Weekly DC Review: July 29th, 2022 (Week 30)

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Weekly Omissions- Batman: Fortress #3, Batman: One Dark Knight #3, DC Mech #1, Superman: Space Age #1, The Sandman Universe: Nightmare Country #5

Hero Of The Week- So it’s a tie this week, with our new(ish) resident Swamp Thing, Levi Kamel, tying with Bruce Wayne for both Hero Of The Week and Performance Of The Week, with both bringing in 10 Points in a single Appearance.

Antagonist Of The Week – Slade Wilson narrowly beat out Mr. Bloom this week, with Deathstroke bringing in 9 Points over a single Appearance; Bloom would only bring in 8.

Book Of The Week- The War World Saga will soon be coming to a close and Action Comics #1045 sets up the finale while taking gold this week, bringing in 39 Points over 10 Characters.

Welcome to the League – 5 New Antagonists Added: Bane (Gotham), Bolt (Lawrence Bolatinsky), Copperhead, Lord Death Man (Larry), The Thinker (Clifford Devoe)

WEEK 29 / WEEK 31


1.) Batman (Bruce Wayne) – 536 Points, 96 Appearances
2.) Nightwing (Dick Grayson) – 218 Points, 53 Appearances
3.) Wonder Woman (Diana Prince) – 192 Points, 34 Appearances
4.) Superman (Clark Kent) – 161 Points, 33 Appearances
5.) Aquaman (Arthur Curry) – 160 Points, 31 Appearances
6.) Superman (Jonathan Kent) – 153 Points, 24 Appearances
7.) Robin (Damian Wayne) – 137 Points, 28 Appearances
8.) The Flash (Wally West) – 132 Points, 27 Appearances
9.) Oracle (Barbara Gordon) – 132 Points, 49 Appearances
10.) Catwoman (Selina Kyle) – 110 Points, 13 Appearances

Commentary: Congrats to Dick Grayson for passing 200, Diana will likely next month as well. The big losers were the Batgirls, with Stephanie getting booted out of the top 10 by Catwoman, and Oracle nearly dropping out, from 6 to 9. Aquaman is the big winner, jumping from 9th into the Top 5.

1.) Deathstroke – 96 Points, 16 Appearances

2.) Black Adam – 93 Points, 23 Appearances
3.) Black Manta – 80 Points, 15 Appearances
4.) Ghost Maker – 70 Points, 14 Appearances
5.) The Penguin – 55 Points, 20 Appearances
6.) Talia Al Ghul – 54 Points, 15 Appearances
7.) Poison Ivy – 44 Points, 12 Appearances
8.) Peacemaker – 39 Points, 11 Appearances
9.) KGBeast – 36 Points, 9 Appearances
10.) Solomon Grundy – 36 Points, 11 Appearances

Commentary: Deathstroke dethrones Black Adam as King, Mirror Master and Lex Luthor removed by KGBeast and Solomon Grundy. While the Suicide Squad Antagonist dominated the front half of the year, then I predict the Task Force Z squad will next.

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Action Comics #1045 (39)
Apollo – Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, DA (Phalosians)
Lightray – Speed, Speed Offensive, DA (Phalosians)
Steel (JI) – Blunt, Intellect, Morph, Tech, Weapon, TU (Steel)
Steel (NI) – Intellect, Tech, TU (Steel) 
Supergirl (KK) – Flight, TU (Lois)
Superman (CK) –Influence, Intellect, LT
Superman (JK) – Flight
Superman (KK) – TU (Lois) 
OMAC – Melee, Strength, DA (Phalosians) 
Aquamen #6 (34)
Aquaman (AC) – Flight, Strength
Aquaman (JH) – Flight, Strength, Water, SC, CD: Made Peace With His Dad
Aquawoman (AC)
Colonel Trevor – Business, Influence
Queen Mera – Flight, Heal, Stealth, Tech, Water
Tempest – Energy Offensive, Flight, Water Offensive, DA (Trench) 
Tula – Blade, Flight, Weapon, DA (Trench) 
Black Manta – Energy, Vehicle, CD: Made Peace With His Son
Deathstroke Inc. #11 (12)
Green Arrow (OQ) – Precision, Projectile
Deathstroke (SW) – Explosive, Gun, Investigation, Precision, Stealth, Vehicle, Weapon, LT
Detective Comics #1062 (22)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Computers, Durability, Melee, Projectile, Sense, Suit, Tech, DA (Goons)
Commissioner Montoya – Weapon
James Gordon (JG) – Business, Investigation, Weapon, 
Nightwing (DG) 
Oracle (BG)
Talia Al Ghul – Gun, Sense, Weapon
Harley Quinn #17 (13)
Batwoman (KK) – Investigation, TU (Harley Quinn), SC
Harley Quinn (HQ) – Blunt, Durability, Melee, Strength, Weapon, TU (Batwoman), DA (Verdict) 
Oracle (BG) 
Robin #16 (18)
Batman Of Japan (Jiro Osama) – Melee, TU (Robin)
Connor Hawke – TU (Batman) 
Flatline – Creature, Tech
Robin (DW) – Intellect, Projectile, TU (Batman) LT, DA (Robot) 
Lady Vic
Lord Death Man – Deception
Mother Soul
Task Force Z #10 (38)
Red Hood (JT)– Durability, Gun, Melee, Strength, Weapon
Amanda Waller – Business
Bane (Gotham)– CD: Revealed To Be Gotham
Bolt (Lawrence Bolatinsky) 
Copperhead – Vehicle
KGBeast – Durability, Gun, 
Mr. Bloom – Blade, Durability, Melee, Possession, Rage, Telepathy, TU (The Thinker)
Peacemaker – Melee, Strength
Solomon Grundy– Durability, Melee, Strength
The Thinker – Telepathy, TU (Mr. Bloom)
Two Face – Business, Deception
The Swamp Thing: Season Two #15 (12)
Green Lantern (JC) – Flight
Swamp Thing (LK) – Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Grow, Influence, Melee, Plants, Plants Offensive, Willpower, 

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