Weekly DC Review: December 17, 2021 (Week 50)

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Weekly Omissions- Batman: The Imposter #3, Pennyworth #5

Hero Of The Week- Richard Grayson put up 42 Points over 5 Appearances, a performance not even Bruce Wayne could best (his best weekly performance in 2021 was 38 Points). The Bat Privilege trickles down, but Dick is also the center of DC’s Teen/Legacy world. He also took Performance of the Week with 18 Points in a Single Appearance.

Antagonist Of The Week – We have two Ten Point ties, and both starts with B. Blue Snowman and Bizarro share Antagonist Of The Week as 2021 heads towards its conclusion.

Book Of The Week- DC can’t end the year without at least one more 100 Points + Juggernaut. This week, it’s the holiday annual, DC’s Very Merry Multiverse: ‘Tis the Season To Be Freezin’ #1. A hefty 116 Points was brought in by 22 Characters, many of whom rarely get the spotlight.

Welcome to the League – 1 New Hero Added, 1 New Antagonist Added: Syl (Sylvan Ortega), Psimon (Simon Jones)

WEEK 49 / WEEK 51

Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Batgirls #1 (22)
Batgirl (CC) – Agility, Crawl, Deception, Melee, Suit, Tech, Thief, DA (Thugs)
Oracle (BG) – LT, CD: Sets Up Batgirl Headquarters
Spoiler (SB) – Crawl, Melee, Precision, Projectile, Tech, Toxin, DA (Thugs)
The Seer – Computers
Batman: Urban Legends #10 (67)
Azrael – Blade, Flames
Batgirl (CC) – Ensnare, Influence, Melee, TU (Nightwing), DA (Scarecrow Goons)
Batman (BW) – Blade, Ensnare, Heal, Influence, Melee, Projectile, Suit, Tech, DA (Tweddle Dum)
Beast Boy
Donna Troy 
Nightwing (DG) – Agility, Blade, Blunt, Computers, Durability, Explosive, Influence, Intellect, Melee, Precision, Projectile, Tech, Weapon, Willpower, TU (Robin), SC, DA (Tusk)
Oracle (BG) – Tech, LT
Red Hood (JT)
Robin (DW) 
Robin (TD) – Agility, Durability, Heal, Influence, Intellect, Melee, Speed, Tech, TU (Nightwing). LT, SC, CD: New Relationship, DA (Tusk)
Spoiler (SB)
The Flash (WW) 
The Signal (DT) 
Amanda Waller – Influence
Mad Hatter
Black Manta #4 (9)
Aquaman (AC) – Flight, LT
Black Manta – Blade, Energy, Suit, Weapon, LT
DC’s Very Merry Multiverse – ‘Tis The Season To Be Freezin’ #1 (116)
Aquaman (JH) – Blade, Water Offensive, DA (Ice Creature)
Bunker – Energy, Energy Defensive
Crush –Weapon
Extraño – Influence, Magic, Magic Defensive, LT
Firestorm – Flames, Heal, Intellect, Melee, Morph, Personality, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Green Lantern (AS)
Harley Quinn – Blunt, Heal, Influence, Melee, Suit, Weapon, TU (Blue Snowman), LT, DA (Hadden Madder)
Hawkman – Artifact, Durability, Flight, Heal, Intellect, Strength, Weapon, TU (Harley Quinn), LT
Syl – Heal, Influence, Plants, Plants Offensive, Sense
The Flash (BA) – Influence, Speed
The Ray – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, DA (Ice Creatures)
Traci Thirteen – Magic, Magic Offensive
Tremor – Geokinesis , Geokinesis Offensive. DA (Ice Creatures)
Vixen – Agility, Artifact, Flight, Heal, Intellect, Melee, Speed, TU (Ace), LT, DA (The Penguin)
Bizzaro –Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Sonics, Speed, Strength, Wind, SC
Blue Snowman – Durability, Heal, Ice, Ice Defensive, Ice Offensive, Melee, Speed, Suit, TU (Harley Quinn)
Captain Cold – Elements, Gun, Ice, Influence, Magnetics, Thief
Killer Frost – Ensnare, Ice, Ice Offensive, Melee, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Lex Luthor – Fourth Wall, Influence
Poison Ivy
The Penguin – Absorb, Tech
Future State: Gotham #8 (15)
Grifter (CC) – Explosive, Guns, Melee, Suit, Vehicle, Weapon, SC, CD: Death, DA (Goons)
Hush – LT
Talon (WC) – Weapon, CD: Death
I Am Batman #4 (17)
Batgirl (TF)
Batman (JF) – Agility, Blunt, Ensnare, Melee, Stealth, Vehicle, Weapon, Whip, DA (Magistrate Men)
Commissioner Montoya – LT, CD: Uses Failed Magistrate Program To Strengthen Her Position Over The Mayor
Simon Saint – Weapon, CD: Death
Robins #3 (23)
Nightwing (DG) – Influence, Intellect, Melee, Weapon, Whip, LT, DA (Junior Super-Criminals)
Red Hood (JT) – Durability, Melee, Strength, DA (Red Robin)
Red Robin (TD) 
Robin (DW) – Agility, Melee, DA (Junior Super-Criminals)
Spoiler (SB) – Agility, Espionage, Melee, DA (Junior Super-Criminals)
Robin & Batman #2 (62)
Aqualad (GA) – Creature, Deception, Melee, Stealth, Strength, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Aquaman (AC) 
Batman (BW) – Computers, Teleport, LT, CD: Forces Dick To Analyze The Titans’ Weaknesses
Donna Troy – Deception, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Stealth, Strength, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Green Arrow (OQ) 
Green Lantern (HJ) 
Hawkman – Computers
Kid Flash (WW) – Deception, Speed, Speed Defensive, Speed Offensive, Stealth
Martian Manhunter 
Plastic Man – Stretch
Red Tornado 
Robin (DG) – Deception, Ensnare, Influence, Intellect, Melee, Stealth, LT, CD: First Meets The Titans, DA (Bullies)
Speedy (RH) – Deception, Projectile, Stealth, Weapon, DA (Royal Flush Gang)
Superman (CK) 
Wonder Woman (DP) 
Killer Croc (WJ) – Melee, TU (The Calculator) 
The Calculator (AB) – Computers, Intellect, TU (Killer Croc)
Teen Titans Academy #9 (20)
Aqualad (GA) – Water
Beast Boy

Donna Troy
Nightwing (DG)
Raven – Flight, Teleport
Red Arrow (RH) – CD: Learns Of The Roy Harper Academy 
Starfire – Flight
The Flash (WW) – Speed
Psimon – Flight, Influence, Possession, CD: Death
The Joker #10 (18)
Batman (BW) – Influence, Melee, Stealth, DA (Faux Joker)
Commissioner Gordon – Deception, Rage
Commissioner Montoya – Business, Vehicle
Oracle (BG) – Rage
James Gordon Jr. – Stealth, Thief
Punchline – Influence
Titans United #4 (48)
Beast Boy – Appendage, Ensnare, Morph, Speed
Donna Troy –  Blade, Flight, Melee, Shield, Shield Defensive, Strength, Weapon, SC, DA (Goons)
Nightwing (DG) – Blunt, Computers, Vehicle, LT, DA (New Metas)
Raven – Flight, Magic
Red Hood (JT) – Ensnare, Precision, DA (Speedster)
Starfire – Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Speed
Superboy (CK) – Durability, Flight, Speed, CD: Corrupted 
Blackfire – Creature, Tech, LT
Lady Vic – Absorb, Blade, Energy, Weapon
Wonder Girl #6 (14)
Donna Troy 
Wonder Girl (CS) 
Wonder Girl (YF) – Creature, Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Melee, Strength, Weapon, DA (Giant)
Queen Hera – LT
Wonder Woman #782 (29)
Artemis – Blade, Strength, Weapon, LT, DA (Themyscarian Beast)
Colonel Trevor – LT
Deadman (BB) – Flight, Melee, Possession, Sense, Telepathy, LT, SC, DA (Wonder Women)
Wonder Woman (DP) – Artifact, Durability, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Whip, SC, DA (Wonder Women)
Doctor Psycho – Deception, Fourth Wall

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