Weekly Marvel Review: April 13, 2022 (Week 15)

Did you know that Laura Kinney’s skeleton is not completely coated in adamantium in the same way that Logan’s is? Well, Proteus didn’t, and now the younger clone gets an adamantium upgrade courtesy of the Five. In addition to the Character Development, Laura gets a starring role in the latest X-Men title. She sneaks and slashes her way into Orchis’ orbital base on Phobos, Arakko’s moon before fighting and saving Lady Deathstrike from captivity.

Book the Week – Eternals #11 (Review score: 58 Points; 19 Characters). The Eternals’ covet mission to infiltrate Avengers Mountain almost comes undone, but luckily for them Thanos’ plan to immolate a small town distracts both teams enough to draw them away. However, the fighting still takes place, but this time in two smaller parties. Ajak manages to get through to her god, the spirit of Progenitor, the deceased Celestial in which the Avengers have made their base. What she learns does not sit well with her though and will surely lead to more conflict between the two teams.

Hero of the Week – Daredevil/Elektra Natchios (Review score: 13 Points/1 Appearance; 13.0 Pts/App). Elektra may have recently helped run Kingpin and Typhoid Mary out of town, but her brief respite from Mary is already over. After a brief dust-up, the assassin attempts to get a better understanding of her nemesis and her “alters.” And then thanks to a major dust devil, Elektra and Mary join together to save civilians—mainly the ladies as per Mary’s preference.

Antagonist of the Week – Typhoid Mary (Review score: 14 Points/1 Appearance; 14.0 Pts/App). A week after her husband earns his first Antagonist of the Week, Typhoid Mary notches her first superlative. Mary displays a wide range of her powers including her Flames and Telekinesis while protecting a major player in Kingpin’s Hells Kitchen real estate racket. But she also displays a softer side when helping Elektra protect the citizens of New York from a destructive weather system.

Top Characters (by review score). Typhoid Mary (14); Daredevil/Elektra Natchios (13); Captain Carter, Spider-Man/Miles Morales (12); Black Panther, Venom/Dylan Brock (11); Shuri (10); Thor, Ultimatum, Wolverine/Laura Kinney (9)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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Black Panther #5 (18)
Black Panther – Agility, Blunt, Computer, Melee, Tech, Vehicle, DA (Guards)
Shuri – Computer, Creature, Energy, Investigate, Melee, Tech, Vehicle, TU (Omolola), DA (Guard)
Captain Carter #2 (12)
Captain Carter – Agility, Melee, Precision, Projectile, Shield, Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, Strength, Weapon, SC, DA (Hydra)
Elektra #100 (46)
Daredevil – Melee, Sense
Doctor Voodoo – Elements, Flight, TU (Thor)
Elektra – Agility, Blade, Computer, Investigate, Melee, Precision, Projectile, Strength, Weapon, TU (Typhoid Mary), SC, DA (Typhoid Mary)
Storm – Elements, Flight, TU (Thor)
Thor – Elements, Flight, TU (Storm)
Kingpin – Business, Melee, LT
Typhoid Mary – Agility, Blade, Durability, Flames, Melee, Personality, Projectile, Sense, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Defensive, Weapon, TU (Elektra), SC
Eternals #11 (58)
Ajak – Blunt, Sense, Telepathy, LT
Black Panther – Intellect, Melee
Captain America – Shield Defensive, Shield Offensive, LT
Captain Marvel – Flight
Druig – Telepathy
Gilgamesh – Flight, Melee, Strength, LT, SC
Ikaris – Durability, Energy Offensive, Flight, Speed, Strength, SC
Iron Man – Energy, Flight
Kingo Sunen – Blade, Deception
Makkari – Speed
Phoenix (ML) – Flight
Thena – Blade, Flight, Strength, Tech, Telepathy, SC
Thor – Blunt, Flight, Lightning, Weapon
Thanos – Energy Offensive
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #37 (25)
Shift – Agility, Melee, Morph
Spider-Man (MM) – Agility, Appendage, Energy, Energy Offensive, Invisibility, Melee, Shield, Strength, Swing, Tech, DA (Ultimatum)
Ultimatum – Durability, Energy, Grow, Melee, Morph, Shield Defensive, Strength, Suit
Venom #7 (13)
Sleeper – Sense
Venom (DB) – Blade, Crawl, Durability, Melee, Morph, Personality, Sense, Strength, Whip, DA (Bikers)
X-Men #10 (40)
Black Cat
Marvel Girl – Telepathy
Professor X – Telepathy
Rocket Raccoon
Rogue – Flight, Speed, Tech
Wolverine (LK) – Claws, Claws Defensive, Claws Offensive, Sense, Stealth, TU (Lady Deathstrike), CD (Has her complete skeleton coated in adamantium), DA (Lady Deathstrike)
Destiny – Sense
Doctor Stasis
Lady Deathstrike – Claws, Claws Offensive, TU (Wolverine)
Proteus – Reality


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