The Latveria Legislature: October 2018

The continual struggle for control of Latveria gets muddled after the five-week month of October. Despite the extended month and extra comics, October ends ups as a low-scoring affair. Latveria’s Fantasy Comic League agents recruit a number of Avengers and bet heavily on the start of Spider-Geddon, but 2018’s big spider-event starts slow for the majority of the participating heroes with the exception of Spider-Gwen and the Superior Spider-Man, Otto Octavius. Peter Parker barely registers in the main books of Spider-Geddon. However, he still manages to score an impressive 21 points and helps carry Agent @Ivoryhaze95 to her first first-place finish. Agent @JamesBSheppard and his trio of Avengers keeps it close for the month and in the race for the season title. With two months left to go in the season there is no telling who is the front-runner for Latveria’s throne.

Overall Scores – Ivory, 4 pt; King, 4 pts; James, 3 pts; Ev, 3 pts; Ladies, 0 pts

Breakdown – In addition to Spider-Man’s regular top performance, Agent Ivory also earns a strong 18 points of her 60 point total. Spider-Man’s 21 points lands him in a three-way tie for top performance, but his come from three titles for an average of three points a book. This accounts for Peter Parker’s recent string of missing the weekly “Hero of the Week” titles. Agent James controls Iron Man, one of the other three top characters for the month. His team of Avenger leaders – Tony, Captain America and Black Panther – gets him within one point first place with a score of 59. Agent @EvSynWilliams keeps his momentum up from the previous month and stays within range of the top two. His Deadpool just missed out on the top performances with 20 points and Spider-Gwen’s 16 points make her the second-most important character in Spider-Geddon. Those two character’s combined 36 points make up more than half of Ev’s score of 53.

The Superior Octopus and Miles Morales take center stage in Spider-Geddon. They split the Spider-Army into two factions with Otto favoring a more lethal plan of action against the Inheritors. For now, he’s the star of the story, and the star of Agent @KingofTysons‘ 46-point, fourth-place team. Otto spreads his 21 points cross three titles, for an impressive seven points per appearance. He manages to hit for the cycle twice over! Agent @ladiesofcomics has a character hit for the cycle as well. Captain Marvel is ladies’ top performer once again as her Jessica Drew fails to impress with one appearance in the Spider-Geddon event so far.  Ladies finishes the month with a score of 31.

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