DC Weekly Review: February 10, 2023 (Week 6)

Help Support The Heroes We Love: You can purchase all DC Comics digitally through their digital app, or the Comixology service. This month, we’re highlighting one of DC’s best titles Jeremy Adams’ The Flash. February featured a weekly crossover, called The One Minute War. It was a wonderful storyline pulling together the rather expansive Flash family. You can read it now on DC Universe Infinte, at the $135 CAD Ultra yearly access. Jeremy’s Flash is worth it alone.

Weekly Omissions- Batman & The Joker: The Deadly Duo #4, Gotham City; Year One #5, Harley Quinn: The Animated Series – Legion Of Bats #5, Static: Shadows Of Dakota #1

Hero Of The Week- Bruce appears this week and does secure Hero Of The Week with 15 Points over 2 Appearances. But that’s about all Batman got.

Antagonist Of The Week – The Joker brought in a hilariously strong 14 Points in a single Appearance, second only to Bruce’s 2 Appearance advantage. He not only secured Antagonist Of The Week with this Appearance but also took Performance Of The Week.

Book Of The Week- Joker’s single Appearance would also carry his title to gold, with The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #5 bringing in 48 Points over 9 Characters. It beat both The Flash speedster event and the Lazarus Planet Event.

Welcome to the League – One New Antagonist Added: Ubu (League Of Assassins),


Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Batman #132 (30)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Deception, Durability, Flames, Investigation, Melee, Tech, Willpower, DA (Killer Croc)
Mr. Terrific (MH) – Intellect, Tech, TU (Robin), LT
Robin (TD) – Intellect, Investigation, Teleport, TU (Mr. Terrific)
Superman (JK) – Flight, Speed, Strength, DA (Robots)
Toyman (WS) – Creature, Deception, Gun, Teleport
DC: Speechless #4 (6)
Zatanna (ZZ) – Magic, Magic Offensive, Teleport, Thief, DA (Demons)
Lazarus Planet: Next Evolution #1  (30)
Flatline (Ni) – Agility, Durability, Melee, Projectile, Sense, Strength, CD: Resurrected Ra’s Al Ghul
Red Hood (JT) – Agility, Intellect, Investigation, Melee, Thief, Vehicle, Weapon, DA (Security) 
Sideways (DJ)  – Influence, Teleport, Teleport Defensive, Teleport Offensive, TU (Red Canary), DA (Pig Statues) 
Amanda Waller 
Ra’s Al Ghul – CD: Resurrected
Ubu – Durability, Melee
Monkey Prince #11 (33)
Batman (BW) – Ensnare, Swing, Tech, SC
Green Lantern (HJ) – Blade, Energy, SC
Monkey Prince (MS) – Creature, Flight, Melee, CD: Meets His Father
Superman (CK) – Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Strength, SC
Wonder Woman (DP) – Flight, SC
Ultra-Humanite – Gun, Intellect, Strength, Tech, Teleport, Vehicle, Weapon, LT, CD: Learns He Has A Grandson
Poison Ivy #9 (8)
Harley Quinn – Influence, Vehicle, CD: Experienced The Green
Poison Ivy (PI) – Plants, Toxin, Willpower
The Flash #792 (29)
Captain Atom (NA)
Impulse (BA)
– Speed, Speed Defensive, Vehicle, Weapon, TU (Kid Flash), LT, SC
Impulse (IW) 
Jesse Quick (JC) 
Kid Flash (WW) – Gun, Melee, Speed, Speed Defensive, Weapon, TU (Impulse), SC
Linda West (LP) 
Max Mercury (MX) 
Superman (CK)
The Surge (JW)
The Flash (BA) 
The Flash (JG) – LT
The Flash (WW) – LT
Gorilla Grodd
The Joker: The Man Who Stopped Laughing #5 (48)
Etrigan (JB) – Flames, Intangibility, Intellect, Magic, Teleport, 
Red Hood (JT) – Blade, Gun, Influence, Melee, Weapon, DA (Clayface)
Spoiler (SB) 
Wonder Woman (DP) – Melee, Strength
Clayface (BK) – Deception, Durability, Ensnare, Morph, Weapon, TU (The Joker)
Giganta (DZ)  –
Assassin, Durability, Melee, Strength, DA (The Joker)
Killer Moth (DW) 
Mad-Hatter (JT)
– Influence, TU (The Joker)
The Joker (TC) – Blunt, Creature, Durability, Flames, Grow, Gun, Magic, Thief, Toxin, Weapon, TU (Clayface), LT, DA (Mad-Hatter)

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