Weekly Marvel Review: November 10, 2021 (Week 45)

After a slight delay, the Thing and Venom drop the first issue of their new series—a third run for Grimm and a fifth run for the symbiote. The Thing’s story takes him back to the early days with his current wife Alicia Masters Grimm and Venom’s story looks to explore his future. After a stint of one-off issues meant to align to the recent movie, the Eternals return to their ongoing series with Thanos assuming the role as the new Prime Eternal. Deadpool wraps up his Infinity Comic and unconventional team up with the Invisible Woman.

Book the Week – Savage Avengers #26 (Review score: 59 Points; 12 Characters). Conan’s final battle with Kulan Gath comes to a head and even features a beheading. The many characters who have supported the barbarian in his quest to defeat the evil sorcerer join together at Kang’s behest and finally form the titular Avengers team. With two issues left in the series, the unlikely band of allies dig in for a battle nearly three years in the making.

Hero of the Week – Venom/Eddie Brock (Review score: 15 Points/1 Appearance; 15.0 Pts/App). The newly appointed King in Black gets back to protecting space with his Beatles-inspired symbiote crew—John, Paul, George and Ringo. But just as soon as he dispatches Knull, a new threat to the symbiote hive appears. Eddie flashes a wide breadth of powers, from being able to possess individual symbiotes to learning how to traverse and view the future of his own timeline.

Antagonist of the Week – Kulan Gath (Review score: 11 Points/1 Appearance; 11.0 Pts/App). Kulan Gath has defeated the Marvel heroes once before, but the immortal wizard learns that the future is not for certain when Kang is involved. Now, back in the past, Kulan must face off against some of Marvel’s deadliest characters once more, including Elektra, Juggernaut and Wolverine.

Top Characters (by review score). Venom/Eddie Brock (15); Deadpool (14); Kulan Gath (11); Spider-Man/Miles Morales, Wolverine (9); Captain Britain, Taskmaster (8); Doctor Strange, Spirit Rider, Thing (7)


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Key: TU – Team-Up; LT – Lead Team; SC – Save Civilian; CD – Character Development; DA – Defeat Antagonist.

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Amazing Spider-Man #78 (28)
Black Cat
Colleen Wing – Agility, Blade, Melee, Weapon, DA (Morbius)
Misty Knight – Ensnare, Gun, Melee, DA (Morbius)
Morbius – Claws, Claws Offensive, Flight, Heal
Spectrum – Energy Offensive
Spider-Man (BR) – Agility, Melee, Suit, Tech, Webs
Spider-Man (PP)
Kraven (LS) – Stealth
Deadpool: Black, White & Blood #4 (11)
Deadpool – Blade, Durability, Explosive, Fourth Wall, Gun, Melee, Weapon, DA (The Thirst)
Doop – Tech
Deadpool: Invisible Touch Infinity Comic #5 (17)
Deadpool – Fourth Wall, Heal, Weapon, TU (Invisible Woman)
Invisible Woman – Flight, Telekinesis, Telekinesis Offensive, TU (Deadpool)
Iron Man – Deception, Energy, Flight, Tech
Spot – Teleport Defensive
Eternals #7 (24)
Druig – Telepathy
Ikaris – Flight
Kingo Sunen
Sersi – Business
Zuras – Energy Offensive, Flight, Telepathy, CD (Loses the election from Prime Eternal)
Kro – Business, Vehicle
Thanos – Melee, Strength, Telepathy, CD (Becomes the new Prime Eternal), DA (Zuras)
Excalibur #25 (53)
Bei the Blood Moon – Weapon, TU (Excalibur)
Captain Avalon – Flight, TU (Excalibur)
Captain Britain – Blade, Flight, Telekinesis, Telepathy, Telepathy Offensive, TU (Bei the Blood Moon), LT
Gambit – Energy, TU (Captain Avalon)
Gloriana – Flight, Magic, TU (Excalibur)
Jubilee – Energy, Energy Offensive, TU (Captain Avalon)
King Arthur – Blade, Weapon
Merlyn – Creature, Magic, Magic Offensive
Rictor – Geokinesis, Geokinesis Defensive, Geokinesis Offensive, TU (Bei the Blood Moon)
Saturnyne – Sense, Telepathy
Shatterstar – Blade, Intellect, Weapon, TU (Excalibur)
Monarch – Creature, Flight, Reality, TU (Excalibur), LT
Fantastic Four Infinity Comic #1 (4)
Invisible Woman
Mr. Fantastic – Computer
Ghost Rider: Kushala Infinity Comic #6 (12)
Black Knight (SPoS) – Vehicle
Spirit Rider – Flames, Flight, Intellect, Morph, Personality, Teleport
Doctor Doom – Artifact, Ensnare
Hellions #17 (33)
Emma Frost – Business
Havok – Energy, Energy Offensive, Precision, TU (Psylocke), DA (ZETA Team)
Psylocke – Blade, TU (Havok), LT, DA (ZETA Team)
Stepford Cuckoos
Greycrow – Durability, Melee, Weapon, TU (Psylocke), DA (ZETA Team)
Nanny – TU (Psylocke), DA (Killed by her Baby Smiley)
Orphan-Maker – Explosive, Gun, Melee, Strength, Weapon, DA (Dr. Murch)
Wild Child – TU (Psylocke)
Hulkling & Wiccan Infinity Comic #2 (7)
Hulkling – Sense, Weapon
Wiccan – Magic, Sense, Will Power
Miles Morales: Spider-Man #32 (24)
Ironheart – Computer, TU (Spider-Man)
Spider-Man (MM) – Agility, Crawl, Energy, Melee, Sense, Strength, Webs, TU (Ironheart)
Starling – Flight, Melee, Strength
Taskmaster – Agility, Blade, Computer, Flight, Precision, Sense, Weapon
Savage Avengers #26 (59)
Black Knight – Creature, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Black Widow – Energy, Tech, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Conan – Blade, Creature, Melee, Weapon, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Daredevil (EN) – Blade, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Doctor Strange – Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive, Weapon, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Ghost Rider (JB) – Creature, Durability, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Magik – Blade, Flight, Teleport, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Wolverine (JH) – Claws Offensive, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Doctor Doom – Melee, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Juggernaut – Melee, Strength, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Kang – Gun, Teleport, Vehicle, LT, CD (Joins the Savage Avengers)
Kulan Gath – Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Ensnare, Flight, Heal, Magic, Magic Offensive, Sense, Strength
Spine-Tingling Spider-Man #2 (5)
Spider-Man (PP) – Crawl, Intellect, Tech, Webs
Thing #1 (12)
Hercules – Sense, Strength
Mr. Fantastic – Tech, Vehicle
Thing – Computer, Intellect, Melee, Strength, Tech
Venom #1 (24)
Sleeper – Sense
Venom (DB) – Durability, Melee, Personality, Rage, Strength
Venom (EB) – Agility, Crawl, Creature, Durability, Ensnare, Flight, Melee, Possession, Sense, Strength, Webs, LT, CD (Learns how to traverse through his timeline), DA (Space pirates)
X-Men Unlimited Infinity Comic #11 (17)
Nature Girl – Explosive
Wolverine (JH) – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability, Melee, DA (Curse)
Black Mamba – Influence
Sauron – Claws, Claws Offensive, Durability, Gun, Influence, Telekinesis


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