Weekly Marvel Review: December 15, 2021 (Week 50)

The end of the year brings an end to two more X-Men series, but they set the stage for the next era of Krakoan comics in 2022. Excalibur and X-Force end their current runs for now with plans for their return early in the next year once “Inferno” concludes. Captain Britain and her Excalibur team shall return in the pages of Knights of X while Wolverine’s X-Force team returns under the same banner after a short hiatus. Ka-Zar and Savage Avengers are one issue away from concluding their runs as well.

Book the Week – Excalibur #26 (Review score: 63 Points; 18 Characters). Captain Britain leads the defense of Avalon and the Starlight Citadel in the latest battle in their War with Merlyn and King Arthur. The legendary figures stand triumphant and repel the mutants from Otherworld while Coven Akkaba and the British succeed in blowing up the Braddock Lighthouse in the real world—Krakoa’s main connection to Otherworld. Fortunately, Betsy manages to use the power of the Starlight Sword to transport her back once more to Otherworld and continue the battle.

Hero of the Week – Spider-Man/Miles Morales (Review score: 23 Points/2 Appearances; 11.5 Pts/App). Miles gets a victory on two fronts this week. He snags his first Hero of the Week superlative with two weeks left in the year, but he also earns the respect of Ben Reilly in the latest Amazing Spider-Man title. During their team-up, Reilly refuses to reinforce the Beyond Corporation’s trademark complaint against Miles, but the young hero still gets served with a notice in his own title.

Antagonist of the Week – Kang (Review score: 6 Points/1 Appearances; 6.0 Pts/App). Kang ties with M.O.D.O.K. in terms of points in a low scoring week for antagonists. The Master of Time gets the nod thanks to his role in dispatching Kulan Gath in Savage Avengers and helping Conan travel back in time to put an end to the evil sorcerer. Although it’s not the way Kang would have done it—assassinating the young Gath—his role in preventing Kulan Gath’s rise to power is far more impactful than M.O.D.O.K.’s battle with a Spider-Bot in its Infinity Comic.

Top Characters (by review score). Spider-Man/Miles Morales (23); Wolverine (13); Spider-Man/Ben Reilly (12); Captain Britain (11); Hulk/Bruce Banner (10); Ka-Zar, Shanna the She-Devil (9); Doctor Strange, Ikaris, Kid Omega, Thing (8)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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Amazing Spider-Man #81 (22)
Spider-Man (BR) – Agility, Durability, Ensnare, Melee, Strength, Suit, Webs, TU (Spider-Man), SC, CD (Goes against Beyond’s wishes to enforce the Spider-Man trademark), DA (Rhizome)
Spider-Man (MM) – Agility, Energy, Energy Offensive, Melee, Strength, Webs, TU (Spider-Man), SC, DA (Rhizome)
Defenders #4 (15)
Cloud – Flight, Morph, Sense
Doctor Strange – Artifact
Harpy – Flight, Melee, Morph
Masked Raider – Grow, Gun, Melee, Weapon
Eternals #8 (28)
Ikaris – Durability, Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Speed, SC, DA (Deviant)
Kingo Sunen – Blade, SC, DA (Deviant)
Karkas – Melee, Strength
Sersi – Telepathy
Thena – Weapon
Thanos – Assassin, Energy Offensive, Vehicle
Excalibur #26 (63)
Bei the Blood Moon – Blade, Weapon, TU (Captain Britain Corps)
Captain Avalon – Flight, Melee, Weapon, LT
Captain Britain – Artifact, Creature, Sense, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Teleport, Weapon, LT
Emma Frost
Gambit – Energy, Melee, Projectile, TU (Captain Britain Corps)
Gloriana – Flight, Magic, TU (Captain Britain Corps)
Jubilee – Creature, Energy Offensive, TU (Captain Britain Corps)
King Arthur – Creature, Weapon
Merlyn – Magic Offensive
Pete Wisdom
Prestige – Flight, Influence, Telekinesis
Professor X – Business
Rictor – Geokinesis, TU (Captain Britain Corps)
Roma – TU (Saturnyne)
Saturnyne – Artifact, Creature, Durability, Magic Offensive, Teleport, TU (Excalibur)
Shatterstar – Weapon, TU (Captain Britain Corps)
Monarch – TU (Captain Britain Corps)
Morgan Le Fay – Magic Offensive
Hulk #2 (10)
Hulk (BB) – Blade, Computer, Durability, Melee, Personality, Rage, Strength, Weapon, DA (Visions)
Ka-Zar: Lord of the Savage Land #4 (18)
Ka-Zar – Agility, Durability, Flight, Melee, Morph, Sense, Strength, DA (Polyscions)
Shanna the She-Devil – Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Melee, Pheromones, Plants, Sense, DA (Polyscions)
Mighty Marvel Holiday Special – Happy Holidays, Mr. Howlett Infinity Comic #1 (31)
Angel – Flight
Captain Britain – Telekinesis
Iceman – Ice
Jubilee – Energy
Kate Pryde
Lockheed – Flight
Marvel Girl
Multiple Man – Creature
Nightcrawler – Teleport
Polaris – Flight, Magnetics
Professor X
Wolverine (JH) – Claws
Mystique – Morph
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #33 (13)
Spider-Man (MM) – Agility, Crawl, Energy, Energy Offensive, Ensnare, Influence, Invisibility, Melee, Webs, TU (Shift), LT, DA (Guards)
Savage Avengers #27 (46)
Black Knight – Blade, DA (Kulan Gath)
Black Widow – Energy, DA (Kulan Gath)
Conan – Blade, Influence, Weapon, CD (Saves a young Kulan Gath from slavery), DA (Sorcerer)
Daredevil (EN) – DA (Kulan Gath)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Telepathy, LT, DA (Kulan Gath)
Ghost Rider (JB) – DA (Kulan Gath)
Magik – Weapon, DA (Kulan Gath)
Wolverine – Claws, DA (Kulan Gath)
Doctor Doom – Weapon, DA (Kulan Gath)
Juggernaut – Melee, DA (Kulan Gath)
Kang – Flight, Gun, Teleport, Weapon, DA (Sorcerer)
Kulan Gath – Magic
Shuma-Gorath – Absorb, Teleport, DA (Kulan Gath)
Spider-Bot Infinity Comic #3 (10)
Spider-Man (PP) – Ensnare, Tech, DA (M.O.D.O.K.)
M.O.D.O.K. – Creature, Energy, Gun, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Offensive
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man Infinity Comic #5 (3)
Spider-Man (PP) – Webs, Will Power
Strange Academy #14 (4)
Doctor Voodoo – Business, Melee, Teleport
Thing #2 (8)
Thing – Durability, Ensnare, Melee, Strength, Suit, SC, DA (Brusque)
X-Force #26 (26)
Domino – Vehicle, SC
Kid Omega – Claws, Sense, Telekinesis Defensive, Telekinesis Offensive, Telepathy, Vehicle, SC
Marvel Girl – Influence
Sage – Computer, LT
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Offensive, Melee, Vehicle, Weapon, SC, DA (Shark)
Black Tom Cassidy – Plants
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #15 (7)
Deadpool – Durability, Heal
Arnim Zola
Black Tom Cassidy
Juggernaut – LT


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