Weekly DC Review: February 18th, 2022 (Week 07)

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Weekly Omissions- Supergirl: Woman Of Tomorrow #8

Hero Of The Week- Bruce Wayne scores another Hero Of The Week, bringing in 20 Points over 4 Appearances. Jackson Hyde, the second Aquaman, would take Performance Of The Week with 14 Points over a single Appearance.

Antagonist Of The Week – Black Adam scores his second Antagonist Of The Week in 2022, bringing in 11 Points over 2 Appearances.

Book Of The Week- Unsurprisingly, it was the Valentine’s Day special, Strange Love Adventures #1, that took Book Of The Week, bringing in 84 Points over 21 Characters.

Welcome to the League – 1 New Protagonist Added, Animal Girl (Maxine Baker);


Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

Aquaman: The Becoming #6 (27)
Aquaman (AC) – Creature, Flight, Influence
Aquaman (JH) – Blade, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Rage, Speed, Water, Water Offensive, Whip, LT, SC, CD: Accepts Aquaman Mantle, DA (Meeka)
Aquawoman (AC) 
Mera – Influence, Water, Water Defensive, Whip, DA (Meeka)
Black Manta – Weapon
Batman: The Knight #2 (07)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Crawl, Intellect, Senses, Thief, CD: Turns To A Life Of Crime
Detective Comics #1053 (41)
Batgirl (CC) – Agility, Melee, Strength, Suit, SC, DA (Party-Crasher)
Batwoman (KK) – Agility, Investigation
Nightwing (DG) – Crawl, Deception, Investigation
Oracle (BG) – Computers, Investigation
Spoiler (SB) 
Bane – Influence, Melee, Strength, LT, DA (Guards)
Calendar Man
Mr. Freeze 
Psycho Pirate – Computers, Influence, Melee, Telepathy
Solomon Grundy
The Penguin – Business
The Ventriloquist 
Victor Zsasz – Blade, Melee
Green Lantern #11 (55)
Green Lantern (HJ) – Blade, Blunt, Energy Defensive, Energy Offensive, Flight, TU (Martian Manhunter), CD: Ring Destroyed
Green Lantern (JS) – Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Grow, Melee, Senses, Strength, Teleport, Temporal
Green Lantern (KQ) – Tech
Green Lantern (SB) – Durability, TU (Martian Manhunter)
Green Lantern (SM) – Blade, Blunt, Energy, Energy Defensive, Energy Offensive, Flight, Influence, Melee, Weapon, TU (Martian Manhunter), CD: Ring Destroyed
Martian Manhunter – Energy Offensive, Flight, TU (Green Lantern)
Naomi – Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, TU (Green Lantern)
Queen Hippolyta – Blade, Shield, Shield Defensive, TU (Green Lantern), LT
The Flash (WW) – Melee, Speed, Speed Offensive, TU (Green Lantern)
Justice League #72 (33)
Aquaman (AC)
Batman (BW) 
Beast Boy (GL)
Black Canary (DL)
Detective Chimp
Doctor Fate (KH) – Creature, Sense
Etrigan – Intellect
Green Arrow (OQ)
Hawkgirl (KS)
Madame Xanadu – Magic, Magic Offensive
Plastic Man – Stretch
Queen Hippolyta
Superman (CK)
The Flash (WW) – Speed
Wonder Woman (DP) 
Zatanna – Magic, Sense
Black Adam – Durability, Elements, Flight, Lightning, CD: Possessed By A Lord Of Chaos
Nightwing #89 (27)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Suit, Vehicle, LT
Nightwing (DG) – Agility, Influence, Investigation, Projectile, Suit, Swing, LT
Oracle (BG) – Investigation
Superman (CK) – Flight, Speed
Superman (JK) – Computers, Energy Offensive, Flight, Investigation, Senses
The Aerie – Flight
The Wink 
Nubia & The Amazons #5 (24)
Io – Intellect
Nubia – Artifact, Blade, Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Senses, Shield Offensive, Weapon, LT, CD: Saves Medusa From Doom’s Doorway
Queen Hippolyta
Medusa – Appendage Offensive, Ensnare, Grow, Melee, Sense, CD: Saved From Doom’s Doorway
Strange Love Adventure #1 (84)
Batman (BW) – Computers, Investigations, Intellect, Swing, Tech, Vehicle
Blue Beetle (JR) – Creature, Durability, Energy, Ensnare, Flight, Intellect, Morph, Speed, Suit, DA (Cinder)
Commissioner Gordon
Harley Quinn – Blunt, Elements, Flight, Influence, Lightning, Melee, Weapon
Nightwing (DG)– Influence
Red Hood (JT)
Robin (DW)
Robin (TD)
Sergeant Rock – Gun, Tech, Vehicle, SC
Shazam (BB) – Durability, Elements, Flight, Lightning, Melee, Morph, Strength, TU (Superman), DA (Harley Quinn)
Superman (CK) – Influence, Melee, TU (Shazam), DA (Thugs)
The Flash (BA)– Melee, Speed, Strength
The Signal (DT) 
Black Adam – Durability, Elements, Flight, Lightning, 
Gorilla Grodd – Durability, Melee, Possession, Strength,
Mammoth – Melee
Peacemaker – Agility, Melee, Strength, Suit, Weapon, DA (Shimmer)
Poison Ivy 
Shimmer – Energy, Energy Offensive
The Joker – Influence
The Riddler – Intellect
The Flash #779 (51)
Animal Girl (Maxine Baker) –
Energy, Energy Offensive, Melee, Senses, Speed, Strength, TU (The Flash), DA (Ragman)
Detective Chimp
Doctor Fate (KH) –
Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive
Etrigan (JB)  –
Flames Offensive, Intellect
Impulse (IW)
– Melee, Speed, Speed Offensive, Teleport, Wind, TU (Animal Girl), DA (Detective Chimp)
Spectre – Flight

The Flash (WW) – Blade, Energy, Heal, Speed, TU (Dark Opal), LT, DA (Eclipso)
The Turtle (JW) – Absorb, Melee, Sense, Speed, Strength, Teleport, Weapon, TU (Animal Girl), DA (Etrigan)

Eclipso – Possession, Strength
Wonder Woman #784 (29)
Artemis – Blade, Creature, Deception, Magic, Stealth
Colonel Trevor
Deadman (BB) – Flight, Telepathy Defensive
Queen Hippolyta – Magic, LT
Queen Nubia – Artifact
Wonder Woman (DP) – Artifact, Blade, Durability, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Strength, Suit, Whip, DA (Image Maker)
Doctor Psycho – Business, Influence

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