FCL Marvel Stats 2022: Heroes

All Data provided comes from the Fantasy Comic League Stats for 2021 and the Marvel Comics Solicitations for January-April 2022. Only heroes with projected 2022 Appearances are posted here; If you’d like to know the 2021 Stats for an unlisted Hero, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG.

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Black Panther (T’Challa) – 174 Points, 47 Appearances (10th Overall)
Black Panther is the mid tier Avenger, dividing the likes of Iron Man and Captain America from She-Hulk and Ghost Rider.
Titles: Avengers, Black Panther, Black Panther Legends, Captain Marvel, Eternals, Iron Man
Top 3 Powers: Claws (14), Melee (10) Durability (6)

Black Widow (Natasha Romanoff) – 134 Points, 20 Appearances (16th Overall)
Black Widow is an exceptionally strong performer. She doesn’t put up Core-Avengers team Appearances, but she performs nearly as well. She puts up serious points when she shows.
Title: Black Widow
Top 3 Powers: Melee (10), Agility (8), Ensnare (7) Tech (7) Weapon (7)

Captain America (Sam Wilson) – 49 Points, 11 Appearances (94th Overall)
Sam Wilson returned to the Captain America moniker in 2021 and he will be taking on the role in a more permanent fashion with an upcoming on-going title in 2022.
Titles: Captain America, Captain America: Symbol Of Truth
Top 3 Powers: Flight (6), Projectile (4), Vehicle (3)

Captain America (Steve Rogers) – 340 Points, 87 Appearances (3rd Overall)
Steve Rogers should be on your team. He is the Top Performer of the AVENGERS.
Titles: Avengers, Captain America, Captain America/Iron Man, Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty, Devil’s Reign, Eternals, Iron Man
Top 3 Powers: Shield Defensive (28), Melee (25), Shield (21)

Captain Marvel (Carol Danvers)– 220 Points, 49 Appearances (8th Overall)
2021 was a quieter year for Captain Marvel, although she still broke 200 Points.
Titles: Avengers, Captain Marvel, Eternals, Iron Man
Top 3 Powers: Flight (26), Energy Offensive (19), Energy (15)

Ghost Rider (Robbie Reyes) – 72 Points, 22 Appearances (51st Overall)
Robbie Reyes didn’t have a great 2021, as one of the only Avengers not to break 100 Points. He’ll be leaving the main title for Avengers Forever in 2022, and he’ll still appear sporadically as part of the Avengers in other Titles.
Titles:  Avengers Forever, Captain Marvel
Top 3 Powers: Vehicle (11), Ensnare (5), Flames (4)

Hawkeye (Kate Bishop) – 39 Points, 8 Appearances (119th Overall)
2021 saw Kate’s entrance into the MCU, so I’m hoping 2022 keeps that momentum going.
Titles: Hawkeye: Kate Bishop
Top 3 Powers: Projectile (4), Ensnare (3), Weapon (3)

Hellcat (Patsy Walker) – 31 Points, 8 Appearances (135th Overall)
Hellcat had a better than average year in 2021, although it still wasn’t anything wild. She’ll remain in the pages of Iron Man, but who knows where else she might appear?
Titles: Iron Man
Top 3 Powers: Telepathy (4), Melee (3), SC (4)

Hulk (Bruce Banner) – 120 Points, 22 Appearances (23rd Overall)
2021 brought about the conclusion of the Immortal Hulk era and now Bruce is drawn into Donny Cates’ orbit of shared titles. Who knows which will lead to a better year?
Titles: Banner Of War, Hulk, Thor
Top 3 Powers: Melee (15), Durability (13), Strength (13)

Iron Man (Tony Stark) – 311 Points, 74 Appearances (4th Overall)
Tony Stark is one of the best Avengers you can draft. He’ll soar above nearly any competition this side of Spider-Man and Wolverine.
Titles: Avengers, Captain America/Iron Man, Captain Marvel, Devil’s Reign, Eternals, Iron Man
Top 3 Powers: Flight (38), Energy (27), Suit (18)

Jack Of Hearts– NA
Jack Of Hearts has had one of the longest lasting deaths in comics; he’s been dead since I started reading comics back in 2009. That changes in 2022 in a pretty big way.
Titles: Fantastic Four, She-Hulk, Silver Surfer: Rebirth, The Reckoning War

Ms. Marvel (Kamala Khan) – 113 Points, 19 Appearances (26th Overall)
2021 continued Kamala’s descent from her peak years of 2018-2019. The conclusion of the Champions and her solo series has left her appearing in miniseries and guest appearances.
Titles: Captain Marvel, Ms. Marvel: Beyond The Limit
Top 3 Powers: Stretch (14), Grow (11), Melee (9)

Phoenix (Maya Lopez) – 74 Points, 18 Appearances (46th Overall)
2021 was huge for Maya, with her entrance into the MCU and her possession of the Phoenix Force. I’m hoping 2022 carries her to new heights.
Titles: Avengers, Phoenix Song: Echo
Top 3 Powers: Flight (8), Flames (5), Durability (4) Melee (4) Senses (4)

Shang Chi – 125 Points, 15 Appearances (20th Overall)
Shang Chi had a massive 2021, with both his introduction into the MCU and his appointment to the head of the Five Weapons Society. Hopefully he’ll carry that momentum into 2021, where his strong performances will yield more Appearances.
Titles: Shang Chi
Top 3 Powers: Melee (12), Agility (10), Strength (6)

She-Hulk (Jennifer Walters) – 114 Points, 32 Appearances (25th Overall)
Despite being the star of her own storyline in the Avengers title, 2021 wasn’t huge for Jennifer Walters. However 2022 sees her entry into the MCU and likely a profile boost in the comics to follow. She also has her own on-going title once again.
Titles: Avengers, Captain Marvel, Devil’s Reign, Eternals, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, She Hulk, The Reckoning War
Top 3 Powers: Melee (12), Strength (11), Durability (10)

Shuri – 55 Points, 13 Appearances (74th Overall)
Shuri will likely see a big boost in presence to accompany her starring role in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, but the film is not due out until the end of 2022. Until then, she will be relegated to a supporting role in Black Panther titles.
Titles: Black Panther, Black Panther Legends
Top 3 Powers: Tech (6), Flight (4), Morph (4)

Spectrum (Monica Rambeau) – 53 Points, 11 Appearances (79th Overall)
Monica Rambeau is a very sporadic character in Appearances and Power Usages. She’s far from a bad bet, but she’s not the strongest one either.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man, Captain Marvel
Top 3 Powers: Flight (8), Energy Offensive (6), Morph (4)

Thor Odinson – 264 Points, 62 Appearances (5th Overall)
Thor is the third part of the Avengers holy trinity, but easily the weakest as he did not break 300 Points in 2021.
Titles: Avengers, Banner Of War, Captain Marvel, Eternals, Fantastic Four, Hulk, Iron Man, Thor
Top 3 Powers: Lightning (31), Flight (23), Blunt (18)

Valkyrie (Jane Foster) – 106 Points, 19 Appearances (29th Overall)
Jane Foster can be an incredibly strong performer. Unfortunately, she’s only slotted for Appearances in the incredibly crowded Avengers title.
Titles: Avengers
Top 3 Powers: Flight (14), Creature (9), Blade (6)

War Machine (James Rhodes) – 67 Points, 19 Appearances (58th Overall)
Rhodey is part of the main supporting cast for both Captain Marvel and Iron Man, but sometimes that means he doesn’t get to do a whole lot. The story is rarely about him.
Titles: Captain Marvel, Iron Man
Top 3 Powers: Flight (7), Energy (3), Suit (3) Vehicle (3)

White Widow (Yelena Belova) – 81 Points, 12 Appearances (39th Overall)
Phase 4 of the MCU’s only repeat Appearance for a new character has gone to Yelena, first Appearing in Black Widow and then closing out the year with Hawkeye. In comics, she’s a part of one of the highest point scoring comics, Black Widow.
Titles: Black Widow
Top 3 Powers: Melee (9), Agility (8), Weapon (6)

Winter Soldier (Bucky Barnes) – 45 Points, 12 Appearances (103rd Overall)
Bucky is sadly the weakest performing Captain America and that will likely continue in 2022, where he was the only Cap not to get an on-going series.
Titles: Captain America, Captain America: Sentinel Of Liberty, Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Agility (3), Melee (3), TU (8)


Human Torch (Johnny Storm) – 103 Points, 34 Appearances (31st Overall)
Johnny is the weakest member of the Fantastic Four by a long shot. Some years his connection to Spidey can propel him a little further, but 2021 was not that year.
Titles: Black Panther Legends, Devil’s Reign, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Reckoning War
Top 3 Powers: Flight (21), Flames Offensive (9), Morph (5)

Invisible Woman (Susan Storm) – 122 Points, 41 Appearances (21st Overall)
Susan Storm can be the strongest performer when given the panel space to explore her full power potential. Unfortunately that rarely happens.
Title: Black Panther Legends, Devil’s Reign, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Reckoning War
Top 3 Powers: Telekinesis (10), Telekinesis Defensive (10), Invisibility (9)

Mr. Fantastic (Reed Richards) –150 Points, 47 Appearances (14th Overall)
Reed Richards is the Top Performer in the FANTASTIC FOUR, which is not surprising given how cemented he is in the scientific community.
Title: Black Panther Legends, Devil’s Reign, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Reckoning War
Top 3 Powers: Stretch (21), Tech (12), Intellect (8)

Silver Surfer (Norrin Radd) – 41 Points, 7 Appearances (112th Overall)
Outside of his role in King In Black, I’m drawing a blank as to what else Norrin has been up to in 2021. 2022 will be starting off a little busier than normal, but we’ll see if he can carry the momentum forward.
Titles: Fantastic Four, Silver Surfer: Rebirth, The Reckoning War, The Thing
Top 3 Powers: Vehicle (5), Energy Offensive (3), Speed Offensive (3)

The Thing (Ben Grimm) – 128 Points, 51 Appearances (19th Overall)
Ben was the prolific of the FF in 2021 and that looks to continue into 2022. His move set is explored to a lesser extent than most other heroes though; he’s your classic Durability-Melee-Strength 3 punch combo.
Titles: Black Panther Legends, Devil’s Reign, Fantastic Four, Iron Man, The Reckoning War, The Thing
Top 3 Powers: Melee (18), Durability (9) Strength (9), Vehicle (9)


Clea Strange – 14 Points, 3 Appearances (243rd Overall)
Clea Strange will be our Sorcerer Supreme for 2022, until Stephen makes inevitable return in the aftermath of Doctor Strange & The Multiverse Of Madness. I hope her time in the role is as entertaining as Loki’s was.
Titles: Death Of Doctor Strange, Strange
Top 3 Powers: Magic (2), TU (3)

Doctor Strange (Stephen Strange) – 222 Points, 62 Appearances (7th Overall)
Stephen had an amazing 2021, but unfortunately he begins 2022 in the position of being dead. Still, that’s not likely to slow Stephen’s roll too much.
Title: Death Of Doctor Strange, Defenders, Doctor Strange: Nexus Of Reality
Top 3 Powers: Magic (19), Flight (17), Teleport (15)

Doctor Voodoo (Jericho Drumm) – 40 Points, 14 Appearances (115th Overall)
Stuck in the role of School Headmaster in a book centered around children limits Voodoo’s potential to score points.
Titles: Strange Academy
Top 3 Powers: Business (3), Flight (3), TU (7)

Ghost-Rider (Johnny Blaze) – 40 Points, 7 Appearances (115th Overall)
I swear every 6 months, Marvel puts out another Johnny Blaze themed Ghost Rider mini or one-shot.
Titles: Ghost Rider
Top 3 Powers: Melee (3), Vehicle (3), Weapon (3) Whip (3)


Black Cat (Felicia Hardy) – 131 Points, 30 Appearances (17th Overall)
Felicia had one of the best years of her career in 2021, and while 2022 might not reach those same heights, Felica looks to be sticking around the Amazing Spider-Man title.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: ]Tech (9), Melee (7), Agility (6) Deception (6)

Colleen Wing – 27 Points, 6 Appearances (156th Overall)
Colleen Wing will next be seen in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man in 2022, so I guess welcome to the Spider-Family, Colleen.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Blade (4), Weapon (4), Melee (3)

Ghost Spider (Gwen Stacy) – 35 Points, 6 Appearances (128th Overall)
2021 saw Gwen serving as the most inactive member of the Order of the Web during Nick Spencer’s ASM run, and little else. 2022 will see her traveling through the Gwen-Verse, wherever that may take her.
Titles: Gwenverse
Top 3 Powers: Webs (5) Agility (3) Crawl (3) Ensnare (3), Strength (3)

King In Black (Eddie Brock) – 117 Points, 14 Appearances (24th Overall)
2021 saw Eddie Brock moving on from Venom to becoming the God of the Symbiotes, The King In Black. It also saw him die, so who knows how much Eddie Brock we are going to get in 2022.
Titles:  Venom, Venom: Lethal Protector
Top 3 Powers: Creature (9), Flight (7), Melee (7)

Misty Knight – 79 Points, 21 Appearances (40th Overall)
Misty knight will next be seen in the pages of Amazing Spider-Man in 2022, so I guess welcome to the Spider-Family, Misty. This was kind of already set-up during a few of the Venom events of late.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Melee (9), Gun (7), Weapon (5)

Silk (Cindy Moon) – 51 Points, 11 Appearances (88th Overall)
Over the last few years, Cindy has had a handful of Miniseries that unfortunately don’t carry her very far due to limited Appearance and Power Usages outside of her Title.

Titles: Silk
Top 3 Powers: Webs (8), Melee (5), Ensnare (3)

Spider-Girl (Anya Corazon) – 41 Points, 10 Appearances (112th Overall)
Anya doesn’t have a title of her own, but she puts up decent points as part of the Spy-der Ladies in Black Widow’s on-going.
Titles: Black Widow
Top 3 Powers: Webs (6), Crawl (3), DA (4)

Spider-Man (Ben Reilly) – 107 Points, 20 Appearances (27th Overall)
Ben Reilly didn’t start scoring until 32 weeks into 2021 and still managed to break 100 points before it was all over. Before the Beyond era of ASM is over, he’s likely to score big time.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man, Ben Reilly: Spider-Man, Devil’s Reign, Miles Morales: Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Webs (14), Melee (10), Agility (6)

Spider-Man (Miles Morales) – 235 Points, 37 Appearances (6th Overall)
Miles always shocks with how well he does. He’s never broken the top 5, but he’s usually the highest ranking Marvel legacy hero in a year.
Title: Amazing Spider-Man, Devil’s Reign, Miles Morales: Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Webs (30), Melee (17), Ensnare (13)

Spider-Man (Peter Parker) – 472 Points, 98 Appearances (1st Overall)
Spider-Man is the best scoring Marvel character of 2021 and the Top Performer of the SPIDER-FAMILY. 2022 will see him take back his on-going title from his clone and continue to shine bright.
Titles: Amazing Spider-Man, Savage Spider-Man
Top 3 Powers: Webs (66), Melee (42), Ensnare (29)

Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) – 138 Points, 21 Appearances (15th Overall)
Jessica continues to be one of the strongest performing members of the Spider-Family, with her solo title a major source of points every time she appears. Her Avengers connections help her get around too.
Titles: Captain Marvel, Devil’s Reign, Spider-Woman
Top 3 Powers: Melee (13), Energy Offensive (11), Energy (9)

Venom (Dylan Brock)– 24 Points, 4 Appearances (175th Overall)
Dylan only entered the FCL late last year when he finally took on a Super-Heroic Persona after bonding with Venom. He’ll be the central focus on the Venom on-going comic.
Titles: Venom
Top 3 Powers: Melee (3)


Daredevil (Matt Murdock) – 71 Points, 15 Appearances (54th Overall)
Matt spent most of 2021 behind bars, but he’s returning to the streets in a big way in 2021. Devil’s Reign serves as a massive event that will not conclude Chip Zdarsky’s run, but push into a bold new direction.
Titles: Daredevil, Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, Devil’s Reign, Elektra: Black, White & Blood
Top 3 Powers: Agility (8),Melee (8), Senses (7)

Elektra Natchios – 85 Points, 19 Appearances (37th Overall)
It was probably one of the biggest years Elektra has ever had in 2021, and yet she still failed to break 100 Points. Hopefully with Devil’s Reign kicking off 2022 and her continued presence in the next era of Daredevil, she can break 100 in 2022. Regardless, she was the Top Performer in the STREET category.
Title: Daredevil, Daredevil: Woman Without Fear, Devil’s Reign, Elektra: Black, White & Blood
Top 3 Powers: Weapon (9), Melee (8), Tech (4)

Iron Fist (Danny Rand) – 63 Points, 16 Appearances (62nd Overall)
Danny gave up the Iron Fist in 2021, and this year he will be starring in a miniseries looking for the new Iron Fist (who I’m 100% certain will be Sword Master, Lin Lie)
Titles: Devil’s Reign, Iron Fist
Top 3 Powers: Melee (10), Energy (7), Energy Offensive (3)

Jessica Jones – 22 Points, 8 Appearances (181th Overall)
Jessica Jones’s profile will likely be tied to how far Luke Cage performs against Wilson Fisk in Devil’s Reign political race.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Melee (3), Strength (2), TU (2)

Luke Cage – 71 Points, 21 Appearances (54th Overall)
Luke Cage stands as the political candidate the Super-Heroes are throwing their weight behind in Devil’s Reign. Whether he rises or falls could define 2022 for him and his family.
Titles: Devil’s Reign
Top 3 Powers: Melee (12), Durability (5), Strength (5)

Moon Knight (Marc Spector) – 49 Points, 9 Appearances (93rd Overall)
The back half of 2021 was very generous to Marc Spector and 2022 should only award him more points and panel time, especially in light of his MCU debut.
Titles: Devil’s Reign, Moon Knight, Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood
Top 3 Powers: Melee (6), Blunt (3), Durability (3) Projectile (3) Suit (3)

The Punisher (Frank Castle) – 9 Points, 3 Appearances (227th Overall)
Marvel stepped away from Frank Castle in 2021, due to real life controversies around the character. 2022 is teasing a big evolution for the character.
Titles: The Punisher
Top 3 Powers: Gun (3)

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