot throughout the month but had a slower final week than the two agents ahead of him. He fell to third place by six points and an overall 57 point performance. Gambit’s Fantasy stock continued to rise. He scored 15 points for soton in advance of his new team-up book with his new bride on the horizon. Storm and Domino gave stand out performances for Agent @SuperiorComic16 with 17 and 16 points respectively, but Captain Marvel’s eight points kept Superior from overtaking third place by four points. He finished with 53 points. Despite the shorter month, Agent @JamesBSheppard finished just two points short of his previous month’s total. His team which remained the same, received more help from the young Iceman, but Magneto experienced a drop off as he only netted James 2 appearance points for the month. His last place team put up 30 points.

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