The Latveria Legislature: July 2018

Another month, another attempted coup to overthrow the leadership of Latveria. This time the threat came from within. Growing tired of Agent @KingofTysons‘ consistent dominion over the division, two of his fellow Fantasy Comic League agents, Agent @sotonspidey and Agent @SuperiorComic16 made a bold move to bring him down. Both scored a powerful 74 points in the month of July and cut short King’s attempt to secure the season victory. Soton and Superior now have five points each for the season, two behind King’s seven points, and have a shot at winning the division. The remaining two agents, @JamesBSheppard and @reyreymondo, can play spoiler if they keep the embattled King from placing.

Even as the internal battle grew, the Fantasy Comic League agents still managed to ban together for the good of the people. They saved 10 endangered civilians from 11 antagonists. Their drafted heroes experienced 15 character defining moments in a month where the new team of Avengers led the charge. Seven of the Avengers showed up in Latveria and averaged 23 points.

Overall Scores – King, 7 pts; Soton, 5 pts; Superior, 5 pts; Rey, 3 pts; James, 1 pt

Breakdown – Agent @sotonspidey benefitted the most from the Avengers’ strong month. He possessed Iron Man, the top scoring hero, who scored him 35 points. Tony’s performance was more than enough to make up for the five points scored by Scarlet Spider, soton’s fan favorite hero. Iron Man’s performance for soton broke the 74-point tie with Agent @SuperiorComic16. Superior also possessed two of the mighty Avengers, but neither Captain Marvel or Thor could touch Iron Man’s numbers. For her part, Carol was one of two characters to hit for the Fantasy cycle when we got a look at her childhood in her new book, Life of Captain Marvel.

Agent @JamesBSheppard controlled Deadpool, the other character who hit for the cycle. Deadpool scored 24 of James’ 66 points; Captain America backed him up with 22. James’ third place finish earned him his first overall point for the season. Black Panther suffered slightly after getting his solo title pushed back a month and only scored 13 points for Agent @KingofTysons. T’Challa was bested by fellow Avenger She-Hulk’s 16 points while Ms. Marvel was King’s best performer. She put up 18 of his 58 points. Agent @reyreymondo missed out on the Avengers fun and paid the ultimate price with a last place finish. Even with star performer Spider-Man on his side he only managed 54 points. Peter Parker’s 34 points could not make up for the lackluster performances from Ant-Man (6 points) and Colossus (2 points). Storm, who many expected to perform decently, only earned rey 12 points, which was just one point more than all of Tony Stark’s appearances for the month.

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