Monthly Marvel Preview: November 2018

The Age of X descends on the Fantasy Comic League. The mutant’s flagship book – Uncanny X-Men – returns with three issues in the month of November. This kicks off a 10-week event run by a stable of Marvel’s top creators including Matthew Rosenberg, Kelly Thompson and Mahmud Asrar. While there is no shortage of X-Men available to draft, the characters which have come to represent the core team of mutants in recent years, Kitty Pryde, Storm, Jean Grey, Nightcrawler, Iceman and Beast stand to have a big month. Even Bishop and X-23 break into the top tiers.

The top three characters of 2018 – Spider-Man, Deadpool and Black Panther – make up the rest of the top previewed characters. Even though Peter Parker has the most estimated appearances, again, he has been on a bit of a cold streak while barely registering in the Spider-Geddon event. Those that want to gamble on the spiders in November can look toward Miles, Otto, Gwen and Kaine for further leading opportunities.

Marvel Knights celebrates their 20th anniversary with a story starring Daredevil, possibly the most famous Knight. Thanos’ Black Order gets their first series but the villains aren’t deemed worthy enough to include in the Fantasy Comic League previews, but Misty Knight and Colleen Wing earn their one appearance point for the start of Daughters of the Dragon, Marvel’s latest digital exclusive.

Dopplegangers of our main characters are found in Marvel Super Hero Adventures: Captain Marvel – Mealtime Mayhem, Spider-Man: Enter the Spider-Verse, Marvel Action: Spider-Man and Old Man Hawkeye (with the exception of Old Man Logan if he appears).

Best of luck to all divisions of the Fantasy Comic League: #Asgard; #DoYouEvenComicBook; #Latveria; #Midtown; #Multiverse; #NegativeZone; #RedRoom; #Wakanda; and our newest divisions #AsteroidM and #Genosah. Please see the attached Power Summary file for further power clarifications. Please follow along with our #FantasyComicLeague tweets on our Twitter for official power scoring and discussions. Seasons run for four months, stay tuned for your chance to join the official league and win a trade paperback of your choice!

These appearance estimates, based on comic solicitations and cover artwork provided by the Marvel Database wiki, are meant as a guideline and not an indication of a specific draft order. Character names, team designations and power sets conform to the most current information provided by the Database. Power designations are simplified for easier classification and choice, providing the majority of the heroes with 9 to 11 eligible powers from which to choose. As a reminder, you may only have one hero per team designation on your roster and are allowed to select three powers from the heroes’ power set. Powers in (parenthesis) are a subset of the overall ability and can be selected as well as the generic use of that power. For example, Deadpool can be drafted as any of his four team classifications and can use Weapons, Blades and Guns as his three powers (Blades and Guns being a subset of the overall Weapons skill).


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