Weekly Marvel Review: November 07, 2018 (Week 45)

Jean Grey completes her comeback year when she ascends to the top of the Fantasy Comic League power rankings for the first time. Since her resurrection at the beginning of 2018 and through her leading role in X-Men: Red, Jean’s stock has been on the rise. The elder Jean, despite lagging behind some of the other X-mainstays such as Storm, Rogue and Kitty Pryde, now surpasses her younger self in the overall standings. Jean’s first “Hero of the Week” title is a strong 16-point performance, which also marks the first time she has scored double digits. The Immortal Hulk, another character proving difficult to kill, follows in second with his own personal best. He also earns double digits, 13 points, for the first time in his Fantasy career. Continuing the theme, Iceman finishes the week in third with his own top performance, although Bobby earns his 10 points after only appearing in the league four four weeks in 2018. Spider-Man, Iceman’s “Amazing Friend” joins him in third, with Deadpool tagging along as well.

Doctor Strange teleports into Deadpool for a quick cameo to push his weekly score to seven and snag sixth place all on his own. Nightcrawler, Marvel’s most famous teleporter, features in the two big X-Men books of the week, and ties with Daredevil for seventh place and six points. Daredevil is one of several heroes to be out of their element in the first week of November. He wakes up with no memory of the world around him in Marvel Knights 20th, where Punisher shows up to jog his memory. Frank Castle rounds out the top performers along with Carol Danvers, Riri Williams and Miles Morales; they all score five points. Ironheart is the lone Champion to realize the team is living in a different reality in Weirdworld.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Asteroid M, Do You Even Comic Book, Genosha, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse, Negative Zone, Red Room and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @FantasyComicLG for discussion!

Jean Grey (16)
Typhoid Fever: X-Men – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Telepathy, Telepathy Offensive, Team-Up (Spider-Man), Lead Team, Save Civilian
X-Men: Red – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Telepathy, Team-Up (Iron Man), Lead Team
Hulk (13)
Immortal Hulk – Heal, Melee, Strength, Character Development (Develops a new power)
Infinity Wars – Melee, Strength, Character Development (Wields the Space Stone)
Marvel Knights 20th – Team-Up (Punisher), Lead Team, Character Development (Regains his memory)
Deadpool (10)
Deadpool – Durability, Weapon, Defeat Antagonist (Killpuddle)
Deadpool: Secret Agent Deadpool – Heal, Melee
Weapon X – Weapon, Team-Up (Domino)
Iceman (10)
Iceman – Ice, Ice Defensive, Ice Offensive, Melee, Team-Up (Spider-Man), Save Civilian
Typhoid Fever: X-Men – Ice, Ice Defensive
Spider-Man (PP) (10)
Iceman – Agility, Melee, Strength, Webs, Team-Up (Iceman), Save Civilian
Typhoid Fever: X-Men – Webs, Team-Up (Jean Grey)
Doctor Strange (7)
Deadpool – Magic, Teleport
Doctor Strange – Magic, Teleport, Save Civilian
Daredevil (6)
Marvel Knights 20th – Agility, Melee, Sense, Weapon, Character Development (Regains his memory)
Nightcrawler (6)
Typhoid Fever: X-Men – Melee, Teleport, Team-Up (Spider-Man)
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Iron Man)
Captain Marvel (5)
Immortal Hulk – Lead Team, Character Development (Creates Gamma Flight)
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Jean Grey)
Ms. Marvel (5)
Champions – Size
Infinity Wars – Stretch, Character Development (Wields the Mind Stone)
Punisher (5)
Marvel Knights 20th – Melee, Weapon, Team-Up (Hulk), Character Development (Regains his memory)
Spider-Man (MM) (5)
– Webs, Team-Up (Spider-Man), Lead Team
Spider-Man (OO) (4)
Spider-Geddon – Intellect, Team-Up (Spider-Man), Lead Team
Wasp (NvD) (4)
Champions – Flight, Shrink, Size
X-23 (4)
X-23 – Claws
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Iron Man)
Domino (3)
Weapon X – Weapon, Team-Up (Deadpool)
Human Torch (3)
Deadpool – Flight
Marvel Knights 20th
Invisible Woman (3)
Deadpool – Telekinesis
Marvel Knights 20th
Ironheart (3)
Champions – Lead Team, Character Development (Realizes the Champions are in a different reality)
Scarlet Spider (BR) (3)
Spider-Geddon – Webs, Team-Up (Spider-Man)
She-Hulk (3)
Marvel Knights 20th
X-Men: Red
– Team-Up (Jean Grey)
Storm (3)
Typhoid Fever: X-Men
X-Men: Red
– Team-Up (Iron Man)
Captain America (2)
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Jean Grey)
Gambit (2)
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Iron Man)
Iron Man (TS) (2)
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Jean Grey)
Thor (2)
X-Men: Red – Team-Up (Jean Grey)
Bishop (1)
Typhoid Fever: X-Men
Beast (0)
Black Panther (0)
Cannonball (0)
Dazzler (0)
Ghost Rider (RR) (0)
Hawkeye (CB) (0)
Hawkeye (KB) (0)
Kitty Pryde (0)
Logan (0)
Mockingbird (0)
Moon Girl (0)
Psylocke (0)
Rogue (0)
Scarlet Spider (KP) (0)
Shuri (0)
Spider-Gwen (0)
Spider-Man (MoH) (0)
Spider-Woman (0)
Venom (0)
Wolverine (0)


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