The Saga of Asgard: September 2018


The month of September came and went like a flash here in the Asgard Division of the Fantasy Comic League. This month’s chronicle was a little slow in circulating to our loyal fans, but the Agents of Asgard have never wavered.

Finishing in 1st place was Agent Geeks (@GeeksGoneWildTw). He earned 67 points for the month under the steadfast leadership of Capatin America. Steve Rogers was supported by Storm, Doctor Strange, and the young Spider-Man, Miles Morales.


In second place, just two points behind the leader, we find Agent Lori (@LoriHyrup) with 65 points. Her team relied upon the strong leadership of Venom. Old Man Logan, Marvel Girl (young Jean Grey), and young Cyclops rounded out the 2nd place team.


Landing a solid 3rd place finish, we have Agent Pom (@pomwonderland) with 56 points. Once again, her team strategy relied upon the leadership of Deadpool, and he was supported by Kitty Pryde, Squirrel Girl, and Gambit.


Agent Seren (@HamSandwchWoman) finished in 4th place with 55 points—just one point behind Agent Pom. Her team benefited from the leadership of the Mutant of Probability, Domino, and was rounded out by Black Panther, Ms. Marvel, and the younger Wasp, Nadia van Dyne.


Holding steadily to his rearguard—5th place—position, Agent Cham (@Cham_Arrow) ended the month with 37 points. His leader, Captain Marvel, was accompanied by Thor Odinson and a pair of Scarlet Spiders (Ben Reilly and Kaine Parker).


I have not yet brought my findings of Agent Seren’s heritage to Agent Seren herself. However, I believe she grows suspicious. I feel that she held back during her September performance. Could it be because she senses something is amiss? I should tell her soon.

The Saga of Asgard continues…

Overall Scores: Geeks, 3; Lori, 2; Pom, 1; Seren, 1; Cham, 0

If you are ever interested in learning more about the Fantasy Comic League, reach out to @FantasyComicLG and express your interest. We are always looking for new participants.

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