Weekly Marvel Review: January 25, 2023 (Week 04)

The X-Terminators exterminated their threat at the conclusion of their miniseries and the Avengers go all-out on Spider-Man in the finale of All-Out Avengers. The age of the “Sins of Sinister” begins with more sinister clones of the Quiet Council exposing themselves. For scoring purposes, only Mr. Sinister looks to be scoring in this alternate timeline as he controls the Moira reset button. Agatha Harkness earns the only Character Development for the week when she reclaims her youth during the conclusion of Midnight Suns.

Book the Week – Midnight Suns #5 (Review score: 41 Points; 10 Characters). The book which seemed to be a vehicle to promote the video game of the same name turned out to be a secret Agatha Harkness title which seems to be a vehicle for aligning Agatha to her popular MCU counterpart. The gathering of the Midnight Suns turns out to be little more than filler to Agatha’s battle with Corina, a former witch ally who has overthrown Valtorr.

Hero of the Week – Spider-Man/Peter Parker (Review score: 16 Points/2 Appearances; 8.0 Pts/App). Spider-Man looks to have regained his status as the top dog in the Heroes bracket this year, ending the first month as the top performer. The bulk of his points come from his tangle with the Avengers in All-Out Avengers but his solo title’s “Dark Web” also gives him a boost for his first Hero of the Week title of 2023.

Antagonist of the Week – Arcade (Review score: 5 Points/1 Appearance; 5.0 Pts/App). A light week for the antagonists gives Arcade the chance to shine. He unleashes a group of Wolverine-inspired LMDs on his dwindling group of “contestants.” But this latest Murderworld has gotten Black Widow’s attention.

Top Characters (by review score). Spider-Man/Peter Parker (16); Magik (10); Thor (9); Blade, Spirit Rider (8); Nico Minoru (7); Dazzler, Jubilee, Valkyrie/Rūna, Wolverine/James Howlett (6)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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All-Out Avengers #5 (32)
Black Panther – Melee
Blade – Durability, Melee
Captain America (SR) – Melee, Projectile, Sense
Captain Marvel – Flight, Melee
Iron Man – Energy, Flight, Sense, Suit
She-Hulk – Melee
Spider-Man (PP) – Agility, Crawl, Ensnare, Intellect, Melee, Shield, Strength, Swing, Tech
Thor – Flight
Amazing Spider-Man #18 (23)
Chasm – Artifact, Grow, Melee, Swing
Hallow’s Eve – Melee, Morph
Marvel Girl
Spider-Man (PP) – Melee, Swing, Tech, TU (Rek-Rap), LT
Goblin Queen
Doctor Strange: Fall Sunrise #3 (3)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic
Midnight Suns #5 (41)
Agatha Harkness – Blade, CD (Returns as her younger self), DA (Korrosion)
Blade – Blade, Weapon, TU (Magik), DA (Vapors)
Clea – Teleport
Doctor Voodoo
Magik – Blade, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Nico Minoru), DA (Vapors)
Nico Minoru – Agility, Blade, Magic, Magic Defensive, TU (Magik), DA (Vapors)
Spirit Rider – Melee, Sense, Vehicle, Weapon, Whip, TU (Magik), DA (Vapors)
Wolverine (JH) – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability, TU (Magik), DA (Vapors)
Doctor Doom
Murderworld: Wolverine #1 (7)
Black Widow – Investigate
Arcade – Assassin, Creature, Melee, Tech
Sabretooth & the Exiles #3 (17)
Madison Jeffries – Tech
Third Eye – Sense, Telepathy
Melter (CC)
Nanny – Tech
Orphan-Maker – Melee
Sabretooth – Claws Offensive
Toad – Appendage Offensive, Crawl
Sins of Sinister #1 (7)
Kate Pryde
Mr. Sinister – Computer
Thor #30 (19)
Thor – Blunt, Lightning, Sense, Weapon, TU (Valkyrie), DA (Draugr)
Valkyrie (Rūna) – Blade, Sense, Weapon, TU (Thor), DA (Draugr)
Corvus Glaive – Blade, Weapon
Doctor Doom – Creature
X-Terminators #5 (40)
Boom-Boom – Explosive, TU (Magik)
Captain Britain
Dazzler – Business, Energy Offensive, Light, Melee, TU (Magik)
Emma Frost
Hope Summers
Jubilee – Energy, Energy Offensive, Strength, TU (Magik), DA (Collector)
Kate Pryde
Magik – Teleport, TU (X-Terminators)
Professor X
Wolverine (LK) – Agility, Claws Offensive, Melee, TU (Magik)
Collector – Energy Offensive, Melee, Morph
Mr. Sinister


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