The Midtown Minute: November 2018

Welcome back to the Midtown Minute for Nov 2018. I’m @anthonybachman the division lead for the #Midtown Division, the designated friendly neighborhood for the league as Midtown will continue to be the welcoming home for Marvel’s flagship character as other divisions have decided to apply a spider ban in an effort to make things more even in... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: December 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like X-Mas. The X-Men celebrate the holidays, and their return to prominence, by dominating the top-tier of the Fantasy Comic League appearance estimates. Nine of the uncanny mutants represent December's best bets, top among them are Iceman, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm. X-23 and Bishop follow close behind as the... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: November 2018

The Age of X descends on the Fantasy Comic League. The mutant's flagship book - Uncanny X-Men - returns with three issues in the month of November. This kicks off a 10-week event run by a stable of Marvel's top creators including Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Mahmud Asrar. While there is no shortage of X-Men available... Continue Reading →

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