FCL DC 2022 Stats: Antagonists

All Data provided comes from the Fantasy Comic League Stats for 2021 and the DC Comics Solicitations for January-April 2022. Only heroes with projected 2022 Appearances are posted here; If you’d like to know the 2021 Stats for an unlisted Hero, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG.

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Blackfire (Komand’r) – 11 Points, 3 Appearances (123rd Overall)
Blackfire didn’t appear until late 2021, but hopefully she’s have a lasting presence in 2022. Her limit in appearances applies to her power usages as well, but her sister performs similarly and had: Flight (12), Energy Offensive (5), Energy (4)
Titles: Titans United
Top 3 Powers: Creature (2)

Darkseid – 51 Points, 11 Appearances (59th Overall)
Darkseid is the best performer of the ALIENS AFFAIRS category. However, she has no immediate title in trajectory for 2022.
Title: Justice League Incarnate
Top 3 Powers: Energy Offensive (5), Durability (4), Teleport (4)

General Zod (Dru-Zod) – 14 Points, 3 Appearances (112th Overall)
The World Of Krypton title seems to be a stealth series telling of Zod’s rise in Kryptonian society during it’s downfall.
Titles: World Of Krypton
Top 3 Powers: Gun (2), Melee (2)

Mongul – 39 Points, 12 Appearances (79th Overall)
Mongul Who Is made a big name for himself in the end of 2021, after a slow rise in Antagonistic status throughout the year. He’s about to have a very exciting 2022.
Titles: Action Comics
Top 3 Powers: Tech (3), Weapon (3), Blade (2) Durability (2)

Yellow Lantern (Sinestro) – 43 Points, 9 Appearances (66th Overall)
Sinestro is never a central focus it seems, but he’s never far from the panel for long. Who knows what 2022 holds for him though.
Titles: Green Lantern
Top 3 Powers: Flight (5), Artifact (3), Influence (3)


Enchantress (June Moon) – 22 Points, 6 Appearances (96th Overall)
June was doing a lot of the heavy lifting in the early issues of Action Comics. She was taken off the field by Mongul’s forces, but who knows what that means on Warworld.
Titles: Action Comics
Top 3 Powers: Magic (2), Magic Offensive (2), TU (2)

Floronic Man (Jason Woodrue) – 17 Points, 5 Appearances (102nd Overall)
Floronic Man appeared mostly in the pages of The Swamp Thing, where he’ll continue to Appear in 2022. But he was also tied to Poison Ivy’s origin in an interesting way during Fear State.
Titles: The Swamp Thing
Top 3 Powers: Intellect (2), CD (2)

Manchester Black – 11 Points, 4 Appearances (123rd Overall)
Manchester Black has not done enough in his limited appearances to make note of. Wouldn’t be my first choice for the draft.
Titles: Action Comics
Top 3 Powers:

Merlin – 37 Points, 10 Appearances (77th Overall)
Merlin had a solid amount of power usage, but he probably appeared on panel for less than two issues’ worth of material over his 10 Appearances. He is the Top Performer of the DARK FAMILY.
Titles: Justice League Dark
Top 3 Powers: Magic (4), Flight (3), Magic Offensive (3)


Black Adam (Teth-Adam) – 83 Points, 22 Appearances (27th Overall)
Black Manta has been starring in his own title, which is always a good way to put up points. His title concludes early 2022 and then he’s set for an Appearance in the 6 issue Aquamen series.
Titles: Justice League, Justice League Vs. Legion of Super-Heroes, Teen Titans Academy
Top 3 Powers: Flight (15), Lightning (11), Strength (6)

Black Manta (David Hyde) – 41 Points, 7 Appearances (69th Overall)
Black Manta has been starring in his own title, which is always a good way to put up points. His title concludes early 2022 and then he’s set for an Appearance in the 6 issue Aquamen series.
Titles: Aquamen
Top 3 Powers: Melee (4), Suit (3), Weapon (3)

Blue Snowman (Byrna Brilyant) – 17 Points, 4 Appearances (102nd Overall)
Apparently the most important trait about Byrna is she likes to work with others. She does put up points in her Appearances, as few as they are.
Title: Wonder Woman
Top 3 Powers: TU (3), Ice Offensive (2)

Deathstroke (Slade Wilson) – 50 Points, 10 Appearances (60th Overall)
Despite having his own book, he couldn’t put up 12 Appearances in 2021. He is a great performer when he does Appear though and he’s got an event coming that will see him killing Ra’s Al Ghul.
Titles: Deathstroke INC, Shadow War
Top 3 Powers: Blade (7), Melee (4) Weapon (4)

Doctor Psycho (Edgar Cizko) – 20 Points, 7 Appearances (98th Overall)
Midnighter is a killer candidate and will continue to appear in Action Comics for the Warworld Saga event. He did have a second personality in his head for most of 2021, so I included his fourth most used power.
Titles: Wonder Woman
Top 3 Powers: Deception (2), Influence (2), Telepathy (2)

Ghost-Maker (Minhkhoa Khan) – 114 Points, 18 Appearances (19th Overall)
Ghost-Maker was the character I did not see coming to take the crown in 2021 as the #1 Antagonist. He is also the Top Performer of the JUSTICE LEAGUE. Unfortunately, I think 2022 will be a very quiet year for the Champ.
Titles: Batman, Batman: Urban Legends
Top 3 Powers: Blade (11), Weapon (9), Computers (7), Melee (7) Tech (7)

Lex Luthor – 65 Points, 18 Appearances (43rd Overall)
Lex Luthor had a very quiet 2021, but 2022 teases big exciting for the man, as he shifts his focus from Superman to Batman.
Titles: Batman, Superman: Son Of Kal-El,
Top 3 Powers: Melee (7), Energy (5), Suit (4)


Amanda Waller – 77 Points, 31 Appearances (32nd Overall)
Amanda Waller and the Suicide Squad go hand in hand. 2022 will feature Waller’s big play for power and have her fighting for her life against Rick Flagg’s Suicide Squad. She is the Top Performer of THE SQUAD and broke the top 5 Antagonists of 2021.
Titles: Suicide Squad, Teen Titans Academy, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Computers (7), Tech (5), Deception (4) Influence (4)

Ambush Bug (Irwin Schwab) – 45 Points, 15 Appearances (64th Overall)
Ambush Bug performing as well as he has for two years back to back is a shock. What an unexpected character, who fills the void Deadpool left in the comics space nicely.
Titles: Suicide Squad, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Fourth Wall (10), Teleport (5), Morph (2) Suit (2)

Bloodsport (Robert Dubois) – 14 Points, 3 Appearances (112th Overall)
Robert Dubois didn’t appear until after Idris Elba played in The Suicide Squad. We’ll see how far Elba’s performance can carry him.
Titles: Suicide Squad, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Weapon (3) DA (3)

Cheetah (Barbara Minerva) – 29 Points, 8 Appearances (80th Overall)
A new teen hero that will be joining the DCU in a big way in 2021, starting off with a crossover with Batman & Robin. Never doubt the power of Bat-Privilege.
Titles: Suicide Squad, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Melee (3) Claws Offensive (2) Speed (2) Strength (2)

Match – 70 Points, 15 Appearances (37th Overall)
Match had a phenomenal 2021 that I hope continues into 2022. He’s Superboy’s clone, but he’s been one of the best characters in Suicide Squad as he discovers his own identity.
Top 3 Powers: Flight (11), Melee (8), Strength (7)

Peacemaker (Christopher Smith) – 47 Points, 16 Appearances (62nd Overall)
Peacemaker had a really solid 2021 and 2022 will see his profile rise further thanks to James Gunn and John Cena.
Titles: Peacemaker: Disturbing Peace, Suicide Squad, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Blunt (4) Melee (4) Weapon (3)

Rick Flagg – 14 Points, 6 Appearances (112th Overall)
All Rick did in 2021 was recruit for his new Suicide Squad. Let’s hope he leads them into glory and Points in 2022.
Titles: Teen Titans Academy, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: TU (3), CD (2)

Talon (William Cobb) – 49 Points, 14 Appearances (61st Overall)
Talon is another of my favourites on the current Suicide Squad. I’m banking on him biting the dust at some point, given his emotional connection with Culebra.
Titles: Suicide Squad, War For Earth 3
Top 3 Powers: Blade (8) Weapon (6) Suit (3)

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