Danger Room Training Report: June 2018


In a world that hates and fears them, the #DangerRoom division of the #FantasyComicLeague enters into its 2nd season. Returning division champion Bachman @anthonybachman returns with fellow mutants Trevitt @TrevittTrev, Daily @DailyXmenFacts, and Swampy @swampy19 as they welcome new recruit Kyle @blerdwords . All powerful mutants in their own right, but together an almost unstoppable force for mutantkind.

In the 2nd month of the season, the Danger Room heroes teamed up 49 times to save 7 civilians and defeat 6 adversaries in 80 appearances with 109 power usages.

June proved to be a tumultous month with lots of lead changes and shifting of the division but when all was said and done one player stood tall. Swampy takes down the June win with his favorite combo of Spider-Man and Deadpool. Backed up by Kitty Pryde and the man of the day Captain America Swampy was able to put up a 72 pt victory in a month that left most people scoring in the 50’s. With this monthly win Swampy is now just one season point out of first.

Bachman was sitting lowly most of the month and in 4th after 3 weeks but the combined powers of the mighty Ms. Marvel and the returning Multiple Man he was able to sneak up into 2nd place at the end of the month with 58 pts.  Trevitt was just behind with 55 pts from his team of armored marvels and avengers. Iron Doom was the lone single digit scorer on the team and held Trevitt to 3rd place.

Daily started the month off strong with Domino, Wasp and Dr Strange putting up solid points but faltered in the long run as Captain Marvel was only good for 9 pts this month before the return of her own solo book. Combining for 53 pts they tagged up to put Daily in 4th for June. Kyle bet on black again and found solid showings from Storm and Black Panther who combined for 31 pts but sadly Gamorra and Luke Cage were let downs this month and only added 8 pts together to push Kyle up to 39 pts for the month.


Remember, as you learn, so does the Danger Room and just because they’re holograms doesn’t mean they can’t hurt you. Until next month, Mutant And Proud.

Danger Room Season Standings:

Bachman – 5

Swampy – 4

Daily – 3

Trevitt – 2

Kyle – 0


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