FCL DC 2022 Stats: Heroes

All Data provided comes from the Fantasy Comic League Stats for 2021 and the DC Comics Solicitations for January-April 2022. Only heroes with projected 2022 Appearances are posted here; If you’d like to know the 2021 Stats for an unlisted Hero, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG.

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Blue Beetle (Ted Kord) – 38 Points, 6 Appearances (74th Overall)
Blue & Gold has been fire for Ted Kord, which saw him make the biggest gains in the ALIENS AFFAIRS category (up 73 positions). He’ll soon be extending that same flame to the other Blue Beetle, Jaime Reyes (9).
Titles: Blue & Gold
Top 3 Powers: Vehicle (4), Gun (3), Melee (3), Tech (3)

Crush – 74 Points, 17 Appearances (35th Overall)
Crush was one of the best performing Titans, but she left her teammates behind (as did 2021) to shine brighter than any of them. She is the best performer of the ALIENS AFFAIRS category. However, she has no immediate title in trajectory for 2022.
Top 3 Powers: Melee (10), Strength (6), Durability (5)

Hawkgirl (Kendra Saunders) –64 Points, 25 Appearances (45th Overall)
The most commonly seen Hawk, she puts up a decent amount of points but she often times appears just to stand around in her own team title.
Titles: Justice League, Justice League Vs. The Legion Of Superheroes, Naomi Season Two
Top 3 Powers: Flight (17), Blunt (5), Weapon (3)

Martian Manhunter (J’onn J’onzz) – 51 Points, 13 Appearances (59th Overall)
The Totality, the team in which J’onn leads, has been absent from the big Infinite Frontier storyline they are attached to. Well, save for one member, but that wasn’t J’onn.
Top 3 Powers: Flight (5), Telepathy (4), Morph (3)

Starfire (Koriand’r) – 67 Points, 22 Appearances (39th Overall)
Teen Titans Academy is not a book that you should rely on for points, so thankfully Starfire has been more active in the Titans United series. She’ll also be involved in the War for Earth 3 and has a very visually interesting power set.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, Titans United, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Flight (12), Energy Offensive (5), Energy (4)


Aquaman (Arthur Curry) – 132 Points, 31 Appearances (14th Overall)
Aquaman got a lot of action in the Justice League Dark backups, plus a great points getting team-up series with Green Arrow that continues into 2022. 2022 will also see him team-up with Jackson Hyde, the new Aquaman. Unsurprisingly, he is the strongest performer in the AQUA FAMILY, but he also rose 27 Spots in the back half of 2021. That was a great 80th Anniversary for him.
Titles: Aquamen, Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target, Justice League, Justice League Vs. Superheroes
Top 3 Powers: Flight (10), Blade (8), Weapon (8)

Aquaman (Jackson Hyde)- 82 Points12 Appearances (28th Overall)
Jackson Hyde is the new Aquaman, and also a member of a Justice League all his own in the Justice League Queer stories that keep popping up over the DCU. He’s a really solid bet, rising 30 Spots in the back half of 2021.
Titles: Aquaman: The Becoming, Aquamen, Black Manta
Top 3 Powers: Flight (7), Durability (6), Melee (6)

Mera – 27 Points, 7 Appearances (84th Overall)
Mera is a wildfire bet, but she has the potential to score big if she is given the chance to shine. She’s as likely to appear in Aquaman’s ongoing as he is, and has appeared in most of the big events recently
Titles: Aquaman: The Becoming, Aquamen
Top 3 Powers: Melee (2), Water (2), LT (2)

Tempest (Garth) – 25 Points, 5 Appearances (88th Overall)
Garth is a wild bet just like Mera, but he puts up points when he does show. There is no guarantee he’ll appear in any of the Titans books, but there is usually about 3 at any given time, so 2022 will bring some Garth at some points.
Top 3 Powers: Strength (3), Flight (2), Melee (2)


Deadman (Boston Brand) – 46 Points, 13 Appearances (63rd Overall)
Boston has been a reliable member of the Wonder Woman cast ever since she went to the Afterlife.
Titles: Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Wonder Woman
Top 3 Powers: Flight (6), Teleport (4), Possession (3)

Detective Chimp (Bobo) – 44 Points, 15 Appearances (65th Overall)
Bobo is one of the weaker bets on the Justice League Dark. But 2022 will see Justice League Dark getting it’s own series, and plenty of appearances until then.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash
Top 3 Powers: Blade (6), Flight (2), Magic (2)

Doctor Fate (Khalid Nassour) – 53 Points, 15 Appearances (56th Overall)
The Current Doctor Fate, but he’s not always the guy under the mask. He’s one of the stronger performers on the JLD team. He made the biggest gain in the back half of 2021 for the DARK FAMILY, moving up 21 Spots.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash
Top 3 Powers: Flight (5), Teleport (4), Magic (3)

Hellblazer (John Constantine) – 82 Points, 23 Appearances (29th Overall)
Constantine got around in 2022. Despite not being the strongest performer within Justice League, he got around and Appearances can make a difference. I’d be willing to bet his presence outside the book will remain strong. He is the Strongest Performer of the DARK FAMILY.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash
Top 3 Powers: Magic (8), Magic Defensive (3), Magic Offensive (3), Sleuth (3)

Ragman (Rory Regan) – 42 Points, 14 Appearances (68th Overall)
Rory was the weakest performer on the Justice League Dark in 2021. Hopefully he can beat the chimp in 2022.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash
Top 3 Powers: Ensnare (4), Flight (3), Morph (2)

Swamp Thing (Levi Kamei) – 76 Points, 11 Appearances (34th Overall)
2021 was very generous to Levi Kamei. His Swamp Thing book was extended into 2022, which I do believe will be a slower year for Levi without the Suicide Squad getting involved in the mix.
Titles: The Swamp Thing
Top 3 Powers: Plants (8), Senses (8), Grow (6), Durability (6)

Zatanna Zatara – 66 Points, 23 Appearances (41st Overall)
Zatanna performed a little weaker than normal in 2021 due to her magical powers being tied to the return of the Upside Down Man. 2022 should be a better year for her.
Titles: Justice League, The Flash
Top 3 Powers: Magic (9), Magic Defensive (6), Magic Offensive (6)


Kid Flash (Wallace West) – 28 Points, 11 Appearances (61st Overall)
2021 was unkind to most of the previous Teen Titans characters. In the back half of the year, Wallace only appeared 3 times and did nothing in those 3 Appearances.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Speed (5), Melee (2), Speed Defensive (2), Speed Offensive (2)

The Flash (Avery Ho) – 24 Points, 4 Appearances (96th Overall)
My Speedster daughter, I love to see her go. I find it amusing that Avery has now been on two Justice League type teams, that feature race bent versions of the JL heroes. She’s tied to Infinite Frontier now, thank you Joshua Williamson.
Titles: Justice League Incarnate
Top 3 Powers: Speed (3), Senses (3), Speed Offensive (2)

The Flash (Barry Allen) – 118 Points, 36 Appearances (18th Overall)
Barry had quite the tumble in 2021. While being the only member of the Totality to actually stick around for the Infinite Frontier storyline, he still didn’t do much.
Title: Justice League, Justice League Incarnate, Justice League vs. Legion Of Super-Heroes, The Flash: Fastest Man Alive
Top 3 Powers: Speed (21), Intellect (8), Tech (4)

The Flash (Wally West)- 118 Points, 21 Appearances (17th Overall)
Wally West had an incredible 2021, tying with Barry for overall Points, but getting there just a little quicker at 21 Appearances. He is the Top Performer in The FLASH FAMILY. And he’ll be racing across the DCU in 2022, including a visit to his best bud, Dick.
Title: Nightwing, The Flash, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Speed (19), Speed Defensive (9), Speed Offensive (8)


Hal Jordan – 58 Points, 16 Appearances (52nd Overall)
The Original Lantern, DC will never shy away from giving him the lime light. 2021 was a big fall from grace for him though.
Titles: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Energy (8), Flight (8), Weapon (3)

Jessica Cruz – 38 Points, 6 Appearance (74th Overall)
One of the stronger lanterns, she’s currently operating as Yellow Lantern. She made the most progress in an incredibly consistent group of characters, moving up 6 Positions.
Titles: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Flight (4), Energy (3), Creature (2), Ensnare (2)

John Stewart – 111 Points, 19 Appearances (19th Overall)
Despite stepping down from the Justice League in 2021, John just barely held on to being the Strongest Performer of the GREEN FAMILY.
Title: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Energy (9), Flight (9), Energy Defensive (5)

Keli Quintela – 43 Points, 9 Appearances (66th Overall)
Keli had a strong mid-2021, but she did a lot of standing around at the start and end of the year. Here’s hoping she has a stronger 2022.
Title: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Energy (5), Energy Defensive (3), Energy Offensive (3) Flight (3)

Simon Baz – 29 Points, 10 Appearances (81st Overall)
Simon recently lost a limb and has become a more gun/suit focused hero rather than being an energy/artifact based character.
Titles: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Energy (2), Gun (2), Vehicle (2)

Sojourner Mullein – 108 Points, 15 Appearances (21st Overall)
2021 has been a big year for Jo Mullein. Far Sector put up big points per performance for her and she’s become one of the central Lanterns of the new Green Lantern title.
Title: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Flight (13), Energy (10), Ensnare (7)


Black Canary (Dinah Lance) – 92 Points, 29 Appearances (23rd Overall)
Black Canary has been one of the heavier point scorers in Justice League and she’s well connected enough to show up in places without an on-going. Case in point, Deathstroke Inc., will be a second team book for her.
Titles: Deathstroke Inc.Justice League, Justice League Vs. Legion Of Superheroes
Top 3 Powers: Melee (8), Sonics Offensive (8), Sonics (6)

Booster Gold (Michael Carter) – 63 Points, 11 Appearances (46th Overall)
Booster is actually the stronger of the titular duo Blue & Gold. That’s what happens when you come second in the title. Booster Gold’s turn as an Influencer has been quite eventful. He jumped up 21 Positions in the back half of 2021.
Title: Blue & Gold
Top 3 Powers: Flight (8), Suit (5), Energy (4), Influence (4)

Green Arrow (Oliver Queen) – 156 Points, 44 Appearances (12th Overall)
Oliver Queen had a fantastic 80th Anniversary, even if he didn’t get an On-going series. Unfortunately, I do think 2022 will see a slow down for Mr. Queen, but he rose as high as any non-trinity related member could in a year. He was the Best Performer of the JUSTICE LEAGUE.
Titles: Aquaman/Green Arrow: Deep Target, Justice League, Justice League Vs. Legion Of Superheroes,
Top 3 Powers: Projectile (17), Weapon (11), Precision (7)

Midnighter (Lucas Trent) – 97 Points, 16 Appearances (22nd Overall)
Midnighter is a killer candidate and will continue to appear in Action Comics for the Warworld Saga event. He did have a second personality in his head for most of 2021, so I included his fourth most used power.
Titles: Action Comics
Top 3 Powers: Melee (7), Gun (6), Personality (6), Teleport (5)

Naomi McDuffie – 40 Points, 15 Appearances (70th Overall)
Bendis grounded Naomi for a good portion of 2021. The finale of his run is coming in 2022, and it will be followed by Naomi Season Two, so I expect her to com to the fore-front once again.
Titles: Justice League
Top 3 Powers: Flight (9), Energy (8), Durability (2), Energy Offensive (2)


President Superman (Calvin Ellis) – 56 Points, 12 Appearances (53rd Overall)
Arguably one of the central figures of the Infinite Frontier storyline, Calvin’s a strong contender for any team.
Titles: Justice League Incarnate
Top 3 Powers: Flight (8), Melee (4), Strength (4)

Steel (Natasha Irons) – 23 Points, 7 Appearances (86th Overall)
Natasha is part of the Authority team that Superman brought to Warworld. Her story will continue there.
Title: Action Comics

Superboy (Connor Kent) – 72 Points, 15 Appearances (36th Overall)
Connor Kent’s performance is based largerly off of Match’s 2021 Performance; when being presented as the main version of the character, we count it at the FCL. Once they were revealed to be different characters, their profiles were separated while sharing the same earlier point score.
Titles: Titans United
Top 3 Powers: Flight (10), Durability (8), Melee (7) Strength (7)

Superman (Clark Kent) – 482 Points, 87 Appearances (2nd Overall)
2021 was a strong year for Clark, and 2022 looks to hold the same trajectory for him. He is the Top Performer Of The SUPER FAMILY.
Titles: Action Comics, Batman/Superman: World’s Finest, Justice League, Justice League Vs. Legion Of Super-Heroes,
Top 3 Powers: Flight (67), Durability (34), Strength (33)

Superman (Jonathan Kent) – 268 Points, 41 Appearances (5th Overall)
Jonathan Kent was the character to have in this first half of 2021. He had strong performances digitally, in Future State, and even upon return to status quo. He now has his own title, but little else. He’s a strong contender, but he’s unlikely to keep a-pace with the A-List in 2022.
Titles: Superman: Son of Kal-El
Top 3 Powers: Flight (34), Durability (22), Strength (19)


Arsenal (Roy Harper) – 69 Points, 16 Appearances (38th Overall)
Roy has had a really strong 2021 and will continue to have a lingering attachment to various plotlines over the DCU in 2022.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy
Top 3 Powers: Projectile (8), Artifact (4), Energy (4)

Beast Boy (Garfield Logan) – 67 Points, 35 Appearances (40th Overall)
Beast Boy is having a better year than 2020, but remains the weakest performer amongst the core Titans.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Morph (13), Flight (4), Melee (3)

Connor Hawke – 54 Points, 13 Appearances (54th Overall)
Connor Hawke was one of the characters restored to the DCU in 2021. He was a strong antagonist in Robin, where he’ll likely continue to appear. At some points, he’ll have to cross paths with Oliver Queen.
Titles: Robin
Top 3 Powers: Agility (6), Melee (5), Durability (3)

Cyborg (Victor Stone) – 52 Points, 24 Appearances (37th Overall)
Vic has fallen hard from his 2020 scores in 2021. He’s barely acknowledged outside of brief cameos in his team book.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Bionics (4) Flight (4) Morph (3)

Monkey Prince (Marcus Son) – TBD
A new teen hero that will be joining the DCU in a big way in 2021, starting off with a crossover with Batman & Robin. Never doubt the power of Bat-Privilege.
Titles: Monkey Prince

Ravager (Rose Wilson) – 54 Points, 13 Appearances (54th Overall)
Rose Wilson had a solid 2021, appearing in both Future State and then Robin. She’s likely to be pulled into Shadow War coming up, as well as appearing in the lives of at least a couple different Robins.
Titles: Robin, Shadow War
Top 3 Powers: Blade (7) Weapon (5) Melee (4)

Raven (Rachel Roth) – 87 Points, 24 Appearances (24th Overall)
Raven showed some of her worth in 2021, pulling off the feat of being Best Performer of the TITANS. Here’s hoping she can maintain her momentum in 2022.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Flight (10), Magic (7), Senses (7)


Artemis – 50 Points (14 Appearances) (51st Overall)
Artemis is a strong performer when given the space to shine. Hopefully the big 2022 Wonder Woman Event “Trial Of The Amazons” will give her that space.
Titles: Trials Of The Amazons
Top 3 Powers: Blade (6) Strength (5) Melee (4)

Donna Troy- 66 Points, 26 Appearances (91st Overall)
The back half of 2021 saw her more than triple her overall score for the year. She’s getting tons of Appearances and will throw a punch or fly around within the space of her Appearances.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, Titans United, Trial Of The Amazons, War For Earth 3, Wonder Girl, Wonder Woman: Evolution
Top 3 Powers: Flight (8) Melee (4) Strength (4)

Queen Nubia – 59 Points, 6 Appearances (62nd Overall)
The Wonder Woman of Future State, the Queen of Amazons in present day. Nubia’s had an interesting 2021 for sure. Here’s hoping 2022 holds strong for our Queen.
Titles: Nubia & The Amazons, Trial Of The Amazons
Top 3 Powers: Melee (7) Senses (4) Strength (4)

Wonder Girl (Cassie Sandsmark) – 20 Points, 1 Appearance (137th Overall)
2022 teases a big role for Cassie in The Trial of The Amazons. Hopefully it’ll propel her to some sort of team book or on-going.
Titles: Trial Of The Amazons, Wonder Girl
Top 3 Powers: Flight (3) Melee (2) TU (2)

Wonder Woman (Diana Price) – 472 Points, 59 Appearances (3rd Overall)
2021 was brutal for poor Diana. Her 80th Anniversary was celebrated with an absence of screen time and books about how much she means to the men of the Justice League. If I didn’t read DC, I would have never known it was Diana’s 80th Anniversary.
Titles: Justice League, Justice League Dark, Justice League Vs. Legion Of Superheroes, Sensational Wonder Woman, Trial Of The Amazons, Wonder WomanWonder Woman: Evolution,
Top 3 Powers: Melee (35) Flight (31) Strength (30)

Wonder Woman (Yara Flor) – 51 Points, 10 Appearances (25th Overall)
Yara breaks my heart. She was the breakout star of Future State, but then her show was cancelled before airing and her title concludes in early 2022. Will Yara stand the test of time? Seems uncertain heading into 2022.
Titles: Trial Of The Amazons, Wonder Girl,
Top 3 Powers: Weapon (7) Melee (6) Blade (5) Flight (5)

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