FCL Marvel 2022 Stats – Antagonists

All Data provided comes from the Fantasy Comic League Stats for 2021 and the Marvel Comics Solicitations for January-April 2022. Only heroes with projected 2022 Appearances are posted here; If you’d like to know the 2021 Stats for an unlisted Hero, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG.

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Baron Zemo (Helmut Zemo) – 27 Points, 6 Appearances (156th Overall)
A central role in The Falcon & The Winter Soldier wasn’t enough to propel Zemo in the actual comics. He’s been relegated to a secondary Spider-Title in the aftermath of losing his country to The Punisher.
Title: Savage Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Blade (4), Gun (3), Weapon (3)

Crossbones (Brock Rumlow) – 6 Points, 3 Appearances (316th Overall)
Brock has atrocious stats for 2021. He Appeared 3 times and did nothing for most of those Appearances. Let’s hope Devil’s Reign gives him a better first couple of months than his entire 2021.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Blade (1) Business (1) CD (1)

Klaw (Ulysses Klaw)– 2 Points, 1 Appearances (376th Overall)
Klaw didn’t do anything in 2021. He was seen briefly on panel supporting a theft. He’ll likely continue to have a minor role, but he’s teased for a couple of Appearances in the Black Panther Origin Retcon series.
Titles: Black Panther Legends
Top 3 Powers: Thief (1)

MODOK – 49 Points, 6 Appearances (93rd Overall)
MODOK is an incredibly versatile character and when he’s given panel time, he can do nearly half of the Powers in the Fantasy Comic League system. He’ll be facing Krakoa in 2022, which could him take far in the Fantasy Comic League. Or he could be a one-off joke.
Titles: X-Men
Top 3 Powers: Telekinesis Offensive (6), Telekinesis (4), Creature (3) Tech (3)

Namor – 73 Points, 20 Appearances (47th Overall)
Namor gets Appearances, but he’s often relegated to sharing space with a team of individuals. That limits his potential to shine.
Titles: Avengers
Top 3 Powers: Flight (8), Melee (8), Strength (6)

Taskmaster (Tony Masters) – 112 Points, 21 Appearances (27th Overall)
2021 was almost Taskmaster’s year, but his Black Widow MCU Debut was a gender swap and his star started to shine a little less in the back half of 2021. Regardless, Taskmaster is the Top Performer of the AVENGERS.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Blade (11), Melee (8), Weapon (8)

USAgent (John Walker) – 37 Points, 6 Appearances (123rd Overall)
His MCU debut did not transfer to big Appearances on the panel, but at least he puts out when he does Appear.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Melee (3), Shield (3), Shield Defensive (3)

Whiplash (Ivan Vanko) – 5 Points, 1 Appearances (329th Overall)
I really should have just made a Devil’s Reign category for how many villains are teased for it with little beyond it.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Ensnare (1), Whip (1), CD (1)


Annihilius – 2 Points, 1 Appearances (376th Overall)
Annihilius only showed up at the very end of 2021, to tease The Reckoning War, thus cementing his presence in it. Anni is a favourite of mine and I hope he gets to share some panel time with Johnny Storm in 2022.
Titles: Fantastic Four, The Reckoning War
Top 3 Powers: Teleport (1)

Doctor Doom (Victor Von Doom) – 127 Points, 27 Appearances (20th Overall)
Doctor Doom is the Top Performer of the FANTASTIC FOUR and #1 Antagonist of 2021. He’s one of Marvel’s most beloved characters and he gets a lot of mileage out of the adoration.
Titles: Avengers, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Reckoning War, The Thing
Top 3 Powers: Creature (7), Teleport (7), Melee (6)

Galactus – 2 Points, 2 Appearances (376th Overall)
It is infuriating that Marvel brought an end to the Lifebringer Era of Galactus’ story to a close, to literally do nothing with him. He Appeared Twice and did nothing both times. 2022 doesn’t have much in store for him either.
Title: Silver Surfer: Rebirth
Top 3 Powers:

Thanos –28 Points, 7 Appearances (148th Overall)
2022 will see the Mad Titan become the Eternal Prime, so that should be interesting to see play out.
Titles: Eternals, Silver Surfer: Rebirth
Top 3 Powers: Melee (4), Energy Offensive (3), Strength (3)


Baron Mordo – 18 Points, 8 Appearances (205th Overall)
Baron Mordo put in some Appearances in 2021, but didn’t do a lot within them. Hopefully his antagonistic role in Doctor Strange & The Multiverse Of Madness will translate to comic Appearances. Baron Mordo is the Top Performer of the MAGIC category.
Titles: Death Of Doctor Strange, Doctor Strange: Nexus Of Reality
Top 3 Powers: Magic Offensive (3), TU (3)

Nightmare – 14 Points, 5 Appearances (243rd Overall)
Nightmare is kind of a bunk draft, but he’s likely to ride that horse of his for some points.
Title: Doctor Strange: Nexus Of Reality
Top 3 Powers: Creature (2)


Carnage – 106 Points, 15 Appearances (29th Overall)
With Knull gone, Carnage is once again the Powerhouse of the Symbiotes. He’ll be getting his own On-Going title in 2022. With this advantage, he may be able to outperform the Brocks in 2022. Carnage is the Top Performer of the SPIDER-FAMILY.
Titles: Carnage, Carnage Forever
Top 3 Powers: Influence (9), Melee (8), Appendage (6) Appendage Offensive (6) Durability (6)

Doctor Octopus(Otto Octavius) – 61 Points, 17 Appearances (67th Overall)
Otto is set to have a very busy 2022, so it would be wise to get him on your team. His very usage of his limbs to move is scorable.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man, Ben Reilly: Spider-Man, Devil’s Reign,
Top 3 Powers: Appendage (9), Appendage Offensive (8), Tech (6)

Kraven The Hunter (Unknown) – 43 Points, 16 Appearances (107th Overall)
Kraven The Hunter is the second Kraven to inherit the role after killing his Father back in 2020.
Titles: Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Blade (7), Melee (5), Weapon (4)

Lizard (Curt Connors) – 18 Points, 5 Appearances (205th Overall)
The Lizard is a favourite of Zeb Wells, who is taking over as the main writer after the Beyond Era of ASM.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Claws (1) Claws Offensive (1) Morph (1)

Rhino (Alexei Sytsevich) – 38 Points, 13 Appearances (122nd Overall)
Alexei is another Villain tied to Devil’s Reign. He’s generally one of Peter’s better performing antagonists.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Melee (6), Durability (5), Strength (3)

Shocker (Herman Schultz) – 31 Points, 12 Appearances (135th Overall)
Herman is another Villain tied to Devil’s Reign. He is not the one I would bet on, but who knows how he will perform?
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Energy (6), Vibrations (2), Vibrations Offensive (2)

Tombstone (Lonnie Lincoln) – 16 Points, 7 Appearances (220th Overall)
Lonnie gets a lot of play in different parts of the Spider-Man corner of the MU. He’s got ties to magic, ties to mob bosses, and ties to the super-freaks.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Strength (2) CD (2)


Kingpin (Wilson Fisk) – 71 Points, 32 Appearances (54th Overall)
Devil’s Reign is Wilson Fisk’s Event over anyone else’s. Outside of that, he seems set to terrorize some women in 2022, what a class act. Being Mayor has kept his hands tied when it comes to Power Usages, but hopefully he’s be able to throw a few more punches in 2022. Wilson is the Top Performer in the STREET category.
Titles: Daredevil, Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, Devil’s Reign, Spider-Woman
Top 3 Powers: Business (5), Influence (2), Melee (2)

Titania (Mary Creel) –27 Points, 8 Appearances (156th Overall)
I thought 2021 was nicer to Mary than it was, with the finale of the Immortal Hulk era and the Gamma Flight mini. She’s leaving Bruce back in 2021 to join the orbit of another Hulk, both in the MCU and on the panel.
Titles: She-Hulk
Top 3 Powers: Melee (6), Strength (4), Durability (3)

The Rose (Richard Fisk) – 3 Points, 2 Appearances (361st Overall)
The STREET category has basically become the FISK FAMILY category. Richard will be going toe to toe with Ben Reilly during his father’s big Event. His big moment in 2021 was being brought back to life by his father.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: CD (1)

Typhoid Mary (Mary Fisk) – 33 Points, 14 Appearances (132nd Overall)
Typhoid had a big year, becoming Mary Fisk right before Wilson Fisk kicked off his Devil’s Reign Event. Wherever they go, they hopefully go together in 2022.
Titles: Daredevil, Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, Devil’s Reign, Elektra: Black, White & Blood
Top 3 Powers: Blade (3), Weapon (3), CD (3)

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