Weekly Marvel Review: February 23, 2022 (Week 08)

Marigold, Black Widow’s ward, gets added to the database this week, which is good timing since Black Widow will need all the help she can get after the Living Blade cuts off her arm. Maybe she can take a page from Moira MacTaggert’s book and get a new cybernetic limb like the former mutant did in X Deaths of Wolverine. Other big moments from the week include the Carnage symbiote choosing to live without a host and U.S. Agent revealing his double agent status on the Thunderbolts.

Book of the Week – Captain Marvel #36 (Review score: 92 Points; 20 Characters). Captain Marvel takes Book of the Week for the second issue in a row. The finale to the “Last of the Marvels” arc features Carol leading her Marvel family, the Avengers and the Guardians of the Galaxy against Vox Supreme’s army of Sludge soldiers. Though they succeed and defeat Vox, Carol’s doubtful she has seen the last of the villain.

Hero of the Week – Iron Man (Review score: 21 Points/2 Appearances; 10.5 Pts/App). Though Tony shows up to support Carol in her book, his actions in his own title are a little less friendly. While he gets a Team-Up and Leads Team in Captain Marvel, his godhood goes to his head in Iron Man and he kills his Space Friends, though it’s most likely temporarily as it’s doubtful characters like War Machine, Silver Surfer and Doctor Doom are down for the count.

Antagonist of the Week – Carnage (Review score: 12 Points/1 Appearance; 12.0 Pts/App). Carnage may not appear often outside of the random mini series, but when he does show up, he makes the most of it. In 2021, he was Marvel’s third best Antagonist with only 15 Appearances, but his 5.6 Powers/Appearance ratio was best in the Top 10. His first Antagonist of the Week was no different. In his one Appearance, he got nine powers in addition to his Character Development and Defeat Antagonist points.

Top Characters (by review score). Iron Man (21); Silver Surfer (14); Black Widow (13); Carnage, Ghost Rider/Johnny Blaze, Shang-Chi (12); Captain Marvel, Spider-Man/Miles Morales, U.S. Agent (10); Daredevil/Elektra Natchios, Phoenix/Maya Lopez, Silk, Spider-Man/Ben Reilly, War Machine (9)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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Amazing Spider-Man #90 (17)
Black Cat
Spider-Man (BR) – Swing
Spider-Man (PP) – Crawl, Durability, Melee, Strength, Swing, Tech, Will Power
Queen Goblin – Energy, Influence, Melee, Vehicle, Whip
Ben Reilly: Spider-Man #2 (10)
Spider-Man (BR) – Agility, Melee, Strength, Swing, Tech, SC
Chameleon – Morph
Black Widow #14 (25)
Black Widow – Blade, Energy, Explosive, Investigate, Melee, Stealth, Suit, Tech, Weapon, LT, SC, CD (Gets her arm cut off)
Hawkeye (CB)
Marigold – Influence
White Widow – Gun, Influence, TU (Winter Soldier), LT, SC
Winter Soldier – TU (White Widow)
Captain Marvel #36 (92)
Accuser – Ensnare, Flight, Teleport, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Sludge)
Black Panther – Claws, TU (Captain Marvel)
Captain America – Shield Offensive, Vehicle, TU (Captain Marvel)
Captain Marvel – Agility, Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Speed, TU (Guardians of the Galaxy), LT, DA (Sludge)
Drax – Melee, Weapon, TU (Captain Marvel)
Groot – Ensnare, Stretch, Weapon, TU (Captain Marvel)
Hazmat – TU (Captain Marvel)
Hulkling – Flight, TU (Captain Marvel), LT
Iron Man – Energy, Ensnare, Suit, Tech, TU (Captain Marvel), LT, DA (Sludge)
Marvel Boy – Energy Offensive, TU (Captain Marvel)
Moondragon – Ensnare, Flight, Sense, Telepathy, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Sludge)
Ms. Marvel – Grow, Stretch, TU (Captain Marvel)
Photon – Energy, Melee, TU (Captain Marvel)
Phyla-Vell – Blade, TU (Captain Marvel)
Rocket Raccoon – Ensnare, Gun, Weapon, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Sludge)
Spectrum – Ensnare, TU (Captain Marvel), DA (Sludge)
Spider-Woman – Energy, TU (Captain Marvel)
Star-Lord – Flight, TU (Captain Marvel)
Thor – Elements, Flight, Lightning, TU (Captain Marvel)
War Machine – Energy, Flight, TU (Captain Marvel)
Carnage Forever #1 (14)
Carnage – Absorb, Appendage, Appendage Offensive, Assassin, Blade, Claws Offensive, Heal, Influence, Melee, CD (Chooses to live without a host), DA (Guards)
Hydro-Man – Morph
Devil’s Reign: Villains for Hire #2 (28)
U.S. Agent – Deception, Melee, Projectile, Shield, Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, LT, CD (Working undercover to bring down Kingpin), DA (Thunderbolts)
Agony – Crawl, Melee, DA (Robbers)
Electro (FF) – Energy, Energy Offensive, Strength
Kingpin – Business
Rhino – Melee
Taskmaster – Projectile
Whiplash – Weapon, Whip
Elektra: Black, White & Blood #2 (11)
Elektra – Assassin, Blade, Melee, Speed, Weapon, TU (Wolverine), SC, DA (Yokai)
Wolverine (JH) – TU (Eleketra)
Ghost Rider #1 (12)
Ghost Rider (JB) – Blade, Flames, Flames Offensive, Melee, Morph, Sense, Strength, Vehicle, Weapon, Whip, DA (Demons)
Iron Man #17 (46)
Frog-Man – Tech, TU (Doctor Doom), CD (Dies)
Gargoyle – TU (Doctor Doom), CD (Dies)
Hellcat – Telepathy, TU (Doctor Doom), LT
Human Torch (JH) – Flames, Flames Offensive, TU (Doctor Doom), CD (Dies)
Iron Man – Business, Cosmic, Durability, Energy, Influence, Intellect, Melee, Morph, Reality, Strength, CD (Kills his friends), DA (Doctor Doom)
Silver Surfer – Energy Offensive, Flight, Sense, TU (Doctor Doom), CD (Dies)
War Machine – Gun, Melee, TU (Doctor Doom), CD (Dies)
Doctor Doom – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, TU (Space Friends), CD (Dies)
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #35 (17)
Shift – Melee, Morph, Strength, TU (Spider-Man), LT, DA (Assessor)
Spider-Man (MM) – Agility, Computer, Crawl, Energy, Energy Offensive, Melee, Tech, TU (Spider-Man), DA (Assessor)
Ms. Marvel: Beyond the Limit #3 (5)
Ms. Marvel – Size, Strength, Stretch
Wasp (NVD)
Phoenix Song: Echo #5 (21)
Forge – Gun, Magic, Weapon, TU (Phoenix)
Phoenix (ML) – Flames, Flames Offensive, Flight, Melee, Will Power, TU (Forge), LT, DA (Adversary)
Adversary – Absorb, Deception, Energy, Energy Offensive, Morph, CD (Dies)
Shang-Chi #9 (31)
Brother Sabre
Shang-Chi – Agility, Blunt, Durability Energy, Intellect, Melee, Precision, Strength, LT, SC, DA (Taotie)
Sister Dagger – Agility, Blade, Projectile, SC
Sister Staff – Agility, Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Melee, SC
Xin – Blade, Creature, Magic, Projectile, Weapon
Silk #2 (15)
Luna Snow – Business, Ice, Ice Offensive, TU (Silk), DA (Manyeo’s soldiers)
Silk – Crawl, Investigate, Melee, Projectile, Sense, Swing, TU (Luna Snow), DA (Manyeo’s soldiers)
Silver Surfer Rebirth #2 (17)
Jack of Hearts – Energy
Silver Surfer – Artifact, Durability, Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Sense, TU (Thanos)
Thanos – Energy Offensive, Melee, Strength, Vehicle, TU (Silver Surfer), LT
Strange Academy #16 (4)
Doctor Voodoo – Business
Shaman – Business
X Deaths of Wolverine #3 (19)
Daken – Claws Defensive, Sense
Marvel Girl
Moira MacTaggert – Intellect, Stealth, Weapon, CD (Merges with cybernetic upgrades)
Professor X – Telepathy, LT
Scout – Claws, Claws Offensive
Wolverine (JH)
Wolverine (LK) – Claws, Melee


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