Monthly Marvel Preview: January 2022 (Text Draft)

Welcome to 2022, I Hope You Survive The Experience: The start of the year is a time to relax and set the intentions of the year out. Marvel’s intentions are to show no sign of relaxation as 16 Series Begin, 6 Conclude, and Several Events race towards conclusion. We look first to Krakoa, which opens and closes the month with Events. The Hickman Era of the X-Men concludes on the first week of the year with the finale of Inferno. Then the last of the current X-Titles come to a conclusion, before the Event: X Deaths/Lives Of Wolverine kicks off in the last week of the month. This is Benjamin Percy’s time at the helm of an X-Event, but this will be written exclusively by Percy unlike past events such as X Of Swords, Hellfire Gala.

The Three Ds are next. First up, Darkhold Concludes With An Omega One-Shot. It is immediately overshadowed by the conclusion of Death Of Doctor Strange. Clea Strange’s ascension to Sorcerer Supreme has already been revealed, but it’s the journey not the destination. And then Devil’s Reign reaches the half way point, spawning 4 more miniseries and one more tie-in through Spider-Woman.

And lastly, I would be remiss not to talk about the conclusion of Gerry Duggan’s Savage Avengers run. It’s been one of the consistent delights at Marvel, making so much out of a premise that just seems like a gimmick. We also have Black Panther’s Legacy 200 Issue, which is going to be an oversized chapter of the John Ridley saga that just kicked off.

New Series: Ben Reilly: Spider-Man (David Baldeon, J.M. DeMatteis), Daredevil: Woman Without Fear (Chip Zdarsky, Rafael De Latorre), Death Of Doctor Strange: Elsa Bloodstone (Ig Guara, Tini Howard), Death Of Doctor Strange: X-Men/Black Knight (Bob Quinn, Si Spurrier), Devil’s Reign: Superior Four (Davide Tinto, Zac Thompson), Devil’s Reign: Villains For Hire (Clay Chapman, Manuel Garcia), Devil’s Reign: Winter Soldier (Collin Kelly, Nico Leon), Devil’s Reign: X-Men (Gerry Duggan, Phil Noto), Elektra: Black, White, & Blood (Various Creators), Marvel’s Voices: Heritage (Various Creators) Mary Jane/Black Cat Beyond (Carlos Villa, Jed McKay), She Hulk (Rainbow Rowell, Rogê Antônio), Silk (Emily Kim, Takeshi Miyazawa), Silver Surfer: Rebirth (Ron Lim, Ron Marz), X Deaths Of Wolverine (Benjamin Percy, Federico Vicentini) X Lives Of Wolverine (Benjamin Percy, Joshua Cassara)

Concluding Series: Darkhawk (5 Issues), Death Of Doctor Strange (5 Issues), Defenders (5 Issues), Inferno (4 Issues) Marauders (27 Issues) Savage Avengers (28 Issues)

NOTE: This Draft Preview only includes Heroes that have Two or more Appearances. If you’re uncertain about a Hero’s likelihood to appear in the month, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG. We can also assist with power suggestions and team designations for any and all draft purposes.


Spider-Man (BR) – 7

Captain America – 6

Iron Man – 6

Kingpin – 6


Cyclops – 4

Daredevil (EN) – 4

Doctor Octopus – 4

Emma Frost – 4

Jean Grey – 4

She-Hulk – 4

Thor – 4

Wolverine (JH) – 4


Bishop – 3

Black Panther – 3

Captain Marvel – 3

Ghost Rider (RR) – 3

Kate Pryde – 3

Mr. Fantastic – 3

Phoenix – 3

Polaris – 3

Rogue – 3

Sunfire – 3

Synch – 3

The Thing – 3

Wolverine (LK) – 3


Black Cat – 2

Doctor Strange – 2

Human Torch – 2

Invisible Woman – 2

Magik – 2

Moon Knight – 2

Ms. Marvel – 2

Psylocke – 2

Spider-Man (MM) – 2

Spider-Man (PP) – 2

Storm – 2

Thanos – 2

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