Weekly DC Review: August 5th, 2022 (Week 31)

Help Support The Heroes We Love: You can purchase all DC Comics digitally through their digital app, or the Comixology service. This month we’re highlighting Stephanie Phillips’ Harley Quinn, which is going weekly like Mariko Tamaki’s Detective Comics did earlier this year. This runs alongside the third season return of her animated series.

Weekly Omissions- Aquaman: Andromeda #2, Batman: The White Knight Presents Red Hood #1, DC Vs. Vampires #8, Multiversity: Teen Justice #3

Hero Of The Week- Bruce Wayne returns to the top, bringing in 21 Points over 3 Appearances. The surprise performer this week is Mary Marvel, who brought in 12 Points in a single Appearance for Performance Of The Week.

Antagonist Of The Week – The grand mastermind of Tom King’s concluded Batman: Killing Time series is Clock King, who brings in 8 Points, besting Black Adam, Deathstroke, and Poison Ivy.

Book Of The Week- Dark Crisis #3, 157 Points over 83 Characters. How much bigger is this Event going to get? I’m predicting 125+ Characters by the finale.

Welcome to the League – 3 New Protagonists Added: Cyclone (Maxine Hunkel), Doctor Midnite (Beth Chapel), Hourman (Rex Tyler)

WEEK 30 / WEEK 32

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Batman #126 (36)
Batgirl (CC) – Durability, Suit
Batman (BW) – Durability, Explosive, Melee, Projectile, Sense, Tech, Vehicle
Catwoman (SK) – Ensnare, Investigation, Melee, Sense, Swing
Nightwing (DG) – Agility, Blunt, Durability, Explosive, Vehicle, LT
Oracle (BG) – Computers
Robin (TD) – Vehicle 
Spoiler (SB) – Durability, Suit
The Signal (DT) – Blunt, Durability, Melee, Vehicle
Batman: Killing Time #6 (31)
Batman (BW) – Blade, Explosive, Heal, Investigation, Melee, Projectile, Stealth, Suit, Tech, Vehicle, DA (Military)
Catwoman (SK) – Claws, Melee, Whip
Clock King – Gun, Intellect, Sense, Tech, Vehicle, LT, DA (Sniper) 
Ra’s Al Ghul – Blade
The Penguin
The Riddler – Gun, Intellect, DA (Agent Espinoza) 
Batman Beyond: Neo Year #5 (06)
Batman (TM) – Intellect, Investigation, TU (Gestalt), LT, CD: Reveals Himself To Detective Boonma
Dark Crisis #3 (157)
Aquaman (JH) – Blade, Flight
Atom Smasher – Grow
Batgirl (CC)
Blue Beetle (JR) – Flight, Melee
Blue Beetle (TK) 
Booster Gold – Energy, DA (Polka Dot Man)
Cyclone – Flight
Doctor Fate (KH) – Flight
Doctor Light 
Doctor Midnite (Beth Chapel) – Flight
Donna Troy 
Frankenstein – Blade
Green Lantern (AR) – Flight
Green Lantern (AS) – Flight
Green Lantern (CH) – Flight
Green Lantern (GG) – Flight
Green Lantern (HA) – Flight
Green Lantern (HJ) – Creature, Energy, Flight, LT, CD: Locates Pariah
Green Lantern (IK) – Flight
Green Lantern (JC) – Flight
Green Lantern (KI) – Flight
Green Lantern (KR) – Energy Offensive, Flight
Green Lantern (ME – Flight
Green Lantern (SA) – Flight
Green Lantern (SB) – Flight
Green Lantern (SM) – Energy Offensive, Flight
Green Lantern (TS)– Flight
Harley Quinn – Suit
Hawkman (CH) – Flight
Hawkwoman (ST) – Flight
Hellblazer (JC) 
Hourman (Rex Tyler) –Flight
Jade – Flight
Jakeem Thunder – Flight
Mr. Terrific – Flight
Nightwing (DG) 
Obsidian – Flight
Oracle (BG) 
Powergirl (KS) – Flight
Ravager (RW) – Melee, CD: Possessed By The Great Darkness
Red Hood (JT) 
Robin (DW) 
Sideways – Teleport
Spoiler (SB) 
Supergirl (KK) – Flight
Superman (JK) – Energy, Flight, Melee, DA (Multiplex)
The Signal (DT) 
Wildcat (TG) – Flight
Wildcat (YM) – Flight
Wonder Girl (YF) – Artifact, Ensnare
Black Adam – Flight, Melee, Rage, Strength, LT, DA (Count Vertigo)
Black Manta
Black Syren – Flight
Captain Boomerang
Captain Cold
Count Vertigo
Deathstroke (SW) – Possession, Willpower
Doctor Phosphorous 
Felix Faust – Magic
Girder – Melee, Strength
Gold Glider 
Gorilla Grodd

Killer Frost – Suit
Lex Luthor 
Multiplex – Creature
Pariah – Energy, Energy Defensive, Energy Offensive, Tech
Phobia – CD: Possessed By The Great Darkness
Polka Dot Man 
Prometheus – CD: Possessed By The Great Darkness
Vandal Savage

Warp – Teleport
Weather Wizard – Flight
Yellow Lantern (Sinestro) – Flight
Flashpoint Beyond #4 (7)
Batman (BW)
Batman (TW) – Blade, Intellect, Investigations, Vehicle, CD: Deduced The Clock-Work Killer Is Martha Wayne
Harley Quinn #18 (18)
Harley Quinn – Agility, Water
Luke Fox
– TU (Harley Quinn), LT
Bronze Tiger – Blade, TU (Killer Frost)
Killer Frost – Flight, Ice, Projectile, TU (Bronze Tiger)
Lashina – TU (Killer Frost)
Solomon Grundy – TU (Luke Fox)
Poison Ivy #3 (7)
Poison Ivy
– Blade, Durability, Heal, Melee, Plants, Sense
Sword Of Azrael #1 (8)
Azrael – Melee, Personality, Sense, Willpower, DA (Templar) 
Vengeance – Melee
The New Champion Of Shazam #1 (15)
Mary Marvel – Deception, Durability, Ensnare, Flight, Lightning, Magic, Melee, Morph, Strength, Weapon, SC
Shazam (BB) – Creature
Shazam (DD)

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