Weekly Marvel Review: August 01, 2018 (Week 31)

Ms. Marvel continues to experience a slight turnaround in her Fantasy fortunes in recent weeks. Kamala earns her third “Hero of the Week” title in her last five weeks when appearing in at least one book (she missed out on scoring any appearances in the previous two weeks). Mirroring her ability to go big and small, her eight points this week represent the fewest points for a character while earning the top honors this year in the Fantasy Comic League. Her points come from her team-up book with Squirrel Girl and other young characters who will make their silver screen debut soon in Marvel Rising. Ms. Marvel, Ms. America and Squirrel Girl push their title into a tie with the first Infinity Wars for the top books of the week with 19 points each.

Deadpool’s solo title features the most drafted characters in a book at seven, but the Avengers who show up in that title just show up and limit that issue to 14 points. Deadpool scores half of those points himself and ties Daredevil for second place with seven points. Captain America and Doctor Strange add to their Deadpool appearance with five points in Captain America and Infinity Wars respectively. Ms. America, who puts up six points in Marvel Rising, and Domino, who transitions from Weapon X to Weapon X-Force, tie with the two Avengers for fourth place. Five characters round out the top performers with five points each. Sabretooth leads the mutant mercenaries in Weapon X into their new chapter, Thor and Captain Marvel both score points in Deadpool and Infinity Wars, Misty Knight has her best weekly performance and Kitty Pryde stars in the X-Men: Gold Annual which tells a tale of her confronting the bigotry of childhood friends.

The five-week month starts fairly slow as the 22 heroes to register points average 4.5 points each. However, things are expected to pick up as the month continues with events like Extermination boosting the time-displaced X-Men; the return of the Fantastic Four reuniting Human Torch, Thing and Mr. Fantastic; and the usual output from the popular Avengers and Spider-Man.

Hero and power usages are a combination of all Fantasy Comic League divisions: Asgard, Danger Room, Do You Even Comic Book, Latveria, Midtown, Multiverse, Negative Zone and Wakanda. League participants should cross-reference the official points with their hero roster and drafted powers for their heroes’ scores. Please make sure to tweet any questions or comments to the official #FantasyComicLeague tag and @FantasyComicLG for discussion!

Ms. Marvel (8)
Marvel Rising: Ms. Marvel & Squirrel Girl – Fist, Melee, Size, Stretch, Team-Up (Ms. America), Lead Team, Save Civilian
Daredevil (7)
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost – Agility, Baton, Sense, Team-Up (Misty Knight), Lead Team, Save Civilian
Deadpool (7)
Deadpool – Durability, Fourth Wall, Heal, Weapon, Team-Up (Colossus), Defeat Antagonist (Groffon the Regurger)
Captain America (6)
Captain America – Agility, Melee, Shield, Vehicle
Doctor Strange (6)
Infinity Wars
– Flight, Magic, Team-Up (Rocket Raccoon), Lead Team
Domino (6)
Weapon X – Agility, Melee, Probability, Weapon, Team-Up (Omega Red)
Ms. America (6)
Marvel Rising: Ms. Marvel & Squirrel Girl – Flight, Melee, Teleport, Team-Up (Ms. Marvel), Save Civilian
Captain Marvel (5)
Infinity Wars
– Flight, Melee, Team-Up (Rocket Raccoon)
Kitty Pryde (5)
X-Men: Gold
X-Men: Gold Annual
– Intangibility, Intangibility Defensive, Character Development (Stands up to her childhood friend’s prejudice) 
Misty Knight (5)
Hunt for Wolverine: Weapon Lost – Bionics, Weapon, Team-Up (Daredevil), Save Civilian
Sabretooth (5)
Weapon X – Claws, Speed, Team-Up (Omega Red), Lead Team
Thor (5)
Deadpool – Lightning
Infinity Wars – Flight, Team-Up (Rocket Raccoon)
Iron Man (TS) (4)
Infinity Wars
– Flight, Team-Up (Rocket Raccoon)
The Rider (4)
Cosmic Ghost Rider – Vehicle, Team-Up (Thanos), Character Development (Creates a new timeline)
Ant-Man (3)
Ant-Man and the Wasp – Size, Team-Up (Wasp)
Black Widow (3)
Infinity Wars – Weapon, Team-Up (Rocket Raccoon)
Storm (3)
X-Men: Gold – Character Development (Learns that her adopted mother has been killed)
X-Men: Gold Annual
Black Panther (2)
Captain America
Deathstrike (2)
Weapon X – Team-Up (Omega Red)
Logan (2)
Weapon X – Character Development (Leaves Weapon X team)
Nightcrawler (2)
X-Men: Gold – Character Development (Breaks up with Prestige)
Crystal (1)
Death of the Inhumans
Loki (1)
Infinity Wars
Angel (Young) (0)
Beast (Young) (0)
Cyclops (Young) (0)
Gambit (0)
Ghost Rider (RR) (0)
Human Torch (0)
Iceman (Young) (0)
Marvel Girl (0)
Mr. Fantastic (0)
Rogue (0)
She-Hulk (0)
Spider-Man (MM) (0)
Spider-Man (PP) (0)
Thanos (0)
Thing (0)
Venom (0)
X-23 (0)

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