DC Monthly Preview – January 2022 (Text Based)

In The Shadow Of 2022: The start of the year is a time to relax and set the intentions of the year out. And compared to the Mighty Marvels over in New York, DC is looking to have a stable calm year. There is only a single Concluding Series (Marvel has 6), a Single Event (Marvel has 5), and 3 New Series (Marvel has 16).

As always, we look to the Bat-Family for our biggest point-getters, and the Event Shadow Of The Bat raises the profile of the Bat-Girls to Bruce Wayne’s stature. With Bruce having left Gotham, the Bat-Family will have to work weekly to keep up. Batgirl, Batwoman, Harley Quinn, Huntress, Nightwing, Oracle, and Spoiler are prime candidates for your team.

We have a significant development on Catwoman as writer Tini Howard takes over from Ram V. Ram V’s title was the 2021 Favourite DC Title here at the FCL, so Tini has big shoes. We’re also seeing the beggining of Bendis’ finale on Justice League, which should conclude around April. It will see the League and the Legion of Super-Heroes go head to head.

New Series: Justice League Vs. The Legion Of Superheroes (Brian Bendis, Scott Godlweski) Peacemaker: Disturbing The Peace (Garry Brown, Garth Ennis), Superman & Robin Special (Peter Tomasi, Viktor Bogdanovic)

Concluding Series: Crush & Lobo (8 Issues)

NOTE: This Draft Preview only includes Heroes that have Two or more Appearances. If you’re uncertain about a Hero’s likelihood to appear in the month, please feel free to ask us on Twitter @FantasyComicLG. We can also assist with power suggestions and team designations for any and all draft purposes.


Nightwing (DG) – 8

Oracle (BG) – 6


Batgirl (CC) – 5

Batman (BW) – 5

Harley Quinn – 5

Spoiler (SB) – 5

Batwoman (KK) – 4

Huntress – 4


Black Canary – 3

Donna Troy – 3

Green Arrow – 3

Red Hood – 3

Robin (DW) – 3

Superman (CK) – 3

Superman (JK) – 3

The Flash (BA) – 3

Wonder Woman (DP) – 3

Zatanna – 3


Amanada Waller – 2

Aquaman (AC) – 2

Beast Boy – 2

Black Adam – 2

Detective Chimp – 2

Doctor Fate – 2

Etrigan – 2

Hawkgirl (KS) – 2

Hellblazer – 2

Peacemaker – 2

Ragman – 2

Raven – 2

Starfire – 2

The Flash (WW) – 2

The Joker – 2

Wonder Girl (YF) – 2

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