The assembled roster of heroes totalled 239 points this month for the Red Room, with 84 appearances and 84 powers uses. With 26 team ups, 11 lead teams and 10 character defining moments. Red Room’s heroes saved 10 civilians and defeated 14 antagonists in their missions this month.

Agent Chris took the top spot this month with 66 points! His heroes demonstrated great teamwork, winning the categories of team up, while also leading with character developments, save civilians and defeated antagonists. Agent Len took second, narrowly missing out on that top spot. Len took the lead in number of power usages and shared the top spot with Chris for number of hero appearances. Agent Spyder took third spot this month while fourth place was taken by Agent Flesh. Agent Broadway takes fifth but will no doubt benefit Agent Chris’ loss of Spider Man!

Best of luck to the Agents of Red Room!


October Points: Chris: 3, Len: 2, Spyder: 1, Flesh: 1, Broadway: 0

Points Tally: Chris: 5, Len: 5, Flesh: 2, Spyder: 1, Broadway: 1