A Multiversal Check-In: July 2018

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Hey Y’all, Agent Martineau here. July was a huge month for Marvel, especially in Casa Di Martineau. Amazing Spider-Man by Nick Spencer (Superior Foes of Spider-Man) and Ryan Ottley (Invincible) launched and brought a much needed sense of growth and responsibility to Peter Parker’s life once again. On top of this, we got a new politically charged Captain America #1, cosmic insanity with Cosmic Ghost Rider #1, a new chapter in The Life Of Captain Marvel with a #1, as well as a new chapter for Laura Kinney with X-23 #1. The Death of The Inhumans kicked off, while Infinity Countdown wrapped up before immediately leading into Infinity Wars. And lastly, Frank Castle’s time in the War Machine came to an end in The Punisher 228, which is relaunching next month, sans power armor.

So how did our players do during the tumultuous month? Let’s check it out. There was two tight races, at both the bottom and the top. Agents UN and Agents Martineau fought tooth and nail at the bottom, but in the final week Agent UN fell to last place with 28 points. Dazzler’s lack of an appearance hurt him the most, while Laura Kinney managed to net him half of his grand total with 14 points.

After taking first two months in a row, Agent Martineau failed to make it yet again as the 3peat Champion, scoring 38 points for fourth place. Colossus hurt his team hard, with only 2 points; Storm/Loki/Frank Castle brought in 12 points each.

Agent Alex sat cozy in the mid ground all month, thanks to a strong team led by Doctor Strange (27) and Thor (22). Despite his entire team breaking double digits, it would be Dom (10) and Rogue (11) who would keep him out of the top race until the final week, where he ended with 70 points.

The entire month, Agents Brat and Bittner were neck and neck as their powerhouse teams threw down hard. In the end, it was Agent Bittner who tumbled to second with 78 points. His team was lead by Deadpool (24) and Captain America (22) but Black Panther’s 14 points held him back.

In the end, Agent Brat emerged victorious with Team Cosmic-Tech (puns always win, kids). Tony Stark lead the team with 38 points (single-handedly beating 5th and 4th place) while Carol brought in 26 points, Nadia 11 points, and Sam Alexander 10 points.

A big thank you to all competitors, who make up the very Best in the Multiverse. I look forward to the competition as we head into the final month, where Agents Martineau and Brat are playing for all the marbles.


Player Standing (And Twitter Handles)

Agent Brat– 7 points (@mvbrat91)

Agent Martineau– 7 points (@ShaunMartineau)

Agent Bittner– 4 point (@mikebittner2099)

Agent UN– 2 point (@UncannyNrdvrs)

Agent Lu– 1 points (@alufash87)

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