December 2019 Draft (Final Season, Final Month)

Here is a link to the most recent chart which includes powers.

Not all heroes will be on there, but some heroes like Annhilius might be worth drafting this month. Shaun can take suggestions in the chat about powers if you need help drafting 3.

S Tier

Spider-Man (PP)- 5 Street, Avenger, Science
(banned in Multiverse, Asgard, Red Room)

Doctor Strange- 5 Avengers, Cosmic, Science, Magic

Black Panther- 5 Avengers, Cosmic, Science, Street
(final “Book” of his solo series launches, stars in Incoming event) 


The A Side

Doctor Doom- 4 Anti, Cosmic, Magic, Science
(one of the top performers last month, stars in 2099 event

Invisible Woman- Cosmic, Science, Avenger 4
(star in two events, Annihilation Scourge and Incoming)

Mr Fantastic- 4 Cosmic, Science
(star in two events, Annihilation Scourge and Incoming)

The Thing- 4 Cosmic, Science
(star in two events, Annihilation Scourge and Incoming)

Human Torch (JS)- 4 Cosmic, Science
(star in two events, Annihilation Scourge and Incoming)

Nova (RR)- 4  Cosmic
(stars in two events, Annihilation Scourge and Incoming)

Beta Ray Bill- 4  Cosmic
(stars in Annihilation Scourge event)

Annhilius- 4 Cosmic, Anti
(stars in Annihilation Scourge, as an ally against a Negative Zone threat)

Conan- 4  Avenger, Cosmic
(stars in Serpent War event with Moon Knight)

Storm- 4 Mutant, Cosmic

Jean Grey- 4 Mutant, Cosmic

Apocalypse- 4 Mutant

Emma Frost- 4 Mutant

The B Side

Captain Marvel- 3 Cosmic, Avenger
(stars in Incoming event)

Spider-Man (MM)- 3 Avengers, Street, Youth
(stars in Incoming event)

Daredevil- 3 Street
(stars in Incoming event)

Silver Surfer- 3 Cosmic
(stars in Annihilation Scourge event)

She-Hulk- 3 Avenger, Science, Street

Thor- 3 Avenger, Cosmic

Kid Cable- 3 Mutant, Youth

Magneto- 3 Mutant, Anti

Blade- 3 Avenger, Magic, Street
(currently incapacitated in Avengers)

The C Listers

Moon Knight- 2 Street, Anti
(stars in Serpent War Event with Conan)

Ms. Marvel- 2  Youth, Avenger, Cosmic
(stars in Incoming event)

Venom- 2 Anti, Cosmic, Street
(stars in Incoming event)

Valkyrie (JF)- 2 Avengers, Cosmic
(stars in Incoming event)

Hulk (BB)- 2 Anti, Science
(stars in Incoming event)

Brawn- 2 Avengers, Science
(stars in Incoming event)

Giant-Man (RM)- 2 Avengers, Science
(stars in Incoming event)

Silk- 2 Avengers, Science, Street
(stars in Incoming event)

Luna Snow- 2 Avengers, Magic
(stars in Incoming event)

Ghost Rider (RR)- 2 Avengers, Magic, Street
(stars in Incoming event)

Ghost Rider (JB)- 2 Anti Magic, Street

Ghost Rider (DK)- 2 Anti, Magic, Street

Cosmic Ghost Rider- 2 Anti Cosmic

Mockingbird- 2 Avengers, Science, Street

Wiccan- 2 Avengers, Magic, Youth

Shang-Chi- 2 Avengers, Street

Spider-Woman (JD)- 2 Cosmic, Street

Rocket- 2 Cosmic, Science

Starlord- 2 Cosmic

Groot- 2 Cosmic

Gamora- 2 Cosmic

Wolverine- 2 Mutant, Avenger, Street

Namor- 2 Mutant, Anti

Cyclops- 2 Mutant, Cosmic 

Captain Britain (Betsy)- 2 Mutant, Cosmic

Beast- 2 Mutant, Science

Quentin Quire- 2 Mutant, Anti

Psylocke- 2 Mutant, Anti

X-23- 2 Mutant, Anti

Pixie- 2 Mutant, Magic, Youth

Armor- 2 Mutant, Youth

Glob Herman- 2 Mutant Youth

Kate Pryde- 2 Mutant

Iceman- 2 Mutant

Pyro- 2 Mutant

Bishop- 2 Mutant

Black Tom- 2 Mutant

Rogue- 2 Mutant

Gambit- 2 Mutant

Jubilee- 2 Mutant

Rictor- 2 Mutant

Iron Man- 2 Science, Avenger, Cosmic
(currently absent from Avengers, trapped in Hyborean age)


Some Notable Exceptions

Hulkling- 1 Cosmic, Youth
(stars in Incoming event)

Jessica Jones- 1 Street
(stars in Incoming event)

King Thor- 1 Cosmic
(Jason Aaron’s final Thor issue is this month’s King Thor #4)

Gwenpool- 1 Anti, Youth
(final issue of her current series)

Spider-Ham- 1 Cosmic, Street
(first issue of a new series)

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