All Data provided comes from the Fantasy Comic League Stats for 2021 and the DC Comics Solicitations for January-April 2022. Only heroes with projected 2022 Appearances are posted here; If you’d like to know the 2021 Stats for an unlisted Hero, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG.

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Batgirl (Cassandra Cain) – 126 Points, 32 Appearances (15th Overall)
Cassandra Cain is perhaps the hidden MVP of the Bat-Family; she’s often overlooked but she puts up serious points. Her and Stephanie Brown are quite similar in scoring, but Cassandra won 2021.
Titles: Batgirls, Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Melee (17) Agility (10) Tech (8)

Oracle (Barbara Gordon) – 229 Points, 71 Appearances (9th Overall)
Barbara appears a lot, but her scoring potential is limited often behind a computer screen. She is the best performer of the BAT-GIRL LEGACY.
Titles: Batgirls, Batman: Urban Legend, Deathstroke Inc., Detective Comics, Nightwing, Shadow War, The Joker
Top 3 Powers: Computers (35) Tech (13) Melee (9)

Spoiler (Stephanie Brown) – 121 Points, 38 Appearances (16th Overall)
It pains me to separate a Robin from the pack, but she’s a self-identifying Bat-Girl these days. It also gives her a more fair fight, here’s hoping to a distinguished 2022 for the non-Batgirl, Bat-Girl.
Titles: Batgirls, Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Melee (13) Tech (11) Agility (6)


Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 865 Points, 162 Appearances (1st Overall)
Bruce Wayne is the best character in the Fantasy Comic League and the Top Performer of the BAT LEGACY. He had only one week of no Appearances in the entire year, but he also Appeared enough for three year’s worth of weekly Appearances. With a single punch thrown into the mix, he outscores nearly every character in the Fantasy Comic League.
Titles: Batman, Batman: Killing Time, Batman: The Knight, Batman: Urban Legends, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Detective Comics, Justice League, Justice League Vs. Legion Of Super-Heroes, Monkey Prince, Robin, Robins, Shadow War, The Flash: Fastest Man Alive
Top 3 Powers: Melee (75) Tech (56) Suit (54)

Batman (Jace Fox) – 207 Points, 38 Appearances (9th Overall)
2022 will be the test that tells if Jace Fox sticks around. So far, he’s been reduced to his solo title, which is now removed from Gotham.
Title: I Am Batman
Top 3 Powers: Melee (25) Vehicle (14) Suit (11)

Batman (Thomas Wayne) – 20 Points, 8 Appearances (98th Overall)
Thomas Wayne is Joshua Williamson’s Multiversal Batman, doing so much needed character patching after his turn for evil in Tom King’s Batman run. He’s done very little in this redemption tour, he has yet to even beat an antagonistic force.
Title: Flashpoint Beyond, Justice League Incarnate
Top 2 Powers: Melee (3) Durability (2)

Batwoman (Kate Kane) – 65 Points, 17 Appearances (43rd Overall)
Kate Kane put up solid numbers in the back half of 2021, which was how her 2020 played out as well. She’s always a solid bet though.
Title: Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Melee (9) Tech (6) Projectile (3) Sleuth (3) Suit (3)

Bluebird (Harper Row) – 28 Points, 12 Appearances (82nd Overall)
Harper Row is among the weakest members of the Bat-Family. In her backups she does very little per issue, but she rarely repeats the same trick twice, which gives her a wide variety of power usages with little buildup.
Titles: The Joker
Top Powers: Melee (3) Tech (3)

Commissioner James Gordon – 70 Points, 24 Appearances (37th Overall)
Jim Gordon is the true star of The Joker title, and he appears frequently in flashbacks to a simpler time in Batman stories.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time, Detective Comics, The Joker
Top 3 Powers: Business (3) Melee (3) Tech (3)

The Signal (Duke Thomas) – 59 Points, 16 Appearances (49th Overall)
Duke is one of the poorer performing Bat-Family members, but he does get a spotlight frequently as Gotham’s daytime protector.
Titles: Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Melee (5) Blunt (3) Vehicle (3)


Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 400 Points, 79 Appearances (4th Overall)
Dick Grayson is the best performer of the ROBIN LEGACY. He’s the glue of the DC Universe and the Bat-Family, meaning he appears outside his own series a lot. If I was Wonder Woman or Superman, I’d be worried about having a bad year when Dick Grayson is in full swing.
Titles: Detective Comics, Nightwing, Robins, Superman: Son Of Kal-El, Teen Titans Academy, Titans United, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Agility (32) Melee (29) Blunt (23)

Red Hood (Jason Todd) – 234 Points, 33 Appearances (6th Overall)
Jason Todd is a character you want on your team. He’s the second most used of the Robins and he often racks up some points when he appears.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, Robins, Task Force Z, Titans United
Top 3 Powers: Melee (25) Tech (12) Weapon (12)

Robin (Damian Wayne) – 228 Points, 50 Appearances (8th Overall)
When it comes to the Robins, Damian Wayne and Jason Todd are a class above Tim Drake and Stephanie Brown. I believe this is due to their impulsiveness in combat. The fact Damian has 6 “Top 3 Powers” while some struggle to have 2 is amusing to no end, entitled brat.
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, Robin, Robins, Shadow War
Top 3 Powers: Melee (24) Agility (14) Blade (8) Stealth (8) Tech (8) Vehicle (8)

Robin (Tim Drake) – 141 Points, 36 Appearances (13th Overall)
2021 was pretty kind to Tim, despite him being the only Robin without an on-going title (Steph snuck one in during December).
Titles: Batman: Urban Legends, Detective Comics, Robins
Top 3 Powers: Melee (12) Tech (9) Suit (6)


Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 207 Points, 33 Appearances (10th Overall)
Selina Kyle is one of the strongest performers in the Bat-Family and the FCL as a whole. She’s got a very versatile move-set and she is the Nightwing of the Gotham Villain circle; she gets around. She was the Top Performer of the SIRENS category, just beating Harley Quinn.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time, Catwoman
Top 3 Powers: Whip (18) Melee (17) Agility (11)

Commissioner Renee Montoya – 52 Points, 22 Appearances (57th Overall)
She’s been appearing all over the Gotham titles, and you never know when we might see a forgotten story from her Question days. Unfortunately of the two Commissioners, Jim is the safer bet.
Titles: Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Business (4) Melee (2) Sleuth (2) Vehicle (2)

Harley Quinn (Harleen Quinzel) – 202 Points, 46 Appearances (11th Overall)
Harley’s one of the latest members of the Bat-Family, outperforming the kids but not the inner circle. She was the DC Antagonist of 2020, but she hasn’t performed nearly as strong since the jump to Hero.
Titles: Detective Comics, Harley Quinn
Top 3 Powers: Blunt (18) Weapon (15) Melee (14)

Huntress (Helena Bertnelli) – 78 Points, 15 Appearances (31st Overall)
Helena got a new power in 2022, within the pages of Detective Comics where I imagine she will remain a staple.
Titles: Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Projectile (7) Melee (5) Stealth (4) Tech (4) Weapon (4)

Poison Ivy (Pamela Ivy) – 104 Points, 27 Appearances (22nd Overall)
She was the third best Antagonist in 2021, but she’s got nothing but a tease for 2022 so far.
Top 3 Powers: Plants (12) Ensnare (8) Heal (5) Plants Offensive (5)

Talia Al Ghul – 68 Points, 20 Appearances (39th Overall)
It’s a rare week where an Al Ghul doesn’t appear. Talia placed 9th overall for 2021 Antagonist, securing her family’s legacy for another year. She might do better in 2022.
Titles: Batman: The Knight, Robin, Shadow War
Top 3 Powers: Weapon (7) Melee (5) Blade (4) Stealth (4)


Arkham Knight (Astrid Arkham) – 15 Points, 3 Appearances (109th Overall)
Astrid is a very new addition to the Fantasy Comic League and I think 2022 will be a very good year for her.
Titles: Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Blade (3) Claws (2) Durability (2)

Bane – 32 Points, 8 Appearances (78th Overall)
Jason Todd avenged Alfred Pennyworth by killing Bane at the end of 2021. That could mean nothing, as he’s a zombie now. Or it could be awhile before we see Bane again.
Titles: Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Melee (5) Strength (5) Durability (2)

Black Mask (Roman Sionis) – 12 Points, 4 Appearances
Roman seems to be settling into the Big Bad role for the new Catwoman run kicking off in 2022.
Titles: Catwoman
Top 3 Powers: Blade (2)

Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) – 24 Points, 7 Appearances (89th Overall)
I made the joke in the 2021 DC Stats that Floyd was doing well for a dead man. This category proves that wrong.
Titles: Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Gun (6) Weapon (2)

Man-Bat (Kirk Langstrom) – 85 Points, 16 Appearances (25th Overall)
Kirk Langstrom had a stellar 2021, but 2022 is going to see a slow down I believe. Still, he’s a solid performer in any Appearance. He’s the Top 2021 Performer of TASK FORCE Z.
Titles: Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Flight (10) Melee (7) Durability (4)

Mr. Bloom – 11 Points, 4 Appearances (123rd Overall)
Who knows what the future holds for Mr. Bloom? He hasn’t done anything of note twice in the year he had, which makes his stats a little sad.
Titles: Task Force Z

Mr. Freeze (Victor Fries) – 57 Points, 15 Appearances (52nd Overall)
Mr. Freeze and Red Hood formed a pretty strong rivalry over 2021. May it carry Victor to new heights in 2022.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time, Detective Comics, Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Ice (13) Gun (6) Ensnare (3) Weapon (3)

Two-Face (Harvey Dent) – 45 Points, 16 Appearances (64th Overall)
Two-Face’s new role as the benefactor of Task Force Z should keep a spotlight on him in 2022. It’s a sure-fire bet.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time, Detective Comics, Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Gun (3) Weapon (3) LT (3)


Clayface (Basil Karlo) – 66 Points, 15 Appearances (41st Overall)
Clayface closes out the top 10 Antagonist of 2021 and he had several enjoyable and strong performances. Just the visual nature of his presence is conducive to points.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time
Top 3 Powers: Melee (9) Morph (8) Grow (4) Strength (4)

Hugo Strange – 29 Points, 11 Appearances (80th Overall)
Hugo formed a pretty intense rivalry with Harley Quinn over 2021. It may bring him greater fortune in 2022.
Titles: Batman: The Knight, Harley Quinn
Top 3 Powers: Melee (3) Strength (2) Weapon (2)

Killer Croc (Waylon Jones) – 77 Points, 24 Appearances (32nd Overall)
2021 was a fantastic year for Waylon Jones, finishing at 5th overall for Antagonists. He appeared in a lot of places, often in an antihero capacity.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time
Top 3 Powers: Melee (10) Strength (9) Durability (7)

Ra’s Al Ghul – 41 Points, 13 Appearances (69th Overall)
It was a pretty quiet 2021 for Ra’s Al Ghul, but 2022 is shaping up to be more exciting for him. The Wayne and Al Ghuls need to go to war against one another once again.
Titles: Batman: The Knight, Robin, Shadow War
Top 3 Powers: Blade (3) Artifact (2) Creature (2) Influence (2) Weapon (2)

Scarecrow (Jonathan Crane) – 109 Points, 31 Appearances (21st Overall)
Jonathan Crane was the Top Performer of THE ROGUES, and the second best Antagonist overall at DC in 2021. Fear State was his event, even if he was often overshadowed by characters James Tynion felt he could actually do things with.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time, Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Toxin (14) Influence (8) Tech (7)

Solomon Grundy (Cyrus Gold) – 41 Points, 11 Appearances
Solomon Grundy had a really solid 2021, appearing all over the place but especially within the pages of Harley Quinn.
Titles: Harley Quinn, Task Force Z
Top 3 Powers: Melee (7) Strength (4) Durability (3)

The Joker – 73 Points, 26 Appearances (36th Overall)
The Joker spent most of 2021 as the only Antagonist with an On-Going, so he should have done much better.
Titles: Detective Comics, The Joker
Top 3 Powers: Influence (8) Assassin (5) Blade (5) Weapon (5)

The Penguin (Oswald Cobblepot) – 47 Points, 25 Appearances (62nd Overall)
Oswald is around, but is he really doing anything?
Titles: Batman: Killing Time, Detective Comics
Top 3 Powers: Weapon (5) Tech (4) Gun (3)

The Riddler (Edward Nygma) – 45 Points, 17 Appearances (64th Overall)
Edward Nygma is a fun character, but sometimes does a lot of nothing.
Titles: Batman: Killing Time
Top 3 Powers: Intellect (7) Computers (3) Weapon (2)

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