Midtown Mission Report: August 2018 (Final Standings)


August… The final month of Midtown as you know it…

The assembled roster of heroes totalled 365 points this month for Midtown, with 103 appearances and a massive 141 powers uses. With 61 team ups, 16 lead teams and 17 character defining moments. Midtown’s heroes saved 11 civilians and defeated 16 antagonists in their battles around the city.

Agent Broadway took the top spot this month with a massive 85 points! She demonstrates the importance of careful power drafting, as this was the only category in which she scored highest. Agent Flesh took second, narrowly missing out on that top spot. Flesh took the lead in number of appearances, team ups, and character defining moments and  had two of the highest scoring heroes onside (Spider-Man and Iron Man) but it was not enough to beat Agent Broadway. Agent Chris took third spot this month, with the highest scoring hero of the month onside, Daredevil. Fourth place was narrowly taken by Agent Len this month, showing the most even spread of points between her heroes. While a tightly fought battle for fourth was lost by Agent Spyder, finishing in fifth, despite having one of the top five heroes on side, Storm.

Many thanks to all Agents of Midtown for your continued hard work and commitment.



August Points: Broadway: 3, Flesh: 2, Chris: 1, Len: 1, & Spyder: 0

Points Tally: Chris: 8, Len: 7, Flesh: 6, Broadway: 5 & Spyder: 2


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