Weekly Marvel Review: August 03, 2022 (Week 31)

Marvel took readers to the “Edge of Spider-Verse” for the first time nearly a decade ago. The first event in 2014 focused on Peter Parker and the Superior Spider-Man and introduced the popular characters of Ghost-Spider, aka Spider-Gwen, and SP//dr. The next major “Spider-Verse” event, titled Spider-Geddon, happened in 2018 and placed Miles Morales at the center of the story leading to his use of the Uni-Power. Now, the latest “Spider-Verse” story begins and positions Spider-Girl, aka Araña, as the star and receiving an upgrade of her powers.

Book the Week – Ghost Rider #5 (Review score: 61 Points; 18 Characters). One of a superheroes favorite mode of transportation is a motorcycle and Ghost Rider is perhaps the most notable bike-riding character. In his latest issue, he enters a race with more than a dozen other heroes and villains to win a deal with the devil. Wolverine and Johnny Blaze approach the finish line together, but they may be racing toward Blackheart’s trap.

Hero of the Week – Wolverine/James Howlett (Review score: 13 Points/3 Appearances; 4.33 Pts/App). Despite three X-books releasing this week and the A.X.E. event, Wolverine’s major appearances come from two non-mutant titles starring Ghost Riders. He races alongside Johnny Blaze in Ghost Rider and fights demons in Danny Ketch’s absence in New Fantastic Four. He notches his third Hero of the Week and steps over Thor to become the third best hero on the year.

Antagonist of the Week – TItanium Man (Review score: 8 Points/1 Appearance; 8.0 Pts/App). Titanium Man makes his second Appearance of the year which makes this his most productive year in a decade, when he made four Appearances in 2012—two years before the Fantasy Comic League’s inception. HIs eight points earns him his first Antagonist of the Week in only his second scoring Appearance in the league.

Top Characters (by review score). Wolverine/James Howlett (13); Araña (12); Iron Man (11); Nightcrawler, Spider-Man Noir, War Machine (9); Moon Knight, Titanium Man (8); Cable, Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze, Isca the Unbeaten, Magneto (7)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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Edge of Spider-Verse #1 (29)
Araña – Agility, Biokinesis, Crawl, Durability, Ensnare, Melee, Swing, TU (Madame Web), SC, CD (Experiences an upgrade in her powers), DA (Delilah)
Madame Web – Sense, Telepathy, Teleport, TU (Araña), LT
Spider-Man (Noir) – Ensnare, Investigate, Swing, Vehicle, Weapon, Whip, SC, DA (Mugger)
Vermin – Creature
Ghost Rider #5 (61)
Black Widow – Vehicle
Blade – Melee, Vehicle, Weapon
Boom-Boom – Energy Offensive, Vehicle, DA (Biker)
Daredevil (EN) – Vehicle
Ghost Rider (JB) – Morph, Personality, Sense, Thief, Vehicle, TU (Wolverine)
Man-Thing – Plants Offensive, Vehicle, DA (Biker)
Moon Knight – Projectile, Vehicle
Multiple Man – Creature, Vehicle
Wolverine (JH) – Claws, Claws Offensive, Vehicle, Weapon, TU (Ghost Rider), DA (Biker)
Bullseye – Gun, Vehicle, DA (Biker)
Doctor Doom – Magic Offensive, Vehicle, DA (Biker)
Dracula – Claws Offensive, Vehicle
Kraven (LS) – Blade, Vehicle, DA (Biker)
Loki – Vehicle
Red Skull
Rhino – Melee, Vehicle, DA (Biker)
Scarecrow – Vehicle
Immortal X-Men #5 (34)
Colossus – Business
Emma Frost – Business, Telepathy Offensive, LT, DA (Uni-Mind)
Hope Summers – Absorb, Business, Telepathy Offensive, DA (Uni-Mind)
Kate Pryde – Business
Professor X – Business, Telepathy Defensive
Storm – Business
Wolverine (JH) – Durability
Destiny – Business, Sense
Exodus – Business, Flight, Telekinesis Offensive, Telepathy Offensive, DA (Uni-Mind)
Mystique – Business
Sebastian Shaw – Business
Iron Man #22 (30)
Captain America (SR)
Iron Man – Computer, Durability, Energy, Flight, Intellect, Investigate, Melee, Strength, Suit, TU (War Machine)
War Machine – Durability, Energy, Flight, Gun, Investigate, Suit, Vehicle, TU (Iron Man)
Titanium Man – Durability, Energy, Flight, Melee, Suit, Toxin, DA (Iron Man)
Legion of X #3 (25)
Chamber – Flames Offensive
Doctor Nemesis
Dust – Morph, Telepathy
Legion – Telepathy, Will Power
Nightcrawler – Investigate, Melee, Teleport, LT, CD (Defies Professor X’s wishes)
Professor X – Ensnare
Warlock – Morph
Fabian Cortez
Juggernaut – Strength
Moon Knight #14 (8)
Hunter’s Moon – Projectile
Moon Knight – Melee, Personality, Projectile, Weapon
New Fantastic Four #3 (24)
Doctor Strange – Telepathy, LT
Ghost Rider (DK) – Vehicle
Hulk – Durability, Melee, Strength, SC, DA (Demons)
Invisible Woman
Human Torch
Mr. Fantastic
Spider-Man (PP) – Agility, Ensnare, Melee, Swing
Wolverine (JH) – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability
Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #5 (6)
Spider-Man (MOH) – Biokinesis, Melee, Strength, TU (X-Men 2099), DA (Sentinel)
Spider-Punk #4 (6)
Spider-Punk – Durability, Investigate, Melee, Sense, Swing
X-Men: Red #5 (41)
Abigail Brand – Business, Gun
Cable – Business, Gun, Tech, Telekinesis, Teleport, Weapon
Khora of the Burning Heart – Weapon, CD (Joins the Brotherhood of Arakko), DA (Machine army)
Legion – Flight
Magneto – Business, Durability, Ensnare, Flight, Magnetics, Weapon
Nightcrawler – Business, Teleport Offensive
Nova (RR) – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight
Sunspot – Flames Offensive, Flight, DA (Machine army)
Isca the Unbeaten – Assassin, Business, Melee, Probability, CD (Switches to the Eternals’ side), DA (Nightcrawler)


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