Wakanda Caucus: July 2018


This was an exciting month in #Wakanda with #Storm teaming up with the #DoraMilaje; #BlackPanther taking on intergalactic missions with #Nakia and #MBaku; #WorldofWakanda receiving an #EisnerAward at #SDCC; and the announcement that Princess #Shuri will be making her #FantasyComicLeague debut in the coming months. The #WakandaForever train continues to embark on an epic journey.

In the midst of all this, the Elite “S” Squad brought in 279 points for the #FantasyComicLeague by saving 7 civilians, defeating 7 adversaries and navigating 13 life changing events.

Agent Shaw (@Notingshaw) put in a stellar performance by bringing in 102 points, the only #FantasyComicLeague participant to surpass 100 points this month, and locked down her first ever first place finish. #IronMan brought in 40 of her points while #DoctorStrange and #Deadpool brought in an additional 49 points combined. Talk about dominating all opposing forces!

Agent Snikt (@NickZG)’s 59 points were enough to land him the second place spot in #Wakanda this month due to the consistency of #CarolDanvers who wound up with 27 points. Rounding things out for his team were #SheHulk and #Storm who together brought in 28 points.

#Wakanda Division Lead Agent Sistah (@S_Hero4Hire) and #TeamWomansWorld took third place with 48 points despite an initial strong showing from #MsMarvel who fizzled out by month’s end and only brought in 18 points. The #XMen duo of #KittyPryde and #Rogue helped bring in 25 combined points for the team.

Agent Sempai (@Arydanika) continued to battle heorically throughout the month and managed to secure fourth place with 38 points. This accomplishment was all thanks to #BlackPanther and #TheWasp (Nadia) who brought in 25 points together.

Agent Sha (@La_Ney_sha) took fifth place this month with 32 overall points mainly through the efforts of #Domino and #Logan who brought in 19 of her points. Honorary mentions to #MistyKnight and #AntMan for their assistance.

Despite numerous lackluster performances by many top characters, there is still a sense of anticipation in #Wakanda as we head into the final month of this season in the #FantasyComicLeague. Nothing is set in stone just yet!

The Wakanda Caucus is now in session…



Overall scores – Snikt, 6pts; Sistah, 5pts; Shaw, 4pts ; Sempai, 3pts; Sha, 3pts;

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