The 2018 Stan-Lee Cups

Welcome Agents to a celebration of 2018. In 2018, we left behind the Mixed Marvel Arts moniker to become The Fantasy Comic League. We had a record 58 Agents join us in the League, while the industry we love grew alongside us. To celebrate the growth, we made our social media community more involved than... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: January 2019

Baby New Year leads the Fantasy Comic League and a collection of baby-faced heroes into 2019. The Champions, Marvel's preeminent youth outreach program, begins the year with a new #1 issue and they promise to bring all their young friends along with them. Miles and his crew are not the only heroes to receive a... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: December 2018

It's beginning to look a lot like X-Mas. The X-Men celebrate the holidays, and their return to prominence, by dominating the top-tier of the Fantasy Comic League appearance estimates. Nine of the uncanny mutants represent December's best bets, top among them are Iceman, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler and Storm. X-23 and Bishop follow close behind as the... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: November 2018

The Age of X descends on the Fantasy Comic League. The mutant's flagship book - Uncanny X-Men - returns with three issues in the month of November. This kicks off a 10-week event run by a stable of Marvel's top creators including Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Mahmud Asrar. While there is no shortage of X-Men available... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: October 2018

Spider-Geddon descends upon the Fantasy Comic League in October. The sequel to 2015's ambitious Spider-Verse event assembles the Spider-heroes once more to face the threat of the Inheritors. While the Spider-Ban keeps the main Peter Parker out of the fray for most of the divisions, there is no lack of spider characters available for drafting. For the purpose... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: August 2018

Things look pretty fantastic in August, the final month in the current Fantasy Comic League season. Fresh from launching Tony Stark: Iron Man, Dan Slott plots out the much-anticipated return of Marvel's First Family, the Fantastic Four, in a new ongoing series. Though fans may be elated to see Mr. Incredible and the Invisible Woman back in... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: July 2018

America gets a special birthday present in July: a new series for its star-spangled hero written by Ta-Nehisi Coates. Meanwhile, Nick Spencer, the recent Captain America scribe responsible for Steve Rogers' stint as a Hydra agent, moves on to steer the Spider-Man ship under Marvel's "Fresh Start" initiative. Spencer kicks off a new volume of Amazing... Continue Reading →

Monthly Marvel Preview: June 2018

To paraphrase Marvel's top evil organization, cut off one comic book series, and two more take its place. June sees several series coming to an end, but they also see a bundle of fresh starts for many heroes. Dan Slott represents this industry ideal when his long-time run on Amazing Spider-Man comes to an end and he... Continue Reading →

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