Weekly Marvel Review: July 13, 2022 (Week 28)

The events of the summer are upon us. On a “small” scale, in terms of comics, the Fantastic Four win the Reckoning War, the recent self-contained event in their ongoing title. The precursor to the war between the X-Men and Eternals begins with A.X.E.: Eve of Judgement, which serves mostly as an introduction to the lesser-known Eternals. For anybody who has not read Kieron Gillen’s recent Eternals run, Eve of Judgement introduces the Eternals’ mission to correct excess deviation and Druig’s quest to destroy the mutants in his role as the Prime Eternal. But before war comes to Krakoa, the mutants host their second Hellfire Gala

Book the Week – X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 (Review score: 121 Points; 64 Characters). Reeling from the news that mutants have solved death for their species, Emma Frost and the Quiet Council move forward with the second Hellfire Gala. Attendees to this year’s event include Spider-Man and Jon Hamm and unwelcome party crasher Moira MacTaggert via a mind-controlled Mary Jane Watson. The new X-Men team gets selected and includes popular characters such as Forge, Havok and Iceman, as well as former Hellion, Firestar.

Hero of the Week – Wolverine/James Howlett (Review score: 23 Points/5 Appearances; 4.6 Pts/App). Wolverine, the top mutant character, doesn’t get the chance to sit around and enjoy the party. He scores five appearances in a mutant-heavy week of books, including Immortal X-Men and the crossover Fortnight X Marvel book. Though 16 Appearances behind Iron Man, Logan trails him in Antagonists Defeated by one, landing him in second place for that category.

Antagonist of the Week – Mr. Sinister (Review score: 9 Points/3 Appearances; 3.0 Pts/App). Perhaps the most untrustworthy member of the Quiet Council, Mr. Sinister gives his fellow members another reason not to trust him. The reveal that he may be a clone of Dr. Stasis—the self proclaimed real Nathaniel Essex—has him running from the rest of the Quiet Council. Before he can pull the trigger on resetting the timeline via his Moira MacTaggert clone, he turns himself over to the Quiet Council.

Top Characters (by review score). Wolverine/James Howlett (23); Spider-Man/Peter Parker (17); Captain Marvel, Magik (15); Daredevil/Elektra Natchios (14); Captain Carter, Iron Man, Spider-Punk (12); Daredevil/Matt Murdock, Emma Frost, Moon Knight, Punisher, Storm (10)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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A.X.E.: Eve of Judgement #1 (37)
Ajak – Deception
Captain America (SR)
Captain Marvel
Druig – LT
Ikaris – Durability, Energy Offensive, Flight, Melee, Strength, Telepathy, LT, DA (Crimson Karlau)
Iron Man
Kingo Sunen
Makkari – Deception
Marvel Girl
Phastos – Blunt
Sersi – Energy, Ensnare, DA (Crimson Karlau)
Sprite – Magic
Wolverine (JH)
Mr. Sinister
Captain Carter #4 (12)
Captain Carter – Agility, Durability, Invisibility, Melee, Shield, Shield Offensive, Stealth, Tech, TU (Tony Stark), LT, DA (Henchman)
Captain Marvel #39 (41)
Accuser – Energy, Melee, Teleport, Weapon
Agatha Harkness – Business, Magic
Binary – Durability, Flames, Melee, Morph, Strength, TU (Spider-Woman), SC, DA (Vampires)
Captain Marvel – Agility, Blade, Durability, Energy Offensive, DA (Dragon)
Doctor Voodoo – Business
Magik – Business
Scarlet Witch – Business, Teleport
Spider-Woman – Energy Offensive, Melee, TU (Binary), LT, DA (Vampires)
Enchantress – Business, Magic
Satana – Business
Daredevil #1 (33)
Daredevil (EN) – Agility, Blunt, Melee, Strength, Swing, Weapon, TU (Stick)
Daredevil (MM) – Deception, Melee, Precision, Projectile, Sense, Swing, TU (Spider-Man), CD (Shares his secret identity with Spider-Man), DA (Bodyguard)
Spider-Man (PP) – Ensnare, Swing, TU (Daredevil), CD (Relearns Daredevil’s secret identity), DA (Bodyguard)
Stick – Blunt, Melee, Sense, Weapon, TU (Daredevil), DA (Soldier)
Hammerhead – Weapon
Fantastic Four #45 (90)
Beta Ray Bill – Flight, Lightning, Weapon, TU (Thor)
Brainstorm – Tech
Captain Marvel – Flight
Firelord – Flames Offensive, Flight, TU (Thor)
Gladiator – Flight, TU (Thor)
Human Torch – Flames, Flight, TU (Silver Surfer), CD (Chooses to not return home with his family)
Invisible Woman – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, TU (Doctor Doom)
Iron Man – Flight
Jack of Hearts – Flight
Justice – Vehicle
Moon Knight
Mr. Fantastic – TU (Doctor Doom)
Nova (FR) – Energy, Flight, TU (Thor)
Nova (RR) – Durability, Energy, Flight, TU (Thor)
Powerhouse – Reality
Rocket Raccoon
She-Hulk – TU (Doctor Doom)
Silver Surfer – Artifact, Flight, Telekinesis, TU (Human Torch), LT
Sky – Flight
Squirrel Girl
Thing – TU (Doctor Doom)
Thor – Flight, Projectile, TU (Beta Ray Bill)
Uatu the Watcher – Absorb, Reality, Teleport, CD (Becomes the one and only Watcher)
Doctor Doom – Tech, TU (Fantastic Four)
Ego – TU (Thor)
Galactus – Energy, Flight
Terrax – Flight, Weapon, TU (Thor)
Fortnite X Marvel: Zero War #2 (52)
Captain America – Melee, TU (Storm), DA (IO Guard)
Captain Marvel – Flight, Speed, TU (Storm), LT
Iron Man – Energy, Flight, Suit, Vehicle, TU (Storm), LT, DA (IO Guard)
Quicksilver – Melee, TU (Storm), DA (IO Guard)
She-Hulk – Melee, TU (Storm)
Shuri – Blade, TU (Wolverine)
Spider-Man (PP) – Sense, Swing, Tech, TU (Wolverine)
Storm – Elements, Flight, Lightning, TU (Iron Man)
Thor – Durability, Elements, Flight, TU (Storm)
Vision – Flight, TU (Storm)
Wolverine – Claws, Claws Defensive, Claws Offensive, Heal, Sense, TU (Spider-Man)
Immortal X-Men #4 (52)
Beast – Melee
Colossus – Business, Melee, DA (Sinister clone)
Emma Frost – Business, Morph, Sense, Telepathy
Hope Summers
Kate Pryde – Business
Nightcrawler – Business, Melee, Teleport, DA (Sinister clone)
Professor X – Business, Sense, Telepathy
Storm – Business, Flight, Lightning, DA (Sinister clone)
Wolverine (JH) – Melee
Destiny – Agility, Business, Influence
Exodus – Business, Flight, Telepathy, Teleport
Mr. Sinister – Business, Creature, Gun, Tech, Teleport, Weapon
Mystique – Business
Sebastian Shaw – Business
Marauders #4 (32)
Aurora – Energy, Melee, DA (Kin Crimson Nobles)
Bishop – Absorb, Agility, Energy Offensive
Daken – Claws, Sense
Kate Pryde – Intangibility, Intangibility Defensive
Psylocke – Blade, Telepathy, DA (Kin Crimson Noble)
Tempo – Ensnare, Teleport, Temporal
Cassandra Nova – Intellect, Telekinesis, Telepathy
Deathbird – Energy, DA (Crystal Claws)
Holocaust – Melee
Moon Knight #13 (12)
Moon Knight – Blade, Flames, Investigate, Melee, Personality, Weapon, SC, DA (Vampires)
Taskmaster – Business
New Mutants #27 (22)
Colossus – Durability, TU (Magik)
Magik – Artifact, Durability, Magic, Sense, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Colossus), LT
Mirage – Melee, TU (Goblin Queen)
Wolfsbane – TU (Goblin Queen)
Belasco – Energy, Melee
Goblin Queen – TU (Mirage)
Punisher #4 (19)
Ares – Influence, Strength, Telepathy
Punisher – Assassin, Blade, Durability, Flames, Influence, Projectile, Weapon, LT, DA (Lord Deathstrike)
Lady Bullseye – Blade, Melee, Weapon, TU (Lord Deathstrike)
Savage Avengers #3 (36)
Anti-Venom – Agility, Biokinesis, Melee, TU (Daredevil)
Black Knight (DW) – Blade, Suit, Weapon, TU (Daredevil)
Cloak – Ensnare, Teleport, TU (Daredevil)
Conan – Blade, Melee, Weapon, TU (Daredevil)
Dagger – Energy, Projectile, TU (Daredevil)
Daredevil (EN) – Blade, Magic, Weapon, TU (Conan), LT
Weapon H – Absorb, Claws, Melee, Morph, Strength, TU (Daredevil)
Spider-Man 2099: Exodus #4 (9)
Spider-Man (MoH) – Computer, Crawl, Ensnare, Investigate, Swing, Vehicle, TU (Black Widow), SC
Spider-Punk #3 (12)
Spider-Punk – Agility, Crawl, Durability, Ensnare, Melee, Projectile, Sense, Swing, Weapon, TU (Daredevil Drummer of Philly), DA (Armor)
Wolverine #23 (24)
Danger – Computer, Creature
Deadpool – Blade, Gun, Heal, Weapon, TU (Wolverine), CD (Joins X-Force), DA (X-Bot)
Sage – Computer
Wolverine (JH) – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability, Heal, Sense, TU (Deadpool), DA (X-Bot)
Omega Red
X-Men: Hellfire Gala #1 (121)
Bishop – Business, LT
Black Widow
Captain America (SR)
Captain America (SW)
Captain Britain
Captain Marvel
Clea – Magic
Cyclops – Deception, CD (Learns the secret about Moira)
Cypher – Intellect, Sense
Doctor Cecilia Reyes – Heal, Intellect, Tech
Doctor Strange
Emma Frost – Business, Telepathy, LT, CD (Learns the truth about Doctor Stasis)
Firestar – CD (Joins the main X-Men team)
Forge – CD (Joins the main X-Men team)
Gwenpoole – Fourth Wall
Havok – CD (Joins the main X-Men team)
Hope Summers – CD (Kept out from a Quiet Council meeting)
Iceman – Morph, CD (Joins the main X-Men team)
Invisible Woman
Iron Man
Kate Pryde – Business
Magik – Weapon, CD (Joins the main X-Men team)
Marvel Girl – Deception, Telepathy
Moira MacTaggert – Agility, Energy, Possession, Tech, Teleport, CD (Works with the Eternals in their war against the mutants)
Mr. Fantastic – Stretch, Tech
Multiple Man
Polaris – CD (Leaves the main X-Men team)
Professor X – Business, Telepathy
Rogue – CD (Leaves the main X-Men team)
Scarlet Witch – Telepathy
Spider-Man (PP) – Durability, Melee, Sense, Swing, TU (Wolverine)
Stepford Cuckoos – Telepathy
Surge – Energy Offensive
Synch – CD (Learns that synching from memory ages him)
Wolverine (JH) – Claws, Melee, TU (Spider-Man), LT
Wolverine (LK) – CD (Leaves the main X-Men team)
Doctor Doom
Doctor Stasis – Computer
Mr. Sinister
Proteus – Flight, Melee, CD (Learns he was created on purpose by Moira)
Sebastian Shaw – Business


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