DC Review: July 9th, 2021 (Week 27)

Help Support The Heroes We Love: You can legally purchase all DC Comics digitally through their digital app, or the Comixology service. DC is celebrating the 80th anniversary of several notable characters with $9.99 100 Page specials, starting with Aquaman & Green Arrow.

Weekly Omissions – Batman/Fortnite: Zero Point #6, Crime Syndicate #5, Justice League Infinity #1, The Joker Presents: A Puzzlebox #3

Hero Of The Week- Batman, 26 over 5 Appearances. The Signal put up 12 Points in a single Appearance.

Antagonist Of The Week – It was a battle of Titans in Batman #110, as Ghost Maker and Peacekeeper 01 went head to head, each ranking up double digits. But Sean Mahoney’s 11 Points would not be able to best Ghost Maker’s 14 Points, which also landed him The Performance of the Week.

Book Of The Week- It’s a Triple Whammy for Batman #110 this week. The issue brought in 52 Points over 9 Characters, featuring The Hero Of The Week, The Antagonist Of The Week, and The Performance Of The Week.

Welcome to the League – 3 New Antagonists Added: Rainbow Rider (Roy G Bivolo), Sonar (Bito Wladon), and Veronica Cale.

WEEK 26 / WEEK 28

Batman #110 (52)
Batman (BW) – Agility, Durability, Explosive, Intellect, Precision, Melee, Stealth, Strength, Suit, Tech, LT
Commissioner Montoya (RM)
Nightwing (DG) – Agility
Oracle (BG) – Computers, LT
Ghost Maker – Blade, Computers, Durability, Intellect, Melee, Precision, Suit, Tech, Thief, Vehicle, Weapon, TU (Oracle), DA (Croc)
Harley Quinn –
TU (Ghost Maker)
Peacekeeper 01 (SM) –
Bionics, Blade, Deception, Durability, Explosive, Melee, Strength, Suit, Tech, CD: Peacekeeper Program Goes Public
Scarecrow (JC) –
Simon Saint –
Deception, Influence, LT, CD: Peacekeeper Program Goes Public
Batman Secret Files: The Signal #1 (35)
Batgirl (CC) – Agility, Melee, Projectile
Batman (BW) –
Business, LT, CD: Implements Phase Three Of Duke’s Training
The Signal (DT) – Agility, Blunt, Durability, Energy, Energy Offensive, Heal, Invisibility, Melee, Weapon, Willpower, CD: Begins Phase Three Of His Training
Clock King
Count Vertigo
Girder (Anthony Woodward) – 
Gorilla Grodd – Gun
Killer Croc 
Malcolm Merlyn
Parasite – Melee
Rainbow Rider (Roy G Bivolo)
Sonar (Bito Wladon)
Veronica Cale
Crush & Lobo #2 (7)
Crush – Fourth Wall, Melee, Strength, Vehicle, DA (Aliens)
Green Lantern #4 (24)
Green Lantern (AR) – CD: Death
Green Lantern (JM) –
Computers, Energy, Ensnare, Flight, LT
Green Lantern (JS) – Blade, Computers, Energy, Energy Offensive, Flight, Gun, Stealth, Vehicle
Green Lantern (KQ) – Artifact, Energy, Flight
Green Lantern (SB) – Gun, DA (Alien)
Justice League #64 (30)
Aquaman (AC) 
Batman (BW) –
Suit, Tech
Black Canary – Melee, Sonics Offensive
Detective Chimp
Doctor Fate (KH) 
Green Arrow (OQ) – Blunt, Projectile, Sense, Tech, Vehicle
Hawkgirl (KS) 
Jason Blood
John Constantine 
Queen Nubia
Superman (CK) 
The Flash (BA) – Speed
Wonder Twin (Jayna) 
Wonder Twin (Zan)
Black Adam – Flight
Legends Of The Dark Knight #15 (7)
Batman (BW) – Ensnare, Melee, Suit, Tech, SC
Commissioner Gordon 
Suicide Squad #5
Superboy (CK) 
Swamp Thing (LK) 
Amanda Waller – Computers, Tech, LT
The Swamp Thing #5 (17)
John Constantine – Magic, Sense, TU (Swamp Thing), LT, SC
Swamp Thing (LK) – Grow, Intellect, Morph, Plants, Plants Defensive, Sense, Teleport, TU (Constantine)
Amanda Waller
Truth & Justice #19 (9)
Batman (BW)
Superman (CK) –
Energy, Flight
Zatanna –
Flight, Magic, Magic Defensive, Magic Offensive
Wonder Girl #2 (16) 
Artemis – Flight, Melee
Queen Hippolyta –
TU (Wonder Girl), LT
Wonder Girl (CS) –
Flight, Melee, TU (Queen Hippolyta) 
Wonder Girl (YF) –
Flight, Melee, Strength, Water, CD: Bestowed A Gift By Her Namesake

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