Monthly Marvel Preview: August 2022

The Eternals strike first in their crusade against the mutants. As would be expected, the Avengers and X-Men make up the top tier of estimated appearances with several A.X.E. tie-in comics being released. Spider-Man, unsurprisingly, remains a top pick with a special anniversary Amazing Fantasy #1000 issue dropping. Between all the mutants and mighty heroes, Moon Knight is an outlier in the top tier with five expected appearances including a team-up with Ms. Marvel and an appearance in the new Damage Control series.

New Series: A new series set in the Spider-Verse stars some spider-favorites including Spider-Noir and Ghost-Spider promises the end of the Edge of Spider-Verse. The one shot issue Ghost Rider: Vengeance Forever celebrates Johnny Blaze’s 50 year history. The Thunderbolts put together a new team, led by Hawkeye and Spectrum, to clean up the mess Kingpin left behind in “Devil’s Reign.” The aforementioned Damage Control provides cameos by She-Hulk, Moon Knight and Nightcrawler. A new volume of X-Men Legends kicks off with more retro tales of the X-Men, beginning with Wolverine. 

Team-Ups: Marvel releases two team-up centric books. The first being the continuation of Moon Girl’s search for Devil Dinosaur. This time she turns to Captain Marvel and the Avengers for help. In the other title, which double ships, Ms. Marvel first teams with the X-Men before joining forces with Moon Knight in the second issue. The new Fantastic Four get a mystical hand from Dr. Strange after the Human Torch falls to demonic possession.  

Concluding Series: Books which conclude, and thus offer good opportunities for action, defeating antagonists and potential character development include Captain Carter; Venom: Lethal Protector; Spider-Gwen: GwenverseKnights of X; and Moon Knight: Black, White & Blood

Appearance estimates, based on comic solicitations and cover artwork provided by the Marvel Database wiki, are meant as a guideline and not an indication of a specific draft order.

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